The month of June is just beginning and the return of the sun is making its appearance in the sky. The opportunity is too good to drive ecologically and electrically with our ecomobility products. Discover the new products available this month on our online store.

Used products at Weebot

If you want to make the transition to an electric scooter , we are currently offering big discounts on some of our second-hand products . Generally with low mileage, these 50cc and even 125cc equivalent scooters are currently stored in our second-hand space .

Scooters having already been used as a show model or returned to us after registration, these may have some scratches or traces of use. Our technical experts from the service center have checked each vehicle in order to check that they are working properly and to recondition them.

used weebot electric scooter

Low-cost electric scooter in Boulogne-Billancourt

You will be able to take advantage of great reductions of up to 40% on the initial price of the electric scooter. Be careful though, because you will have to go to our Service Center in Boulogne-Billancourt (8 rue Esnault Pelterie, 92100) to pick up your vehicle.

By going through our sales department, you can make a paid premium delivery anywhere in France of the scooter which will be added in addition to the purchase price.

The Sunra Anger scooter is preorder

If you rather want to go on a new model , the Sunra Anger has just been available for pre-order for the month of July . Latest novelty from the Chinese manufacturer, the Anger is a very trendy gray 125cc electric scooter.

electric scooter sunra anger gray 125cm3

An electric 125cc with the look of the Sunra Hawk Plus

Real big brother of the Sunra Hawk Plus but in 125cm3 version, it takes up the characteristics that made it so successful. So you will find the famous bluetooth speaker to be able to listen to your music easily while on the move.

The Sunra Anger offers a maximum speed of 80 km/h thanks to its 3000W rear motor and has a range of up to 130 km.

Availability of Horwin EK1 and EK3 scooters very soon

As the exclusive supplier in France of the Austrian brand Horwin , we announce the delivery of the latest Horwin EK1 and Horwin EK3 . These electric scooters have won the famous RedDot Award for their modern, elegant design, perfectly in line with the trend of electric mobility.

electric scooter horwin ek3 paris black

These two wheels have all the paraphernalia of a top-of-the-range scooter with keyless ignition, daytime running lights, cruise control, electric reverse and an anti-theft alarm system.

New 50cc and 125cc, these electric scooters are easy to handle and particularly handy in town.

Arrival of the Kaabo Skywalker

On the side of electric scooters , we will finally receive the famous Skywalker from Kaabo . After a one-month customs blockage (nothing serious, don't worry, a simple standard verification procedure), delivery is very close so that you can benefit from the new Skywalker 8S, Skywalker 10H, 10C and 10S+ models.

electric scooter kaabo skywalker 10s+ gray paris

The Kaabo brand is popular at the moment and offers a large collection covering everyone's needs with its mid-range Skywalker in 48V and even 60V . These models are equipped with powerful disc brakes for more safety as well as powerful suspensions to absorb the vibrations of the road with comfort.

The sale of Weebot spare parts

We offer the possibility of customizing your electric scooter on your own. We bring new quality spare parts every week to improve your riding experience.

scooter quick chargers

If you are a big rider, the use of a quick charger for an electric scooter will necessarily speak to you. Note that these are already available for delivery. Divide your charging times by 3 or even 4 with reliable and quality chargers.

Nutt Hydraulic Brake Kit

If you want to upgrade to the power of hydraulic braking, you can now with our ready-to-fit Hydraulic Brake Nutt Kit. If your scooter is equipped with disc brakes, you can very easily provide it with quality hydraulic braking for even more comfort and safety.

Be careful however, because the stock is very limited on this product given the rarity of finding hydraulic brakes on the market. Currently, the world of two wheels is facing a shortage on this side.

If your electric scooter has a little less braking bite than when it started, you can also replace your brake calipers and pads . We have all the parts for your machines.

In case of doubt on the subject, you can always reach us by email in order to give you the right information.

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