how to maintain your hoverboard

You have just bought your first Hoverboard and you wonder how to protect it and allow it to keep its original shine? This is quite normal and to help you we are going to describe the points of vigilance to keep in mind as well as our advice from the pros.

By following our recommendations you will be able to use your hoverboard skate for several years without worries!

Recharge the battery regularly

The most important point in maintaining a hoverboard is battery management . Indeed, it is the most important component of your Segway because without a battery in good condition it is impossible to operate your device.

Since all our hoverboards are equipped with a Samsung smart battery, you already have one less worry. These batteries use Lithium-Ion technology which consists of an assembly of batteries in a protective box. But like all batteries, it is necessary to carry out full recharge cycles regularly in order to optimize the lifespan.

It is therefore recommended to fully recharge the battery at least once a month . Moreover, it is preferable to carry out this recharging once the battery is completely discharged. That is, you should let your hoverboard fully discharge before recharging.

By following this simple principle, your battery will hold a charge for several years.

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Pay attention to your driving

street hoverboard

A hoverboard is still a device with electronic components at its heart. It is therefore not recommended to drive it in an extreme way . To proscribe therefore the descents of stairs or the jumps of sidewalks. A hoverboard is not made to go to the skate park to perform acrobatic tricks.

Even if our all-terrain hoverboard models are equipped with large wheels and a raised platform to better manage curbs and holes, they are still electric Segways and are sensitive to shocks.

Have fun with your hoverboard but keep in mind that big shocks will potentially damage the internal components !

In addition, be vigilant during the first uses, especially if you are still new to learning the hoverboard. This will prevent you from damaging the body of your device.

Opt for protective accessories

hoverboard cover

The easiest way to protect the body of your Segway from scratches and bumps is to invest in a hoverboard protective cover . These silicone protective covers have a function similar to that of smartphones and absorb shocks.

This greatly limits the possibilities of cosmetic damage, scratches or cracks to your hoverboard's hull.

There are protections for all types of 6.5 inch, 8 inch, 8.5 inch or 10 inch hoverboard wheels .

Comply with sealing standards

hoverboard ip54

All hoverboards are equipped with the IP54 waterproof standard . This gives them protection against dust and water jets from all directions.

However, this standard does not prevent immersion in water! Do not have fun driving in large puddles of water, otherwise you will damage your battery and the machine's motherboard. Indeed, waterproof does not mean unsinkable!

It's a concept that the youngest among us do not necessarily have in mind and when the machine has passed through a large number of puddles of water, it is already too late to go back.

Respect the weight limit

girl hoverboard

Most hoverboards support a maximum weight of 100 kg to 120 kg. Beyond this weight, it is not guaranteed that the machine will hold the load over time and you run the risk of breaking your device in two.

Indeed, under the hull, the hoverboard is composed of an aluminum platform and once it is cracked it is too late to repair it. So don't have fun riding 2 on a hoverboard, it's not designed for that.

If your personal weight is close to the maximum allowed limit, then we advise you to place your feet well at the ends of the hoverboard . This will allow you to better distribute the weight on the wheels and therefore lighten the central aluminum structure.

Storing your hoverboard

A final point of vigilance is the storage of your hoverboard. To take care of your machine, you must avoid letting it sleep outside . It may seem obvious to say but hoverboards do not like the cold and even less negative temperatures. Do not store your Segway in the garage in the middle of winter, for example!

Indeed, condensation and freezing can damage the battery. It is therefore better to store your hoverboard inside the house at room temperature and away from humidity .

Conclusion on How to protect your Hoverboard

There you go, with these 6 tips you know everything about how to take good care of your hoverboard and you can avoid stupid accidents.

For even more information on Segways we invite you to read our articles how to ride a hoverboard and how to choose the right hoverboard . You will then be unbeatable on the subject!


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Bn slt a vous… Mon probleme a moi c’est que la plateforme en aluminium de mon hoverboard est cassee… j’aimerais savoir comment ou avec quoi j’peux la reparer svp…

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