Do you have an electric scooter and want to unleash it? Wondering how to increase the speed of an electric scooter?

Indeed, with a legal speed of 25km/h, some of you would like to be able to move faster by modifying the speed of their electric scooter.

We have looked into the subject in order to provide you with all the answers you will need to choose the type of jailbreak . We will also inform you about the solution we recommend as well as about the legislation in force.

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In short, here is a complete article on how to unclamp an electric scooter in the best way possible for product durability and safety of use.

We will first see if it is possible to unleash an electric scooter and then inform you on how to proceed. Then, you will discover our recommendations on the best technique to unlock an electric scooter and we will end with a paragraph on the legislation in force.

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Can an electric scooter be unleashed?

Yes, unclamping an electric scooter is possible and many people want to use this practice in order to go faster and increase driving pleasure. However, don't get me wrong, unclamping your electric scooter will not allow you to increase the range of the vehicle. On the contrary, more speed will strain your battery more and your autonomy will be less.

Even if your battery is at the end of its life, at weebot we offer you all the types of batteries you need to regain the previous performance of your scooters.

So what is jailbreaking? Common practice nowadays, unclamping is not a modification of your engine because it is the clamping that limits its capabilities. To unleash it is then to "no longer restrict it".

In order to unleash an electric scooter, you must therefore modify the electric assistance system of your vehicle. Unclamping also means taking the risk of creating premature wear of the product.

How to unlock an electric scooter?

Can an electric scooter be unleashed? Yes it is possible to unclamp an electric scooter. Several techniques exist. Which technique to use depends on each model.

Here are the different ways available to you:

  • electrical shunt unclamping
  • electronic unlocking
  • jailbreak by changing the controller
  • unlocking by changing the transmission
  • unclamping by completely changing the motor
  • unlocking by completely changing the battery of your electric scooter
  • unclamping using an unclamping kit.

We therefore explain the characteristics of each of these techniques below, highlighting their impact on the durability and integrity of your vehicle. Unleashing an electric scooter is one thing, but doing it well to preserve your vehicle is another.

So here are all the keys for an intelligent, adapted and thoughtful unlocking .

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Unclamping with an electric shunt (electric bridge)

A shunt allows the current to pass in an electric circuit, it is in a way a connector or a cable. Indeed, you can unclamp your vehicle by cutting this wire in order to release the power of the controller or disconnect the connector. Be careful because you can lose the warranty if you damage the wiring harness.

Electronic unclamping

To unlock an electric scooter, you can opt for electronic unlocking . Indeed, we believe that this technique is the simplest . For electronic unlocking, you must connect directly to the electronic part in order to modify the firmware programming (via a dedicated application or directly on the display or the display).

Find out beforehand about the specifics of the model so as not to impact the durability of your electric scooter. We advise you before electronic unclamping to fully charge your scooter for better conditions.

Unclamping via controller change

A second option is available to you: unleash an electric scooter by changing the controller . This is because your electric scooter motor is regulated by a controller which, as the name suggests, controls the speed . It's kind of the brain of your vehicle.

The controller receives all the data from the system and thanks to the recognition of the speed of your vehicle, it controls and blocks the speed of the latter at the limit of 25km/h legally authorized. You can therefore, to unleash an electric scooter , modify and change the controller of your scooter to unleash it.

Unclamp an electric scooter by changing the transmission

Changing the transmission ratio also allows you to unleash your electric vehicle. This practice is mechanical because it requires replacement of the crown and the pinion.

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Unleash by changing the motor of the electric scooter

Changing the motor of an electric scooter to unleash it is a solution as expensive as it is radical. Indeed, we consider this practice to be inappropriate . However, if you want to make this choice, be careful and find out about the different types of engine (weight, power, price, legislative ratio, compatibility, etc.).

Unclamping an electric scooter by changing the battery

Finally, you can unleash your electric scooter by changing the battery . This method is very expensive so rather than having to pay this price, we advise you to buy a new, more powerful scooter directly. By changing the battery, you will have to change the entire power circuit (motor and controller) hence the high cost of this practice.

Unclamping kit

Simple to unlock, the unlocking kit is the easy unlocking solution (in just a few clicks). In addition, it is possible to use an unclamping kit allowing a higher performance (you will find some from 20-30€). However, if you opt for a performance kit for an electric scooter , be sure to follow the different steps listed in the instructions or ask an expert to assist you.

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What is the best technique to unlock an electric scooter?

After seeing if it was possible to unlock an electric scooter as well as the different methods, we recommend the electronic method to unlock your electric vehicle. Indeed, this practice is the least expensive and the simplest to carry out technically. In addition, we advise you not to change the components of your electric scooter because if they are present it is for a good reason.

You are now ready for smart and secure jailbreaking. We inform you in this last part of the legislation on the unlocking of electric scooters so that you are informed of what you are authorized to do or not .

Legislation on unlocking electric scooters

Before unleashing your electric scooter, it is important to know the legislative aspect . Despite the fact that the highway code is not very explicit, be aware that you are authorized to drive at a maximum of 25km/h with your electric scooter on cycle paths (public roads) and 6km/h on sidewalks. Unclamping is therefore only possible on private land.

Indeed, practice prohibited in France, you incur a substantial fine and your vehicle can be confiscated and impounded by the competent authorities. In addition, if you opt for unlocking, your insurance will be void due to the modification of the original product.

Think carefully about all aspects before deciding to unleash your electric scooter . It is your responsibility.

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How to unlock a Dualtron electric scooter?

To unclamp a Dualtron electric scooter (like the Dualtron Thunder ), you can use the unclamping technique by cutting the shunt (electric bridge). In addition, it is possible to obtain a remote control to change the clamping-unclamping system (custom).

This method is also suitable for Speedway electric scooters.

How to unlock a Speedway electric scooter?

If you want to unlock a Speedway electric scooter , you can do it via a remote control as with Dualtron scooters . Do not hesitate to inquire as much as possible because each model is different and may require a specific unlocking method.

How to unlock a Zero electric scooter?

To unlock a Zero electric scooter , adapt the method to the product. Indeed, you can for example change the controller by sending it false information.

How to unlock a Xiaomi electric scooter?

To unlock a Xiaomi electric scooter , you can download firmware for Android laptops ( Xiaomi M365 freedom , for example, intended as its name suggests for the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter ) in order to modify the parameters of your electric scooter by logging into the application.

Pay attention once again to the method used according to your product. Each product of the same brand may require different treatment. There is no identical solution for each product.

How to unlock a Ninebot electric scooter?

If you want to unleash a Ninebot electric scooter , find out about the characteristics of the model. Many tools are available online to help you unlock a Ninebot electric scooter. Make sure of the reliability of the tools before making a final choice.

Is there an application to unlock an electric scooter?

Yes, there is an application to unlock an electric scooter . This application is available for certain models and connects to your vehicle in order to make a modification to the firmware . By changing the settings, your electric scooter is unbridled.

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Conclusion on how to increase the speed of an electric scooter

We can conclude this article on unlocking an electric scooter by saying that it is possible to do it yourself as well as to seek advice from someone with more experience and knowledge. It is important that you are careful about the legislative aspect but also the product aspect because each scooter has very specific characteristics and requires an adapted method.

Do not underestimate the possible consequences of a poorly performed jailbreak. Considering all the attributes of an electric scooter before unclamping it is essential.

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