The Super Soco range of electric motorcycles is marketed by the Chinese group Vmoto. Founded in 2015, Vmoto is funded mainly by Chinese billionaire Lei Jun, who is just the founder and CEO of Xiaomi !

In addition to the Super Soco brand, the Vmoto group markets two other brands of electric motorcycles: the Vmoto brand, offered exclusively in Asia, and the E-Max brand dedicated to the design of utility electric scooters.

In this super SOCO electric motorcycle review , we will focus more particularly on 3 flagship models of the Chinese brand: the Super SOCO TS 1200R , the Super SOCO TC and the Super SOCO TC Max .

Review Super SOCO TS 1200R

Presentation Super SOCO TS 1200R

The TS 1200R represents Super Soco's main offering in the 50cc equivalent electric motorcycle category. At first glance, it displays an ultra-dynamic design and therefore has nothing to envy to large sports motorcycles with internal combustion engines.

Measuring 189 cm long, 70 cm wide, and 105 cm high, it adopts imposing proportions. This does not prevent it from being also light. Thanks to an intelligent combination of resistant and ultralight materials like steel, aluminum, and thermoplastics, the Super SOCO TS weighs only 78 kg , including the battery.

For comparison, the sports motorcycle with the Yamaha TZR 50 combustion engine, which is comparable to the SOCO TS in terms of performance, weighs 114.2 kg, or 37 kg more! Another advantage, with a wheelbase of 132 cm and a seat height of 77 cm , the driving position is intended to attack on the Super SOCO TS 1200R.

review super soco ts1200r

Engine of the Super SOCO TS 1200R

To ideally propel the TS, the brand called on the German equipment manufacturer Bosch, which is renowned worldwide for the exceptional quality of its products and its electric mobility solutions. Thus, Bosch engineers designed a tailor-made brushless electric motor for the Super SOCO TS 1200R .

Housed in the rear wheel (17 inches), it delivers a power of 2200 W (2.2 kW), enough to propel the bike to a maximum speed of 45 km/h without the need for a transmission system. On the circuit, the speed of the TS 1200R can be unbridled to reach 70 km/h , which represents a more than reasonable performance for an electric motorcycle.

The original Bosch engine is also very torquey and delivers a maximum torque of 120 Nm, a performance comparable to motorcycles with renowned thermal engines such as the KTM Superduke 1290 R, the Yamaha MT-10, or the Aprilia TUONO V4 1100 RR.

Battery of the Super SOCO TS 1200R

The Super SOCO TS 1200R is equipped with a high performance removable battery provided by Panasonic . Composed of 170 lithium-ion cells, it operates at a voltage of 60 V and offers a capacity of 26 Ah . An electronic management system (BMS) makes it possible to optimize the operation of the battery, in particular the power supply to the motor and the recharging time.

Since the battery is removable, it can be removed and charged independently of the motorcycle. It takes 5-6 hours for a full charge . Fortunately, thanks to the BMS system , it is possible to obtain a range of approximately 30 km by quickly charging the battery for a period of 20 minutes.

In addition, the manufacturer announces a lifespan of 700 charge cycles (about 60,000 km) for the battery, which is very reasonable. The autonomy of the Super SOCO TS 1200R is estimated at 80 km , but it can vary according to the conditions of use. As an option, it is possible to install an additional battery, which allows the autonomy of the motorcycle to be doubled.

Save €600
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Review Super SOCO TC Vintage

Presentation Super SOCO TC Vintage

Let's continue this Super SOCO electric motorcycle test with a presentation of the TC. Aesthetically, this electric motorcycle adopts a very successful retro look with in particular a round LED headlight and a classic saddle . In comparison with the TS 1200R, it weighs 5 kg more on the scale. That said, the wheelbase, seat height, and wheel diameter are identical.

Motor and Battery of the Super SOCO TC Vintage

In addition to the vintage look, the SOCO TC is distinguished by an LCD display screen offering a pleasant compromise between classic and modern design. Also classified in the 50 cc category, the TC is slightly more efficient than the TS 1200R with in particular a maximum power of 2300 W (2.3 kW) and a torque of 150 Nm.

It should also be noted that both models are equipped with the same removable 60 V 26 Ah battery with BMS electronic management system . Thus, the autonomy of the Super SOCO TC is the same as for the TS 1200R with the possibility of adding an additional Super Soco battery .

removable battery super soco electric motorcycle

Brakes and Lighting of the Super SOCO TC Vintage

Like the other models in the Super Soco range, the TC's lighting system includes an LED headlight offering a light intensity of over 28,000 cd, and an LED rear light covering a lighting angle of 270°.

The Super SOCO TC features Brembo high-performance hydraulic brakes front and rear . It is also equipped with the combined CBS braking system and the E-ABS system, which optimizes the synchronization of braking on both wheels and subsequently improves driving safety.

Review Super SOCO TC Max

Presentation Super SOCO TC Max

Unveiled for the first time in November 2018 at the Milan Motor Show (EICMA), the TC Max is clearly the new spearhead of the Super SOCO brand. In terms of performance, it is classified in the 125 cc category .

Resting on a steel and aluminum alloy chassis similar to that used for the TS 1200R and the TC, the TC Max adopts more imposing proportions.
Despite weighing 120 kg, it is generally lighter than equivalent thermal engine models such as the Kawasaki 125 Z (146 Kg), the Yamaha 125 YZF-R (142 Kg), or the Mondial Hps 125 (130 Kg) .

Engine of the Super SOCO TC Max

The major advantage of the TC Max is its electric motor delivering a maximum power of 5000 W (5kW) and an exceptional torque of 170 Nm to propel the motorcycle to a speed of 100 km/h .

Unlike other models of the Super Soco, the engine is placed in a central position between the two wheels and not in the hub of the rear wheel, which is a novelty for the Chinese brand.

Super Soco engineers opted for a belt drive system instead of a metal chain system to reduce vibration and noise while driving.

Battery of the Super SOCO TC Max

Also new to the TC Max, the motor is powered by a new removable 72V 45Ah Li-ion battery . Although it is more cumbersome and heavier with a weight of 20 kg, it is more efficient and offers a maximum autonomy of 110 km . Removable, it can be removed and charged on any 220 V terminal.

For a full charge, it takes 4-5 hours. Super Soco announces a lifespan of 1500 charging cycles, which still allows you to travel more than 100,000 km .

Unfortunately, it is not possible to install an additional battery to increase the autonomy of the Super SOCO TC Max due to the weight and dimensions of the main battery.

Super SOCO TC Max finishes

In addition to the leather upholstery and the intelligent LCD display system, the TC Max is equipped with a keyless start system (without ignition key).

Like the TS 1200R and the TC, all the electronic elements of the motorcycle are protected by a coating offering good water and dust resistance (IP65 protection index).

review super soco tc max comparative test

Our super SOCO electric motorcycle review: Comparison!

To conclude this super SOCO electric motorcycle test, it is clear that the three models have significant advantages. The Super Soco TS 1200R is distinguished by its dynamic design and its very pleasant driving position . In addition, it is affordable and could well democratize access to electric motorcycles . It is an ideal mobility solution for exclusively urban use.

As for the Super Soco TC , it represents a successful compromise between electric mobility and classic design. In terms of performance, it is comparable to the TS 1200R and is therefore suitable for two-person rides in the city.

The Super SOCO TC Max can boast of being the first 125cc from the Chinese manufacturer. Designed for demanding motorcyclists, it is powerful, comfortable, and suitable for both urban and extra-urban use .

While the TS 1200R and the TC are accessible without a licence, the TC Max can be driven with a B license provided that you follow the training required for driving this type of motorcycle.

Note that the three models benefit from an ecological bonus ( contact us by email to know the terms of subsidies ) . They prove to be economical and practical and have nothing to envy to equivalent models with heat engines.

comparative table electric motorcycle super soco

Essai et comparatifMoto electrique




La super soco TC Max est une très bonne moto, mais attention, le service après vente de Super soco est déplorable. Après deux ans de plaisirs de conduire cette machine, le contrôleur a grillé un mois après la fin de garantie et impossible de trouver la pièce. Même le revendeur agréer n’a qu’un contact difficile avec super soco. Pour ma part, comme client il ne me réponde même pas.
En résumé, bon matériel mais attention à l’après vente car même les revendeurs commencent à se lasser.



Intéressé pour une équivalent 125



attention au bonus écologique concernant les 2 premiers modèles
j’ai acheté pour mon fils la TS1200R et mis la carte grise à son nom, et de ce fait nous ne pouvons pas bénéficier de la prime ( 100 euros ) car celui-ci est mineur

Faucomprez Didier

Faucomprez Didier

Bonjour est-il possible d’acheter directement en magasin ? Cdlt. Didier



Pour circuler , se promener , travailler dans les villes vertes c’est une bonne solution . vivement la soucoupe V e

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