Created in 2015 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Elwing Tech continues its adventure and is now positioned among the pioneering manufacturers of “Made in France” skateboards. This start-up, based in Bordeaux , is renowned for its products combining robustness, reliability, and affordable price. Since June 2020, it has been offering a new version of its Nimbus and Halokee electric skateboards .

Made according to the “Elwing Powerkit” concept, the new models aim to correct the main flaws of previous versions while offering more customization possibilities to users.

The concept of Elwing Powerkit electric skateboards

Since this year, Elwing has been offering a new generation of electric skateboards. Called “Powerkit”, this “2.0” generation is similar to a modular e-skate offering several customization possibilities. The idea is to be able to configure the Elwing electric skateboard to your liking or upgrade it instead of replacing it.

At the time of writing, Elwing offers two models: Nimbus (shortboard) and Halokee (longboard):

  • For each model, the user can choose between 4 combinations of motors and batteries.
  • For thrill seekers, Elwing offers a more powerful version called “Powerkit Sport”.

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The Plateau (Deck)

Both models of the Elwing Powerkit electric skateboard benefit from a deck made of Canadian maple. It is a wood that is very appreciated for its beautiful aesthetic appearance, its hardness and its resistance. The deck consists of 7 layers of wood to boost the sturdiness and solidity of the skate.

It is constructed using a cold pressing process to preserve the natural toughness and aesthetic appeal of maple while providing the elasticity needed to maneuver the board securely and comfortably.

The outer surface of the deck is covered with a non-slip coating (grip). The latter consists of a thin abrasive adhesive strip which prevents any slipping of the feet.

The decks of both models (Nimbus and Halokee) are equipped with a front and rear lighting system , a buzzer, reflectors, and an integrated handle that facilitates the transport of the skate. .

electric motors

For its new range of Elwing Powerkit electric skateboards, the French brand offers two drive systems : “Single Drive” and “Dual Drive”. The Single Drive system consists of a brushless electric motor integrated into the left rear wheel.

It delivers a maximum power of 500 W and can reach a speed of 25 km/h for the Powerkit version and 32 km/h for the Powerkit Sport version.

As for the Dual Drive system, it is made up of two brushless motors integrated into the rear wheels. Very torquey, this system delivering a cumulative power of 1000 W makes it possible to reach a speed of 38 km/h and to overcome slopes of up to 20%.

The two drive systems are managed by an electronic unit. They are equipped with a freewheel and a regenerative brake to transform the kinetic energy resulting from braking into electrical energy . The recovered energy is then injected into the battery to boost the autonomy of the skateboard.

The batteries

Being fully modular, the new Elwing electric skateboard allows you to choose between two types of Li-ion batteries: standard and Long Range. The standard battery weighs around 0.8 kg and offers a capacity of 90 Wh.

Its autonomy is 15 km. More efficient, the Long Range battery weighs around 1.3 kg and can provide up to 216 Wh. For this battery, Elwing announces a range of up to 30 km .

A state-of-the-art integrated electronic system (BMS) constantly monitors the state of the battery, including voltage, temperature, charging current, etc. It optimizes charge and discharge cycles and protects the battery against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage.

The remote control

Like all latest generation electric skateboards, Powerkit models are controlled with a Bluetooth remote control . The latter can be paired with a smartphone.

A small knob placed at the thumb allows you to control the progress of the skate. When facing forward, the vehicle accelerates. When facing backwards, the vehicle slows down. The user can adjust acceleration and braking gradually and with great precision .

A notch button located under the wheel is used to choose the direction of movement (forward or backward). On the left side of the remote control, a small button allows you to choose between 3 driving modes: Eco, City, and Sport.

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Powerkit or Powerkit Sport?

The new Elwing skates are available in two versions: Powerkit and Powerkit Sport.

Powerkit is the basic version. As its speed is electronically limited to 25 km/h, it is approved in France. This version is particularly suitable for urban use. Handy and easy to use, it is the ideal choice for a beginner who wants to learn skateboarding.

The Powerkit Sport version is presented as the supercharged variant of the Elwing electric skateboards. Moreover, the Powerkit Sport models equipped with the Dual Drive motor can reach a maximum speed of 38 km/h.

The Powerkit Sport version is therefore specially designed for sports or off-road use. However, it is not approved for public roads . Due to its outstanding performance, it's a serious option to consider for professional skaters or riders looking for thrills.

Comparison of Elwing Nimbus and Halokee electric skateboards

The two models that are the subject of our comparison of Elwing electric skateboards are part of the French brand's new strategy aimed at producing fully modular skateboards. They replace the previous versions of the Nimbus and the Halokkee which still had great success in the world of skateboarding.

Elwing Powerkit Nimbus Cruiser Electric Skateboard (Powerkit and Powerkit Sport)

The Elwing Powerkit Nimbus electric skateboard presents itself as a compact and versatile cruiser. Measuring 830 mm long and 255 mm wide, it displays a sporty and refined design. Compared to the previous version, the board retains the same length but gains 14 mm in width.

Unlike most skateboards in the same category, the concave (longitudinal curve of the board) is pronounced, which improves the responsiveness and performance of the skate. The raised ends of the deck (kicktail) have also been widened compared to the previous version. They help to optimize the control and maneuverability of the skate, especially in turns. The elegantly sculpted wheel arches underline the sporty style of the new Powerkit Nimbus.

For this model, Elwing has opted for larger wheels in order to improve the stability of the board and the crossing capacity, especially at high speeds. With a diameter of 90 mm (compared to 83 mm for the previous version), these wheels are made of high rebound polyurethane with a hardness of 83a. They incorporate Abec 9 bearings of a quality equivalent to that of bearings intended for the aeronautical industry and offer a good compromise between grip, grip and driving comfort.

Depending on the configuration chosen, the new Elwing Powerkit Nimbus skate weighs between 6 kg for the “Single Drive/standard battery” combination and 7.6 kg for the “Dual Drive/Long Range battery” combination.

It is therefore heavier than the previous version which weighs only 4.9 kg. That said, the overweight is justified by the improvements made to the level of the board, the battery, the motor, and the wheels.

electric skateboard review elwing powerkit nimbus cruiser

Highlights of the Nimbus Cruiser Electric Skateboard

  • Powerful engine.
  • Good value for money.
  • Tray finish.
  • Reagent.
  • Made in France !

Weaknesses of the Nimbus Cruiser Electric Skateboard

  • Non-removable battery.
  • Relatively heavy.

Elwing Powerkit Halokee Electric Longboard (Powerkit and Powerkit Sport)

The Elwing Powerkit Halokee is a 955mm long and 244mm wide longboard. It replaces the first version of the 2019 Halokee. With its XXL size, refined look and well-designed proportions, it is tailor-made for long rides.

Compared to the shortboard version, the Powerkit Halokee is more stable and more flexible thanks in particular to a regular concave and a round kicktail. It is therefore suitable for both beginners and experienced skaters. Apart from the deck, the two skates share almost all the parts including motors, batteries, wheels, and trucks.

The user can opt for a 6.5 or 7 inch front truck. At the rear, it is the type of engine (Single Drive or Dual Drive) that determines the truck to be installed. The trucks offered by Elwing are of the reverse kingpin type (RKP). They are constructed of steel and carbon. Compared to traditional trucks, they are placed on the opposite side of the axle.

This design proves to be very useful and helps the skater to turn much faster and take corners more efficiently and without affecting the stability of the skate.

However, like the shortboard version, the Powerkit Halokee is relatively heavy. It weighs between 6.3 kg for the “Single Drive/standard battery” combination and 7.9 kg for the “Dual Drive/Long Range battery” combination. For comparison, the previous version Halokee 2019 weighs 5.5 kg!

Like the Nimbus, the battery range varies between 12 kg for the Dual Drive/standard battery combination and 36 km for the Single Drive/Long Range battery combination. Finally, note that the new Elwing Halokee Powerkit electric skateboard is water and dust resistant (IP65 protection rating).

elwing powerkit halokee electric longboard review

Highlights of the Halokee Electric Skateboard

  • Very stable.
  • Good autonomy.
  • For beginners and experts.
  • Made in France !

Halokee Electric Skateboard Weaknesses

  • Non-removable battery.

Conclusion on the Elwing Powerkit Skateboards

Thanks to its modular design, the Elwing Powerkit electric skateboard is aimed at both experienced riders and beginners who have not yet dared to take the plunge. The shortboard version (Nimbus) impresses with its compact design and responsiveness. The Longboard version (Halokee) is more stable and more comfortable. It is perfectly suited for long walks in the city.

Thanks to the modular design, all components are easily interchangeable offering the possibility of upgrading the skate without having to change it entirely.

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Je suppose que le skateboard électrique doit offre de superbes sensations, mais en tant que débutant, c’est probablement pas accessible à tout le monde, comparé à une trottinette électrique.

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