Weebot exists today thanks to its team of enthusiasts with a common leitmotif: to make sustainable micro-mobility a way of life and moving around with ease and pleasure .

Many projects are being set up to offer you the best ecological transport solutions. This allows you to make the most of the sustainable mobility package offered by companies.

We strongly believe in changing home-to-work travel habits and do everything we can to ensure that sustainable mobility is the most accessible means of transport for everyone.

Weebot's vision on new means of transport

Indeed, Weebot tends to become the leader in electric mobility in France, but also in Europe.

To do this, Weebot develops its own brand products with conviction and strength. Thanks to a range of controlled, secure and qualitative products, Weebot aims to continue to develop its own brands of sustainable mobility as well as future services aimed at transparency, performance and daily support.

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Propose our alternative solution to public transport

Continually looking for improvement, development and quality, Weebot works every day to cultivate its expertise in order to offer in the near future about ten own brands, accessories for all eco-mobility vehicles and service around the sustainable mobility (such as repair, rental, accessibility via an application but also intelligent and dedicated infrastructures that will make the use of its products intuitive by simplifying the life and travel of its users in their home - work journeys) .

A range of consistent sustainable mobility products

The research and development of the Weebot product and service ranges takes place from development to design through production, and all of this internally for superior quality and even unparalleled follow-up.

Since the end of 2020, Weebot has offered a range of electric scooters to meet the needs of each user. With the most attractive prices possible, we offer solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve everyone's health.

We have designed durable and quality mobility vehicles, meeting high standards in terms of solidity and comfort for the benefit of our customers.

For 2021, the objective is to offer you a range of electric skateboards , electric bicycles as well as electric bicycle kits and electric scooters in order to meet the ever-growing demand of users wishing to take ownership of their own means of transport.

Expertise and passion make the Weebot value proposition a daily motivation!

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Our mission: ecological mobility that preserves the environment

Weebot aspires to make every trip safe, autonomous and environmentally friendly . It is important for our team to make accessible to any user who wishes it the possibility of moving better, and this in the best possible conditions.

Weebot's mission is to be a vector of respect for the environment and everyone's health in the interests of a better and certain future. Innovation and expertise are therefore central to Weebot's value proposition.

We have therefore decided to go further in this ecological approach . The electric mobility market is still in the development phase, but we now have enough perspective to see new considerations appear.

Ecology is not simply about offering an ecological travel solution. To reduce greenhouse gases, Weebot's sustainable mobility products raise questions about recycling components and in particular lithium batteries .

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With WeeGreen, Weebot is committed to recycling used batteries

We are proud to present WeeGreen.

Weegreen symbolizes Weebot's environmental commitment through recycling awareness among its customers. It is also a deep involvement on our part with the development of strategic partnerships and an innovation program aimed at reducing consumption and waste.

The primary goal is to sustainably manage natural resources by promoting the circular economy. To do so, Weebot has decided to recycle all of its end-of-life products by calling on local professionals .

But our actions on sustainable mobility do not stop there! Weebot has taken the initiative to control its entire production and distribution chain by optimizing transport flows . Weebot has also chosen to adopt the right gestures and best practices by operating an optimized waste management and maintaining a high objective of recycling this waste.

Proximity, passion, commitment and listening drive us every day in our sustainable mobility project.

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Our motto towards our customers

The customer is at the heart of our sustainable mobility activity and is the center of our priorities in order to make their Weebot experience a success at all times.

Our sales department is there to provide you with the best possible support in your sustainable mobility approach .

Buying from Weebot also means benefiting from the expertise of our customer service and technical service in order to be able to take charge of your sustainable mobility solution as simply as possible.

Listen and understand the user - Reassure, advise and support each customer before, during and after the acquisition of their sustainable mobility product - Make the satisfaction of our customers obvious.

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