According to statistics, two-wheelers are more susceptible to theft than cars, and anti-theft is not always enough. In order to overcome this, Weebot offers to have your scooter or motorcycle engraved to deter thieves but also to find your vehicle more easily in the event of theft. We answer your questions about motorcycle engraving.

What is motorcycle and scooter engraving?

The tattoo or marking of a motorcycle or scooter consists of affixing the last 8 characters of the vehicle's serial or registration number to 11 parts of your two-wheeler.

On a vehicle less than 50cc, only the engine number will be engraved.

Generally made with a stencil or pen-engraver, the technique has evolved and Weebot offers professional motorcycle engraving by impulse with perfect aesthetic quality!

Make sure when getting your motorcycle tattoo that it is SRA (Security and Automotive Repair) approved . Only this aggregation is recognized by insurance companies. Indeed, SRA is an organization fighting against car and two-wheeler theft and all insurers refer to it.

motorcycle scooter engraving identification number argos file

What are the advantages of having your motorcycle or scooter engraved?

When you are a biker, you may wonder if this solution is very useful in addition to its anti-theft device. You still have to put your hand in your pocket in addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, the equipment as well as the subscription to insurance(s).

And if you're wondering if tattooing a motorcycle or scooter is unsightly, just know that the marking operated by Weebot is professional quality done with a pulse gun . This has the effect of being almost imperceptible to your eyes.


The first advantage of having your scooter or motorcycle engraved is for peace of mind. Statistically, motorcycle burning is proven to reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen . If there is a cost, the marking can be reimbursed by your insurer. By having made the tattoo, some companies offer you a reduction on the price of your insurance.

deter thieves

The engraving of motorcycles and other 2 wheels acts as a deterrent for thieves. It is much more complex for a thief to resell a 2 wheeler and even parts with permanent markings. With the resale of spare parts difficult, this simple visual protection is enough in many cases.

Traceability solution

In case of theft, know that your 2 wheels have a much better chance of being found. Once the engraving is done, your vehicle is registered in the ARGOS file database. Already 20 million vehicles are registered in this national file and accessible at any time by the competent authorities.

Created on the initiative of insurance companies, this national ARGOS file allows the identification of stolen two-wheelers and facilitates repatriation by the police forces.

insurance contract motorcycle scooter two wheels certification

Is the motorcycle tattoo compulsory?

Unlike insurance for scooters and motorcycles, engraving is not compulsory for riding a 2-wheeler. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended by insurers. Some insurance companies may ask you for a motorcycle and scooter engraving certificate.

Motorcycle and scooter engraving recommended by insurance

Engraved motorcycles being statistically less stolen , insurance companies add this element to your file. The various guarantees that you can provide to your insurer thus make it possible to lower the price of insurance.

A good way to amortize the price of motorcycle engraving or your scooter with cheaper insurance.

Why do some insurers require motorcycle engraving?

Whatever the value of your 2 wheels or your engine capacity, your vehicle is an important guarantee for your insurer. This is a useful precaution against theft. So in case of theft of the 2 wheels, the deductible is much lower with the scooter and motorcycle engraving carried out.

It is possible that some companies will deny you access to a guarantee against theft if you do not have the motorcycle or scooter engraved. But the rules depend on each insurer.

gravage moto scooter weebot

Have your motorcycle or scooter engraved at Weebot

Because safety is an important element for Weebot, we have decided to offer you the motorcycle tattoo. We offer engraving on our new 2 electric wheels, but also for all thermal and electric models purchased elsewhere.

All you have to do is place the order on our site and then make an appointment in our workshops in Paris and Lyon.

Weebot with the anti-theft company Auvray

We have chosen to work with the Auvray brand, which specializes in anti-theft technology. As with ICA Bike engraving , Auvray offers a secure and professional solution.

SRA approved, Auvray Speed ​​Marking allows you to register your vehicle in just 5 minutes .

auvray speed marking engraving motorcycle premium scooter high quality

SRA approved pulse engraving

Pulse engraving is discreet and adapts to any surface and material . We thus ensure an unequaled engraving in terms of aesthetic quality on your vehicle.

Once the code is registered with Auvray, Weebot scans without risk of making mistakes in the registration or serial numbers.

We then engrave the last 8 characters of the serial number on your vehicle.

11 marking points on your 2 wheels

The system with pulse technology makes it possible to carry out the 11 points of engraving of the last characters of the number on the following spare parts:

  • Exhaust
  • Front / Rear Rims
  • Frame
  • Tank
  • Fairing
  • Engine
  • Right / Left fork sleeves
  • Crankcase
  • Swinging arm
11 engraving points motorcycle scooter quad

After the engraving in 11 points of the last 8 characters of the serial number of your two wheels, it takes us less than 30 minutes to issue you a temporary SRA-approved certificate to give to your insurance.

You will receive the final certificate within 72 hours with the identification number of the national ARGOS file for your two wheels.

What is the price of motorcycle engraving?

Join the 20 million two-wheelers engraved in Europe and fight against theft for the sum of 99 euros with a top quality professional engraving finish!

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