The Australian brand Evolve was created in 2010 by extreme sports enthusiasts. It is renowned for its fast, elegant and comfortable skateboards.

Currently, it offers three main lines of electric skateboards: the Evolve GT Bamboo Series, the Evolve GTX Bamboo Series, and the Evolve GT Carbon Series. Each series is available in two versions: Street (for urban use) and off-road (for extra-urban use).

In this Evolve electric skateboard test, we will mainly talk about the characteristics of the Evolve GT Bamboo Series , since it represents the basic model. Next, we'll go into detail about the features that set each of the other Evolve skateboard lines apart.

Without further ado, here is our Evolve electric skateboard review.

The Evolve GT Bamboo Electric Skateboard Range

The GT Bamboo represents the entry-level offer of the Evolve brand. It is available in two longboard versions: the Evolve GT Bamboo Street and the Evolve GT Bamboo All-Terrain.

The Evolve GT Bamboo Street is designed to ride on stable roads such as asphalt or concrete. The Evolve GT Bamboo Off-Road can be driven on stable roads but also on country lanes or uneven asphalt.

Both models share a dual brushless motor drive system, which is mounted on the back truck of the skateboard. The driving force generated by each motor is transmitted via a toothed belt to a reduction mechanism housed in the corresponding wheel.

With a cumulative power of 3000 W, the GT Bamboo can reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h , which already represents a great performance for an electric skateboard.

electric skate test evolve

Battery and remote control of the Evolve GT Bamboo

On the battery side, the Evolve GT Bamboo electric skateboard is equipped with a 37 V / 7 Ah Lithium-Ion battery housed below the deck. If you are using the standard charger that comes with the board, then allow 3-4 hours for a full charge.

An optional fast charger charges the battery in less than 2 hours. Autonomy is about 35 km for the Street version and 20 km for the off-road version . Battery life is estimated at 1000 charge cycles.

A wireless remote control with digital screen displays the charge level and controls acceleration and braking. It also allows you to choose between 4 driving modes: Slow, Eco, Fast, and GT.

  • The Slow and Eco modes favor driving safety and optimize the autonomy of the skateboard.
  • Fast mode offers a good compromise between autonomy and speed.
  • GT mode allows full use of the power generated by both motors. It is suitable for riding at the maximum speed of the skate or for crossing slopes of up to 25°.

Design and structure of the Evolve GT Bamboo

The design of the GT Bamboo series is very elegant. The board is made up of 7 overlapping layers of Canadian maple wood and two layers of bamboo . It is therefore robust and durable. Measuring 96 cm long and 23 cm wide, it adopts a W-shaped structure which improves the stability of the user. With a wheelbase of 73 cm, the skate offers a good compromise between maneuverability and comfort.

Both models use 306mm wide Super Carve trucks and Abec 9 Speedball bearings providing very high spinning performance. The "Street" version is equipped with 83 mm 76A wheels. The “All-Terrain” version uses wheels specially designed to run on uneven roads.

To brake, the skateboard only uses an energy recovery mechanism.

While the “Street” version weighs 7.9 kg, the “All-Terrain” version weighs 9.5 kg. These two versions are therefore very light compared to the first electric skateboards which weighed up to 40 kg!

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Evolve GTX Bamboo electric longboards

Developed on the basis of the GT board, the GTX Bambou is also available in two electric longboard variants: the GTX Bambou Street Black Edition and the GTX Bambou Tout Chemins.

Overall, there are 2 main details that distinguish the GTX from the GT:

  • A more efficient Lithium-Ion battery (36 V/10 Ah) offering a range of 50 km for the GTX Bambou Street Black Edition version and 30 km for the GTX Bambou Tout Chemins version.
  • Larger wheels (97 mm 76A),

Apart from these two elements, the structure of the GTX is identical to that of the GT. It therefore adopts the same dual-motor drive system, the same trucks, and the same bearings. However, to fully charge the battery, it takes 4-5 hours with a standard charger and 2-3 hours with a fast charger.

A structure similar to the Evolve GT model

The board uses the same dimensions of the GT and the same structure in superimposed layers of maple wood and bamboo. That said, it is coated with a laser-cut honeycomb grip and offers a more comfortable flex . It therefore offers better performance in terms of cushioning and rebound.

Another stylistic detail that distinguishes the Evolve GTX, the two engines are offered as standard in Gold finish. While the GTX Bambou Street Black Edition version weighs 8.8 kg, the GTX Bambou Tout Chemins version weighs 9.8 kg.

The Evolve GT Carbon skate series

The GT Carbone represents the high-end offer of the Evolve brand . Like the other models, it is offered in 2 versions: the Evolve GT Carbone Street and the Evolve GT Carbone All-Terrain .

The board is constructed from molded layers of carbon and kevlar fibers . She is elegant and extremely sharp. Larger compared to the other models, it measures 102 mm long and 23.5 cm wide. The gain in length has resulted in a generous wheelbase of 81 cm.

Equipped with the same 36 V/10 Ah Lithium-Ion battery , it offers similar performance to the GTX in terms of range and top speed. For the rest, it uses the basic equipment of the GT Bamboo.

Despite the use of ultra-light materials for the construction of the deck, the GT Carbon displays an identical weight to the GT Bamboo (for both Street and off-road versions).

skate evolve gtx reviews

Conclusion of the Evolve electric skateboards test

To conclude this Evolve electric skateboard review, let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 model ranges.

Good point: the motorization with belt drive system

On the motor side, the electric skateboards of the Evolve brand are equipped with a belt drive system . Unlike the motor integrated into the wheel (hub), this system is equipped with a gear-down mechanism to optimize the transmission of the driving force to the wheels. Which translates into higher power compared to standard skateboards.

Admittedly, the belt drive system has some disadvantages:

  • Noisy operation.
  • The need to regularly change the belt.
  • The risk that a foreign object may impede the movement of the belt.

On the other hand, if the Evolve brand, which is one of the pioneers of electric skateboarding, continues to use this design, it is because it offers essential advantages:

  • Higher torque compared to built-in motors to easily climb a slope.
  • Faster starts and accelerations.
  • Effective braking.
  • Comfortable road holding.
  • The possibility of mounting wheels of your choice , since the wheels are independent of the motors.

Also, the belt drive system is less complex than the built-in motor. It is therefore easier to maintain and repair .

Generally speaking, the 3 model ranges have strong and elegant boards that can support a weight of 100 kg. They are also equipped with high-performance trucks and bearings.

The coolest thing: the customization of its configuration

In addition, the Evolve brand offers many customization options, including the "all-terrain kit" which allows you to transform a Street skateboard into an all-terrain version.

In addition, on all 3 model series it is possible to mount high performance Kegel 80 mm or Evolve F1 107 mm wheels as well as Abec 11 bearings. Unfortunately, the bearings and electrical components are not waterproof .

The Evolve GT Bamboo is the ideal choice for a beginner . With a medium flex, it is comfortable and generally easier to control.

With big wheels and a sporty design, the Evolve GTX Bamboo offers a compromise between the comfort of the GT Bamboo and the sporty characteristics of the GT Carbon. In addition, it is distinguished by a good quality/price ratio.

As for the Evolve GT Carbone, it is distinguished by a hard flex and a more accomplished finish compared to the other models. Decidedly, it is the ideal choice for a rider looking for thrills!

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