Practical and reliable, electric scooters have become very trendy in cities. If the purchase price still represents a brake on the development of this mode of ecological mobility, subsidies and generous bonuses are in place to encourage buyers.

Overview of the main financial aid offered for the purchase of an electric scooter in France!

Easier to go electric since October 2021

Recently, the conditions for accessing aid for the purchase of an electric scooter have just changed. This is now easier for the acquisition of clean vehicles! Where it was necessary to take steps before purchasing, now you have up to 3 months after the invoice date for your vehicle to apply for an ecological subsidy!

Rest assured, 100% of applications are accepted, as long as you meet the conditions for electric scooters. Do not hesitate to consult our video below to know the modalities.

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Financial assistance for the purchase of an electric scooter: state ecological bonus

Electric scooter ecological bonus amount

The amount of aid generally depends on two criteria:

  • The date of ordering the new electric scooter.
  • Its maximum engine power

For scooters ordered in 2018, the engine power criterion is set at 3 kW. For vehicles with a net maximum engine power of less than 3 kW, the amount of the bonus is 20% of the purchase price including tax without exceeding €100.

It is €250 per kilowatt-hour of battery (energy unit) within the limit of a ceiling equal to 27% of the purchase price including tax - possibly increased by the price of the battery, if the latter is rented - without be over €900.

For scooters ordered in 2019 or used under a lease with option to buy, the same rules apply, but with a maximum net engine power criterion set at 2 kW instead of 3 kW.

Example of calculation of the electric scooter and electric motorcycle premium

For the Sunra Hawk Plus electric scooter with a 1800W motor and a 1536 Wh battery.

Motor < 2000W so the electric scooter subsidy is 100€

For the Super Soco TC Max electric motorcycle with a 5000W motor and a 3240 Wh battery.

Motor > 2000W so the electric motorcycle premium is €250 per kilowatt-hour (kWh)

The calculation is therefore €250 x 3.24 kWh = €810 premium

Subsidized prices for the best electric scooters

Discover the collection of 3-wheel electric scooters from the Doohan brand
Discover the collection of French electric scooters from the Twild brand

Conditions for awarding the electric scooter bonus

The ecological bonus for the purchase of an electric two-wheeler is granted to any adult whose tax domicile is in France. That said, the scooter receiving financial assistance must meet the following conditions:

  • It must be new and registered in France.
  • It must use an electric motor and an energy storage system other than the lead-acid battery.
  • In the event of rental with option to purchase, the duration of the rental contract must be equal to or greater than 2 years.

In addition, the owner can only transfer a new electric scooter benefiting from the ecological bonus after one year from the date of first registration or after having traveled at least 2000 km .

It should be noted that companies with a tax domicile or an establishment in France can also benefit from the ecological bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

help for the electric scooter subsidy

Steps to follow to create your file

To benefit from aid for the purchase of a new electric scooter, there are two procedures:

  • Submit a grant application to the Services and Payment Agency (ASP)
  • Ask the seller to deduct the amount of the subsidy from the purchase price (including tax)

The request sent to the ASP must be accompanied by the following documents: proof of identity, proof of tax domicile in France, a sworn statement, and the beneficiary's bank details.

It is also necessary to fill in the form relating to the data of the scooter, in particular the proof of ownership, the proof of registration, the maximum power of the engine, the type of the battery, the commercial designation, the serial number, etc.

If the seller agrees to deduct the amount of the subsidy from the purchase price, then the amount deducted must be mentioned on the invoice.

Electric scooter subsidy for professionals in the Ile de France region

Amount of the Ile de France electric scooter subsidy

This aid for the purchase of an electric vehicle is granted by the Île-de-France region as part of the regional plan for air quality (2016-2022). It concerns light commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, tricycles, quadricycles, taxis, vans, and heavy goods vehicles that are electric or run on hydrogen or CNG (natural gas for vehicles).

For the purchase of an electric scooter, the amount of aid is set at €1,500 if the battery capacity is less than 10 kWh , and at €3,000 if it is greater than 10 kWh.

Note that this regional aid can be combined with the ecological bonus granted by the state . On the other hand, it cannot be combined with other subsidies, in particular those granted by local authorities.

The amount of aid - combined with the state ecological bonus - cannot exceed 70% of the purchase price excluding tax of the scooter (or 50% of the price including tax).

Conditions for awarding the electric scooter bonus

Aid for the purchase of an electric scooter in Île-de-France is reserved exclusively for professionals established in the region, in particular craftsmen, taxi owners, self-employed entrepreneurs, and companies with fewer than 50 employees and whose the turnover does not exceed 10 million euros per year. It also works for self-employed people.

This system excludes companies operating in the road freight transport sector and vehicles equipped with a lead-acid battery .

The subsidy is limited to the acquisition of a maximum of 5 vehicles (new, used, or rented under a long-term rental contract or with an option to buy).

In the case of a rental vehicle, the aid is allocated to the lessor who must pass it on to the rents. Beneficiaries must undertake not to resell a subsidized clean vehicle within 5 years of the date of acquisition, under penalty of having to return the ecological bonus.

Steps to follow to receive the ecological bonus

To benefit from the Île-de-France regional grant , you must complete and validate the application form available on the dedicated website. The request must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • The specific form for the acquisition of an electric vehicle
  • A Kbis extract of the company less than 3 months old
  • Applicant's bank details
  • A detailed quote of the electric scooter
  • A commitment on honor.

Like the state ecological bonus, the management and payment of the aid offered by the Île-de-France region are provided by the Services and Payment Agency.

After the acceptance of the request, the beneficiary must provide a copy of the purchase invoice or the rental contract of the vehicle, and a copy of the gray card to receive the payment of the aid.

Electric scooter purchase subsidy: bonus granted by the city of Paris

The city of Paris offers two subsidy programs for the ecological bonus, one of which is intended for individuals and the other for professionals. The amount of aid is set at 33% of the purchase price (including tax) of the electric scooter, capped at €400 . It can be combined with the state ecological bonus.

The award conditions are generally the same as for the Ile-de-France subsidy program. To benefit from this electric scooter bonus, you must apply online via the official website of the city of Paris.

Subsidy for the purchase of electric scooters: Conversion bonus granted by the Métropole Grand Paris.

Since its creation in 2016, the Métropole du Grand Paris has accelerated its priority of improving air quality . Only the inhabitants of the 131 municipalities of Greater Paris are concerned by this offer which allows them to benefit from a subsidy of up to 1400 euros in the case of the acquisition of an electric scooter or electric motorcycle (new or used) in exchange for the destruction of an old polluting thermal vehicle.

The subsidy can also be combined with other existing aid , in particular that of state aid.

To do this, you must therefore recycle your old thermal vehicle, which has been held for at least a year and has been registered for the first time.

The following vehicles are concerned:

  • a diesel car or van registered before 1 January 2006 in the event that the beneficiary of the aid has contributed to income tax the year prior to the purchase of the electric vehicle. Or before January 1, 2001 for all other cases.
  • a petrol thermal vehicle registered before 1 January 1997 .
  • a thermal two-wheeler or three-wheeler registered before June 1, 2000

For any replacement of these vehicles mentioned above by the purchase of an electric scooter (both 2 and 3 wheels) or electric motorcycle, the aid is capped at:

  • Amount of the bonus: 1400 euros , within the limit of 50% of the price excluding VAT of the new electric scooter or electric motorcycle, if the beneficiary has a reference tax income of between 0 and 6300 euros.
  • Premium amount: 1100 euros , within the limit of 50% of the price excluding VAT of the new electric scooter or electric motorcycle, if the beneficiary has a reference tax income of between 6301 and 15153 euros.
  • Premium amount: 900 euros within the limit of 50% of the price excluding VAT of the new electric scooter or electric motorcycle, if the beneficiary has a reference tax income of between 15,154 and 35,052 euros.
  • Premium amount: 600 euros within the limit of 50% of the price excluding tax of the new electric scooter or electric motorcycle, if the beneficiary has a reference tax income greater than or equal to 35,053 euros.

In exchange for this scrapping, the beneficiary of the Greater Paris Metropolis bonus undertakes to receive only one metropolitan subsidy from the Ile-de-France region for a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or VAE . He will also not be able to resell his electric vehicle within a period of one year (or after 2000 km traveled) following the purchase.

The Métropole can also ask for proof that the electric scooter or electric motorcycle that has benefited from the aid is still in your possession during this same period. In the absence of proof, the beneficiary must return the subsidy to the metropolis of Greater Paris, Ile-de-France region, intended for the purchase of clean vehicles.

For a period of 2 years, the Métropole du Grand Paris may also ask you for a possible testimonial of your experience with your electric vehicle in order to promote it, using photos, to other potential beneficiaries.

Premium electric scooter by the cities of Nice and Aix les Bains

It should be noted that other cities also offer subsidy programs for clean vehicles, the conditions of which are more or less similar to those offered by the Paris City Hall.

For example, Aix-les-Bains offers aid equivalent to 30% of the purchase price including tax, also capped at €400. In Nice, the subsidy is set at 25% of the purchase price up to a limit of €150.

Conclusion on the premium electric scooter

The ecological bonus offered by the state represents the main financial aid for the purchase of an electric vehicle. That said, Ile-de-France residents and Parisians can opt for the systems put in place by the Île-de-France region, the Paris town hall and the Greater Paris Metropolis.

Apart from the aid schemes mentioned in this article, the purchase of an e-scooter (or other electric two-wheeler) may entitle you to the conversion bonus (or scrapping bonus) which applies in the event of scrapping of a combustion engine scooter. The amount of this bonus is €100 for companies and taxable households and €1,100 for non-taxable households, enough to encourage doubtful buyers!

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Daniel Gambotti

Daniel Gambotti

Ou m adresser pour la prime écolo pour un scooter 50 E

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Fontaine .g

Bonjour je viens des dom tom 971…la subvention elle t elle valable pour nous aussi ? Merci de votre réponse.

Farida Meznad

Farida Meznad

Bonjour es ce ke je peux bénéficier de la prime à la Convention Marseille 13

Yann de Weebot

Yann de Weebot

Bonjour Didier Menessier,
Nous n’avons malheureusement pas d’informations au sujet des subventions pour scooter/moto électrique dans la région des Pays de la Loire.
Nous vous invitons à contacter directement les services de votre région au :
02 28 20 54 34
ou envoyer un mail à l’adresse suivante : (qui sauront sans doute vous donner de plus amples informations)

Menessier Didier

Menessier Didier

Bonsoir, quelle sont les critères dans la région des pays de Loire et en particulier en Vendée pour bénéficier de la subvention écologique ? Est ce que les revenus imposables rentrent en ligne de compte. Je vous remercie.

elodie hattinguais

elodie hattinguais

bonjour je suis de la region champagne ardennes et j aimerai une aide pour financer un scooter pour me deplacer dans mon travail domicile domicile travail comment puis je obtenir une aide financiere?



Bonjour je voudrez savoir ci à Marseille il y a une subvention d aide pour l achat d un scooter comme pour les parisien il e de France merci de votre réponse

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van eenoo

j’ai une pizzeria avec de la livraison a frontignan 34110 a quelle subvention j’ai droit merci

René Rabiant

René Rabiant


Une petite association ayant son siège à Paris peut elle bénéficier de la subvention

Merci de votre info




Bonjour pouvez-vous m’indiquer s’il vous plaît pour le département du Rhône si il y a une prime à la conversion électrique pour l’achat d’un scooter Électrique de 50 cc merci

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