New to the electric skateboard market, the French manufacturer SYLVER focuses on the quality and performance of its boards. Thus, its products are able to provide the best skateboarding experience possible.

Let's discover together the new collection of Sylver electric skateboards with a cruiser skate model and two particularly fast longboards.

New French electric skateboard brand

Specialized in the design of electric skateboards , this company based in France seeks to make fast journeys fun and accessible both in town and in the countryside.

The Sylver brand of electric skates offers to improve urban mobility with products that make daily travel the best time of the day .

electric skateboard brand france sylver hawk cruiser lifestyle man

What makes these French electric skateboards so essential is that they are designed to withstand the vagaries of daily use. They provide an exhilarating gliding sensation with unparalleled power and control.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a Sylver skate is intuitive and easy to control.

A full range of electric skateboards

The manufacturer Sylver hits hard by directly deploying 3 new models of electric skateboards. A way to offer riders from all walks of life a model that suits them. Whether for use in the city, at high speed or in the mountains, you will find what you are looking for in the Sylver range of skates.

Ease of travel

By buying a Sylver electric skateboard, you will have access to all traffic lanes: they are very easy to wear on the train, bus, or car and allow you to finish the last kilometers of your journey effortlessly.

If the ease of movement is an advantage of these vehicles, the same goes for the pleasure side.

french electric skate sylver remote control black yellow woman

Intense sensations at high speed

The design of these skateboards is studied to meet the demand of the most demanding users. Manufactured in light and quality materials, we find for example on the Sylver Mountain all-terrain electric skateboard , 2 layers of bamboo and 7 layers of premium maple wood.

The latter offers a top speed of 49 km/h making it one of the fastest on the market. The other Sylver Sierra longboard is also particularly impressive at maximum speed (45 km/h) with its cloud wheels. High-speed driving sensations reserved for the most experienced pilots.

Save €600
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Sylver Hawk: the low-cost cruiser

electric skateboard cruiser sylver hawk handle transport man skater overalls

With its structure made up of 7 layers of maple wood as resistant as it is flexible, the Sylver Hawk is an inexpensive cruiser with 600W motors in the 2 wheels. Lightweight, this 6.3 kg electric skateboard is very practical to carry everywhere with you thanks to its 70 cm long size and its rear carrying handle integrated into the board.

electric skateboard france sylver hawk cruiser hub drive 600w man adidas superstars

The Sylver Hawk's 5.2Ah lithium battery offers a range of nearly 22 km. Ideal for enjoying short trips around town. If the electric skateboard is limited to 25 km/h, speed enthusiasts will be served with peaks measured at 39 km/h.

Sylver Sierra: comfortable electric longboard

electric skateboard sylver sierra all terrain wheel cloud wheels soft rubber weight

The French brand Sylver is the only one to offer an electric longboard with Cloud Wheels wheel. The advantage of its wheels is their particularly soft rubber. They correct the roughness of the road to make your journey pleasant.

The famous large "Cloud Wheels" wheels of the Sylver Sierra electric skateboard also provide better grip on dry ground . The sensations of sliding on this board are simply fluid. Thanks to their generous sizes, these top-of-the-range wheels offer the possibility of climbing without difficulty on small pavements, just like rolling in the grass.

electric skateboard big wheel cloud wheels lifestyle female skateboarder sylver sierra

Comfort and stability that change everything! You can enjoy a top speed of 45 km/h on the Sylver Sierra. This electric skateboard is equipped with two 1500W motors using the latest generation of belts.

The Sierra and its 97 cm long deck weigh 8.5 kg. This electric skateboard designed in France is able to climb slopes of 30%.

Sylver Mountain: all-terrain electric skateboard

all terrain electric skateboard 6.5 inch stair inflatable wheel

As its name suggests, the Sylver Mountain is aimed at users in the mountains or simply wishing to have fun on all types of paths. The all-terrain electric skateboard is topped with big 6.5 inch inflatable wheels .

The Mountain de Sylver is entirely made with high quality materials . This all-terrain model has a structure that allows a particularly flexible flex and unfailing comfort, which is very useful for handling this cross-country electric skateboard at ease on all paths.

sylver mountain all terrain electric skateboard

With its weight of 12.3 kg, it measures 96 cm in length and offers a range of approximately 40 km. The high capacity Samsung battery (17.5ah) of this machine will be able to respond to deliver enough power. You will reach 49 km/h in maximum speed thanks to the continuous use of the double belt motor of 1500W.





Il est fait référence que ce skate est conçu en France mais quand je fais mes recherches je ne trouve absolument rien sur le constructeur ou d’autres informations sur le produit, comment le vérifier ?

Yann de Weebot

Yann de Weebot

il s’agit bien de 2 moteurs à courroie de 1500W chacun sur chacune des roues arrières. Il est effectivement possible de mettre des roues gonflables sur le Sierra.



Bonjour je voudrais savoir si c est 1500 watts par roue ou au total et également si on peut mettre des roues tout terrain.merci de votre réponse. Cordialement Philippe Bouvart

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