When purchasing a bicycle or electric bike , it generally does not have a rear-view mirror. This accessory can prove essential for even more safety and visibility on the road. Especially if you drive around town every day. 

Today, commuters are the biggest users of bicycle mirrors. If you want to buy one, Weebot advises you on this very useful purchase.

Why use a bicycle mirror?

In the city, but not only that, it is not uncommon for motorists to not be very attentive to cyclists. They can turn at an intersection without looking at their blind spot, for example. But unfortunately this is not the only fear to have when cycling in the middle of traffic.

Several accessories can help you be better seen on the road. We are thinking in particular of light signaling , reflective vests or even an audible warning device .

But how can you anticipate and watch your back?

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It is very useful to be able to take a look behind you when you are on the cycle path. With the increasing influx of cyclists and electric scooters in urban areas, having a bicycle mirror helps avoid accidents.

If a cyclist with a speed higher than yours tries to pass you, the mirror will allow you to pull back to let them pass courteously.

At Weebot we think about the security of each of our customers. This is why we offer a mini rear-view mirror in our safety pack for electric scooters. A particularly useful accessory for many users.

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Choosing your rearview mirror for an electric bike

There are many models of bicycle mirrors and this buying guide shows you how to choose the one you need. What is the best position to install a bicycle mirror? How to install it?

Discover the selection criteria whether for mechanical bike or electric bike in order to have good visibility on the road.

Be careful, because although the presence of a rear-view mirror helps with cycling safety,it does not eliminate the need for a second check by turning your head if necessary. Just like on a car, your bicycle mirror also has a blind spot!

rétroviseur vélo électrique guidon visibilité arrière

For what use?

When choosing a bicycle mirror, it is imperative to know how you use your two wheels. Are you an urban cyclist? With occasional or daily use of your bike?

These selection criteria allow you to make the right choice when purchasing your bicycle mirror.

Fixed or adjustable rearview mirror?

Different types of bicycle mirrors are available. Some users prefer a fixed mirror with a long stem that can be folded or not, others are more used to the mini-adjustable mirror to be placed under the handlebars.

If the rod is mounted on ball joints, it is adjustable and allows perfect adjustment in all circumstances.

Remember to check the strength of the fixing. Especially if you ride an electric bike, the speed will tend to create vibrations which could ultimately disrupt your mirror. For this, it is preferable to opt for an adjustable bicycle mirror. The latter will be easier to position, even mid-course, to have the right angle on the rear view.

rétroviseur vélo guidon fixe pliable rond long

Do not disturb the position of the hands

For comfort, the installation of a rear-view mirror must also not interfere with your holding your hands on the handlebars. Not all bikes have the same handlebars. Depending on their characteristics, take into account where you can attach this safety accessory.

Depending on your driving position, the mirror should offer you good rear vision. At a single glance, it should provide you with the right information about the intentions of other road users.

How to install a bicycle mirror?

The vast majority of mirrors have the same type of attachment to the handlebars. It attaches to your bike using a screw-in clamping ring system to “bite” the handlebar tube. If the plastic and the clamping screw are strong enough, the mirror will not move.

Bike rearview mirror on the handlebar

This is the main way to attach a bicycle mirror. The retro on the handlebars has the advantage of being practical and easy to install. There are lots of very different models with attachment at the end of the handlebars, in horns to add to your handlebars, or simply to attach towards the center of the handlebars.

If you own a VTC or are a fan of cycle touring, opt for a large rear-view mirror with a large mirror. This way you will have the best rear vision without having to turn around regularly.

rétroviseur vélo fixation guidon miroir rond

If you choose a mirror that attaches to the end of the bicycle handlebars, remember to check if it can be folded down easily. Whether in the event of a fall or when the road in front of you is not very wide, it is useful to be able to gain a few centimeters by temporarily folding your mirror.

Some mirrors have a larger axis of rotation. Whether on 2 axes, 3 axes or on a 360° ball joint (like the Steel mirror ), the mirror can also be convex to offer a larger field of vision.

rétroviseur casque vélo petit miroir tige fixation

Bike helmet rearview mirror

Thanks to Velcro fasteners, it is entirely possible to attach a bicycle mirror to your helmet. Lightweight and easy to adjust for the cyclist, the mirror allows you to maintain the same rear vision angle regardless of the movement of your head.

Be careful not to be too distracted by these mirrors which are always in your field of vision. The mirror of these mirrors is, moreover, very small. It is also unlikely to go unnoticed with this type of bicycle mirror by others on the road.

It also requires you to wear a helmet . He who is not obligatory but only recommended for traveling by bike.

rétroviseur pour vélo fixation guidon visibilité arrière sécurité

On which side should you install a bicycle mirror?

Being generally placed on the right side of the road on the cycle path, it is advisable to place your mirror on the left side of your bike. This will allow you to have rear visibility when changing direction from the left.

The Weebot council

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If you practice MTB (mountain biking), we do not recommend adding a rear-view mirror to your bike. Unlike a cyclist in the city, the rear-view mirror could be counterproductive here. This could take the branches of your route or different obstacles in your path.

There is therefore little point in having this safety accessory when mountain biking because at full speed, the visibility you need is in front of you.

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