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Battery problem? The new induction charger for iPhone solves all your problems. Wireless and goes everywhere, it will, for sure, make your life easier.

Innovative induction charger technology

The advantage of using this induction wireless charger is to no longer have miles of wires at home or at work.

Just plug your platform , charger, into your computer or other charging area and you just have to enjoy the vision of your smartphone regaining strength. inductive charger

Measuring less than 2cm thick, all you need to do is place your phone on the platform . The charger can charge with an efficiency of 73% .

In addition, its small size allows you to take it wherever you go.

A small flashing LED indicates that your device is charging . The product is always at low temperature , so you will not overheat your induction charger .

There is also short circuit protection . You can charge your device up to 8mm from its base.
iphone inductive charger

A practical and stylish iPhone charger

The usefulness of this induction charger is not to end up with lots of wires. No more cable clutter behind your TV or around a power strip.

Weebot brings you THE solution .

Easy to use , its coating also prevents your laptop from slipping off the base .

Its sleek design goes everywhere and integrates very easily into your decoration. In addition, its color, black and gold , gives a touch of class to the product.

Finally, the inductive coil , which comes with the base, plugs into your iPhone's socket to enable charging .

The advantage of this piece and its thickness. Very thin, you can slip it between your phone and your protective shell to see real autonomy of movement . iphone inductive charger

What's in the box?

The iPhone induction charger includes:

  • A charging base.
  • A wireless sensor.
  • A USB power cable.
  • Compatibility iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus/7

Where can I order this wireless induction charger for iPhone?

The wireless induction charger for iPhone is available today on the Weebot Store .

Delivery is free and takes place within 24/48 hours .

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