Following the disappearance of his father due to Charcot's disease, Vincent Monnerie took up his pilgrim's staff to make people talk about this terrible disease and help raise funds to finance research. With the support of his sponsors, he undertook to push a wheelbarrow over more than 700 kilometers in the south of France!

Fund research against the disease

Better known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Charcot's disease unfortunately does not yet have a cure.

It gradually affects all the muscles of the body, and then leads to disability and fatally death. This terrible degeneration affects thousands of people in France every year.

Vincent Monnerie unfortunately knows this disease only too well and it was following the loss of his father a few weeks ago that the young man had the idea of setting up an original operation called Des Kilometers en Wheelbarrow .

Vincent has set himself the totally crazy goal of crossing the Route des Grandes Alpes and its 21 mythical passes by pushing a simple wheelbarrow containing the bare minimum.

In total, he wants to cover nearly 700 kilometers, from Thonon in Savoie to the city of Nice.

miles in wheelbarrows vincent

Save €600
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But why the choice of the wheelbarrow?

Quite simply because it appeals to people and allows them to transport their equipment ! Vincent keeps a daily diary of his epic on Facebook. We can see the interest of people for his project in each municipality he crosses.

As in the video below in which an onlooker questions Vincent about his crossing and which has already reached more than 6 million views on Facebook .

A very nice initiative, all in simplicity and full of emotions, which we invite you to discover in more detail on the Facebook page of the Kilometers in Wheelbarrow project and which you can support via the Leetchi kitty launched for the event.

To share around you!

kilometers in wheelbarrows initiative




Thonon dans les Hautes-Alpes ?!! Thonon c’est en Haute-Savoie, pas en Hautes-Alpes…

NADLER  Pascale

NADLER Pascale

Bonjour Vincent
Quelle belle initiative , je vous félicite d’aider des personnes qui subissent cette maladie qui es pour moi la pire de toute … j’ai vu mon père mourrir l’annee Dernière le 1er septembre, après une longue bataille !!!
Merci mille fois pour ce que vous faites

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