Specialist and leader in Europe in electric mobility, Weebot is a producer of electrical and electronic equipment. Because we envision a better environment, Weebot is committed via the Weegreen label to recycling our products.

If the battery of an electric scooter is singled out for pollution, what is it really? Is it possible to recycle the battery of an electric scooter and its different materials? And if so, how ?

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Weebot's focus on battery recycling

Being subject to the regulations on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), Weebot has the obligation to recycle the batteries but also the packaging that we emit on the European market.

More and more people want to change their mobility habits to be more respectful of the environment .

With this exploding demand for electric mobility, it is necessary to have to recycle end-of-life products. We must minimize our impact on the environment because if our products do not emit CO2 in operation, they still have a carbon footprint in their life cycle.

Weebot's goal is to be able to reduce this carbon footprint as much as possible and offer our customers a solution for better recycling of electric scooter batteries.

This notably involves several collection points throughout France for better management of selective sorting.

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Why recycle a lithium ion battery?

The sustainable management of waste from our electrical and electronic devices is a major challenge for our society. With the recovery of this waste, as well as the depollution and recovery of WEEE, Weebot contributes at its level to preserving nature and our environment.

Nature conservation

Weebot's commitment via Weegreen consists in avoiding the dissemination of dangerous substances in nature. Even if these substances are in small quantities in our electric scooters and other devices, the environmental impacts can be considerable in the long term.

Weebot is committed to recycling raw materials

It is therefore necessary to act now so as not to form bad habits. The preservation of our natural state requires a common effort. Not throwing your electronic products anywhere means being able to recycle a maximum of spare parts and raw materials on our products.

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What parts should be recycled?

The battery is the main part to be recycled on an electrical product. The normal life cycle of a battery can vary from 500 to 1200 full recharges. One cycle of this battery is equivalent to a complete discharge from 100% to 0% as well as its full charge again up to 100%.

However, this does not mean the complete end of battery life. This number of cycles rather gives an idea of ​​the optimal functioning of a battery.

Beyond that, the cells can therefore be refurbished by recycling . This is why it is very important not to throw your battery in your household waste when it becomes weak.

Our transport boxes also have the possibility of being recycled. They are designed to protect your product during transport to your home. We advise you to keep it in case of technical problem on your device.

This will make it easier for you to have to bring your product back to our various Service Centers if it breaks down.

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There are also various electronic equipment that can be recycled on an electric scooter. The following components are affected by recycling:

  • the charger
  • the handlebar display
  • the controller
  • the electric motor
  • the different cables
  • the lights

Finally, the tires made of natural rubber, as well as the tubes can be recycled, even in the event of a puncture. These can be used to make new pieces from recycled materials later.

As an electric mobility professional marketing these products, Weebot must respect these requirements and be a vector of respect for the environment .

How to participate in our fight for better recycling

When they reach the end of their life, Weebot wants to ensure that these different parts are correctly sorted. We have therefore called on 3 trusted partners who support our recycling program.

ecologic recycling

Ecologic, to find a waste collection point

We are members of the eco-organization Ecologic which is responsible for recycling electrical appliances and equipment on French territory. Ecologic favors local collection, reuse and treatment solutions. With this solidarity economy, Ecologic takes care of setting up relay points to recover your waste.

corepile battery recycling logo

Corepile, specialist in the recycling of batteries and accumulators

Corepile , for its part, is an eco-organisation under State approval which collects and recycles lithium-ion batteries and batteries. Find out without delay where to deposit your battery thanks to their different collection points .

citeo recycling cardboard and paper packaging

Citeo, to reduce the environmental impact of packaging

Finally, the Citeo organization is committed to reducing the environmental impact of packaging and paper for mass consumption and distribution. Thanks to the sorting gesture of the French, it has become the first eco-citizen gesture with 68% of household packaging and 60.5% of recycled paper on the territory.

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