Despite the weather not always being good, there is always time to discover our new products in electric mobility. Live a quality experience by driving in an ecological and economical way. Let's take stock together of the new products available this month of July on our online store.

Take advantage of our 2021 summer sales

The summer sales have arrived at Weebot. You have until July 27 to benefit from advantageous offers on our Weebot and Kaabo brand electric scooters, as well as Super Soco and Doohan electric scooters.

summer sales summer sales weebot electric scooter scooter

Pack 150 euros of accessories offered with the purchase of an electric scooter

We remind you that there is always time to take advantage of the "serenity pack" offer when purchasing an electric scooter. For the purchase of the latter, we offer you 150 euros worth of accessories, including an SMK Streem Jet helmet, Macna Darko gloves and an Auvray Xtrem Mini SRA disc lock.

Enough to enjoy your two wheels with complete peace of mind upon delivery, without paying anything extra. This offer obviously includes the registration offered with the purchase of the electric scooter from Weebot.

Since May, we can also ensure the engraving of your electric two-wheeler. Auvray's Speed ​​Marking solution provides anti-theft traceability for the security of your vehicle. Impulse engraving technology that ensures professional aesthetic quality.

Omaha and Maverick scooters in limited quantities

Hurry, there won't be enough for everyone. Our flagship models, the Omaha and its little sister the Maverick , are on promotion in our shop. It's time to discover our best sellers from Weebot.

Arrived at full maturity, these products are of quality to take you everywhere with ease. Our customers appreciate their great autonomy as well as their all-purpose look. Up to 70 km for Omaha and 50 km for Maverick.

Excellent driving comfort with its double front and rear suspensions as well as its large 10-inch inflatable wheels. Everything is studied on these models of electric scooters to bring you comfort on a daily basis. The height of the handlebars is perfectly adjustable for the tallest among us.

Electric scooters for those who prefer comfortable models that are pleasant to drive in the face of the nervousness of other models.

The Garrett Miller X Summer 2021 collection is coming

Apart from the sales, this is the big novelty of the summer for Weebot. Since its launch in 2019, the Garrett Miller brand has continued to improve its product. Building on its success, our favorite electric fatbike is coming soon with a new color on the program: Military Green.

garrett miller x electric fatbike bike 2021 new military green

A new color and a new high-end screen

This new model comes with a brown leather-style saddle matching the handlebar grips. But this is not the only novelty. If its price remains unchanged, Garrett Miller thinks of its users by having updated its LCD display.

You will benefit from the brand new Bafang display with its color screen, but above all its Bluetooth function allowing you to display the GPS indications directly on your electric bike. Do not waste time and order your new improved model now.

new color screen display bluetooth gps electric bike garrett miller fatbike

The Dualtron Eagle in immediate availability

Minimotors fans will be delighted to hear that we received the Dualtron Eagle . A very popular model, this cheaper version of the Dualtron Eagle Pro has the same characteristics except for the smaller 60V 18Ah battery compared to 60V 22Ah . Enough to take advantage of this model for about 50 to 60 km.

A powerful and compact model from Minimotors. The Dualtron Eagle offers 3600W of dual motor power for a weight of 26 kg. With its lower battery than the Eagle Pro, it indeed gains 4 kg on the scale. A significant weight for many users.

electric scooter dualtron eagle minimotors 60 v 18 ah

A point on our good plans

If you want to make the switch to an electric scooter, we are currently running some very big discounts on some of our refurbished products. Generally with low mileage, these 50cc and even 125cc equivalent scooters are currently stored in our second-hand space .

Scooters having already been used as a show model or returned to us after registration, these may have some scratches or traces of use. Our technical experts from the service center have checked each vehicle to ensure that it is working properly.

cheap refurbished used electric scooter promotion

Up to 1900 euros savings on electric scooters

You will be able to take advantage of great reductions of up to 40% on the initial price of the electric scooter . Be careful though, because you will have to go to our Service Center in Boulogne-Billancourt (8 rue Esnault Pelterie, 92100) to pick up your vehicle.

By going through our sales department, you can make a paid premium delivery anywhere in France of the scooter which will be added in addition to the purchase price.

Maintenance products for electric scooters

In order to keep your electric scooter or electric bike in the best condition, Weebot makes you discover our selection of essential products to have at home. These quality cleaning products are used every day by our technical department. They are specially designed not to damage your equipment.

produit entretien trottinette électrique pas cher

Whether in the event of a wheel puncture or for the daily maintenance of your machine, we have all the necessary products to help you save money. Indeed, a better maintenance of your electric scooter, ensures a better longevity to your product.

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