Dear “Scooters”! You who often take to the road to take a walk, do your shopping, go to work, see your friends, have a drink, visit or simply enjoy driving, you must protect yourself and protect your passengers.

Several accessories and scooter equipment exist to make your driving sensations more pleasant. Some are accessories and allow you to take care of your style and others are mandatory for your safety. Protecting yourself is also having fun on the road by protecting others.

Weebot offers you in this article to enlighten you as to the choice of mandatory scooter equipment to ride an electric two-wheeler!

Indeed, some scooter equipment is regulated by law and is therefore mandatory when you are driving . The absence of these, when you are on the road, constitutes an offense resulting in a fine. Indeed, in order to make the most of each outing on two wheels, and in compliance with the law, you must be the holder of this equipment.

We are therefore going to, through this article, describe to you each type of accessory to have in order to ride with complete peace of mind and above all in complete safety .

What mandatory scooter equipment?

In this first part, you will find all the information about the mandatory scooter equipment and the fines that may result if you do not have it on the road. Indeed, to travel in France on a motorized two-wheeler (or three-wheeler), it is necessary and mandatory to have the following equipment:

  • A helmet , for the driver as well as the passenger. The latter must be homologated (ECE or NF) and be, of course, attached.
  • Gloves , for driver and passenger, which must be CE certified
    • In case of non-compliance, the fine can go up to 450€
  • A high visibility vest , for driver and passenger. This yellow vest must be within reach of the driver (on you or in the top case of your two-wheeler) and must be approved with a CE marking
    • In case of non-compliance, the fine can go up to 750€
  • A breathalyzer , not used, which can be chemical or electronic, marked with the NF standard
  • Lighting , in working order in the event of insufficient visibility or for night driving (main beam, dipped beam, rear position lights, brake lights)
    • In case of non-compliance, the fine can go up to 450€

Mandatory equipment for riding a scooter and motorcycle

Selection of electric scooter equipment

After this little reminder about French legislation, we will present to you in this second part the Weebot selection of electric scooter equipment. For this, we have listed for you different equipment for each typology by highlighting their strengths & weaknesses so that you have the greatest possible visibility.

    The motorcycle/scooter helmet

      The helmet is a vital and indispensable element. Indeed, at the slightest impact you must have your head protected to avoid any trauma. There are different types of helmets: the full-face helmet, the jet helmet and the modular helmet.

      It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best (fitting and advice recommended) with the only obligation: that it be approved to European standards (ECE white label or NF green label).

      The Moto Jet Scorpion EXO-100 helmet: a vintage look

      The Jet Scorpion EXO-100 helmet has an external shell in injected thermoplastic and is very comfortable due to its internal memory foam padding. With its chic vintage look, it is light and easily transportable in a trunk.

      Strong points :

      • Vintage and chic look
      • Light and comfortable
      • Price

      Weak points :

      • Helmet that is not integral (does not protect the chin)

      The modular LS2 Valiant Motorcycle Helmet: top-of-the-range technicality

      This Premium helmet will bring you comfort, pleasure and protection on the road. Indeed, equipped with a shell in KPA, dynamic ventilation, interior foams in hypoallergenic fabric and a long screen with anti-fog/anti-scratch and anti-UV treatment. The Moto LS2 Valiant helmet as technical as it is protective.

      Strong points :

      • Integral and modular helmet
      • Modern look
      • Anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-UV screen

      Weak points :

      • Price

      homologated scooter helmet

        approved gloves

          Necessary for your protection, gloves are essential for riding a two-wheeler. Indeed, they allow you safety in terms of weather conditions on the road but also safety in terms of protecting your hands in the event of a fall .

          Revit Arch Gloves

          The Revit Arch gloves will provide you with optimal protection for any trip on two wheels. Made with a goatskin structure, they allow great maneuverability in use. In addition, with optimized ventilation (open structure in 3D Mesh) and a palm slider, you will find comfort and protection.

          Strong points :

          • Touch index for smartphone
          • PWR Shield
          • Price

          Weak points :

          • Little hot

          Revit Sirius 2 H2O Gloves

          This model of gloves is a top-of-the-range model with high technicality. Indeed, they protect your hands in all weather conditions and allow you unparalleled comfort. Equipped with a PWR shield, a foam palm slider and viscoelastic knuckles, the Revit Sirius H2O gloves will absorb your shocks or impacts in the event of a fall.

          Strong points :

          • very warm
          • Lightweight
          • Resistant and windproof

          Weak points :

          • Price

          scooter helmet protection

            Safety vest (yellow vest)

              Since January 1, 2016, the safety vest is mandatory. You must have it “at hand” , i.e. it must be stored in your top case, under your saddle or carried on your person, if necessary to improve your visibility.

              For this compulsory scooter equipment, we offer you a sleeveless vest in fluorescent and retro-reflective material.

              Reflective vest with zip

              This gilet features high performance and technical fabrics allowing you to be seen day and night. In addition, equipped with a zip, it is available in three sizes (M, L and XL).

              Strong points :

              • Technical and performance fabrics
              • Lightweight
              • A-Zip

              Weak points :

              • Not machine washable


                  As said earlier in the article, you can have a breathalyzer, whether chemical or electronic, as long as it is marked with the NF standard . You will find breathalyzers on sale in tobacconists, supermarkets, pharmacies or service stations (non-exhaustive list).


                      Regarding the lighting of your electric vehicle, we have no equipment to offer you because it quite simply depends on the maintenance of your two-wheeler, the quality of the components and the manufacturer. Our advice is to regularly check the working condition of your lights .

                      Conclusion on the mandatory equipment for riding an electric scooter

                      In order to conclude this article on our advice and proposals as to the compulsory scooter equipment, we have prepared a selection of accessories, not compulsory but, which can bring you comfort, style and ease during your journeys.

                      Indeed, there are a multitude of accessories and equipment for two-wheelers. From the anti-pollution mask, to smartphone holders or even scooter aprons, you are spoiled for choice in order to equip yourself to ride comfortably with the style of your choice.

                      Here are some tips from the Weebot team for your safety and that of your electric scooter:


                        Very popular vehicles, electric scooters deserve our full attention and we must protect ourselves from theft. Equipping yourself with an anti-theft device when traveling will allow you to be more serene about the idea of ​​leaving your vehicle when you are parked.

                          Granit Sledg Abus Disc Lock Anti-Theft

                          This Abus Granit Sledg lock is powerful with the particularity of being a "disc lock". Meeting SRA and NF standards, it is a real safety ally for your vehicle.

                            Approved protective jacket

                            To protect you from certain conditions such as inclement weather or dangerous terrain, there are protective jackets or under-jackets (synthetic, leather, underwire or airbag) with, most of the time, good resistance . abrasion and protecting you from heat or cold depending on the outside temperatures.

                              Revit GT-R Air 2 Jacket

                              This Revit GT Air 2 protective jacket is both light and very flexible. It was made to protect you against abrasion. It will allow you to ride this summer in comfort and style.

                                Scooter top box

                                Thanks to the top case of your choice, you can carry more things according to your convenience. It is the useful and essential accessory for young and old “adventurers”. Storing your equipment easily or transporting things has never been easier on a two-wheeler!

                                Many top cases exist on the market, this is the opportunity for you to adapt it to your electric scooter by choosing its size (from 15L to 50L) , its brand and its model, its colors and adapting it as well to your needs.

                                  Top Case Shad SH29 for electric scooter

                                  A true travel companion, this SHAD SH29 top case is robust, practical and water resistant. Indeed, with a solid structure and a capacity of 29L, you can store a helmet and a pair of gloves without difficulty. Its little extra: an integrated reflector to be visible day and night.

                                  Save €600
                                  fat bike velo electrique garrett miller z noir pneu kenda 20 pouces off roadfat bike velo electrique garrett miller z noir jante blanche pneu kenda off road

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