While social distancing is still recommended, the electric bike is the ideal solution for getting to work . If in the summer, riding a bike is easier, this is not necessarily the case in the fall and spring. The more adventurous will continue the efforts in winter.

But how to start the vélotaf? How to dress ? What equipment to buy for the velotaf? What essential accessories? In this guide, discover our tips and tricks for getting to work by bike.

Start the practice of cycling

By opting for a soft mobility solution , you participate in the better health of our planet. But not only ! Not everyone has the courage to use a bicycle. For more convenience, the electric bike is the ideal solution for going to work.

If the battery loses efficiency in cold weather, it is above all the weather that does not encourage users to get on their bike. But on sunny days at the start of September or in the middle of spring, going to work by electric bike is a real pleasure on a daily basis.

Divide your commuting time to work by 2

Whether in front of the car, or by public transport, it has been proven that the electric bike is much faster to get to the place of its activity. With an average speed that tends towards 13 km/h in the Paris region for the car, this mode of transport is completely overtaken by two wheels.

Thanks to the power of the electric motor, the bike gets you to your destination in much less time. You can weave through traffic, take advantage of reserved bike lanes to go faster and faster. Municipalities are increasingly pushing for the practice of velotaf.

If the mechanical city bike is often reserved for the most athletic, the electric bike has many advantages such as being able to cover greater distances effortlessly, or almost. The RER vélo which is slowly starting to be created in Ile-de-France is proof of this.

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Fight social distancing with the electric bike

With the flowering of many cycle paths in our cities, it has never been easier to ride an electric bike. This saves cyclists from having to crowd into public transport. By electric bike you are alone and ride at your own pace, almost effortlessly .

More than 50 km of cycle paths made permanent in 2021 in Paris

Wide dedicated lanes such as the coronapists allow you to reach your work in half the time than with a car. It is calculated on average that it only takes about 20 minutes by electric bike to cover 10 km . These coronapistes even have a card in Ile de France just like the long Ile-de-France cycle paths called RER Vélo . an easy and efficient way to cycle to work.

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If you are a Parisian, you know that by car this time can be largely doubled, or even tripled in the event of a traffic jam in the morning and evening around the capital. While the car brings comfort, traffic problems bring tension, frustration and anger . Quite the opposite of the electric vélotaf which moves easily and quickly between traffic.

Oxygenate before and after work for a better life

With the various confinements passed during the year, being able to go to work by electric bike is a real breath of fresh air . So you can enjoy the air effortlessly. It also allows you to completely clear your mind after work and offers a real break when you get home.

Electric vetotaf has become almost the only outdoor activity that can be practiced without risk, after the restrictive measures experienced. This light physical activity is also extremely good for your health . The electric vélotaf for the home-work journey and vice versa, is a moment for yourself in a bubble where you can unload your emotions before arriving at home or at the office .

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Save €200
velo electrique garrett miller city pas chervelo electrique garrett miller city cale pieds biplace

The sustainable mobility package for the electric commuter

400 euros in 2021 and soon 500 euros per year from 2022 , this is the amount of the sustainable mobility package that it is possible to obtain from your employer if you go to work by bike. It also works if you go to work on an electric scooter .

Not very well known to users, it works just like public transport reimbursement and can even be combined with the latter. There is therefore no longer any reason to prefer to lock yourself in a bus or the metro over an electrically assisted bicycle.

boost electric bike repair maintenance 50 euros

Checking the good condition of your electric bike

At the end of winter, your electrically assisted bicycle (VAE) could have remained on the side for a long time without being used. Before hitting the road to your work on your electric bike, there are a few points to check for more safety.

Properly inflate the tires of your electric bike

It is essential, but it is important to properly inflate your tires on an electric bike. Both for the damping of road irregularities, but also to avoid punctures . Indeed, an under-inflated tire will tend to cause more punctures with the pinching of the inner tube.

Electric bikes are also generally equipped with reinforced tires because the electric motor causes more friction of the tire on the road. That's why it's more interesting to avoid puncturing so that you don't have to change that.

But the inflation of the tire for the velotaf is also essential to consume less. With good tire pressure, you drive more efficiently without wasting energy. So do not hesitate to do this check, especially since many manual pumps are installed in the streets.

Have the mechanical parts checked, such as the chain and sprockets

If you want to resume the electric bike in the spring, also remember to check that your bike has not suffered any breakage during its inactivity . For this, you can benefit from a "bike boost". At approved repairers, you have a refund of 50 euros on a repair .

Just check if the bike chain is in good condition and if the gears shift without forcing. If this is not the case, buy inexpensive maintenance products to give your bike a second life.

In addition, the braking part may require repair. On electric bikes you ride on average a little faster than on a classic bike (unless you are a real sportsman). It is therefore important to be able to rely effectively on the brakes for greater safety.

When the road is damp or wet, also remember to check your mudguards. These are very practical to avoid getting dirty. Check that they are not broken and correctly attached to your bike.

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Check the good condition of the battery of the electric bike

On the side of lithium batteries, we note for the good shape of the cells that it is better to recharge your electric bike at least once a month . This allows the battery to wear out less over time.

So if your electric bike hasn't moved during the winter months, take a good look to see if it has lost its range when you use your electric bike again for the first time of the year.

What equipment for the velotaf?

Whether in fall or spring, the temperatures are cool , especially in the morning. Even during the day when the temperatures reach 10 or 15 degrees, the wind is particularly cold on the bike .

There is no question of leaving in a t-shirt in the morning to go to work by electric bike. It's a blow to get sick the first day. But how should you dress to go by bike to work ?

For this, remember to equip yourself well on your electric bike. If you leave very early in the morning and the light is still a little hesitant, your bike must have sufficient lighting to be seen on the road.

A helmet with visor to protect from the wind

If the bike helmet is not yet mandatory in the eyes of the law in electric bike, it is still strongly recommended . There are different models that all provide sufficient protection in the event of a fall in our shop.

kask urban bike helmet with eye protection visor

But the cool spring wind can be stopped by a protective visor at eye level. As on theKask brand Urban bicycle helmet . With its trendy look, it effectively protects from the wind to keep your eyes always on the road.

If you don't want a visor and prefer a retro look when commuting, we recommend the Thousand helmets in their Heritage collection.

A windbreaker for chilly mornings

Whether it's to block the wind and even protect from the rain, a The Peoples Poncho 3.0 rain cape is perfectly suited to cycling with its technical material.

rain cape the peoples poncho 3.0 wind protection velo velotaf

With straps attaching to the handlebars, your hands can even be safe with this very light jacket taking up no space on your clothes.

Cycling gloves to fight the cold

The hands are the most sensitive part to the cold on an electric bike. For a few euros, it is possible to equip yourself with light gloves adapted to the practice of commuting. Effective protective gloves against the cold and useful in the event of a fall to protect your hands. With electric commuter gloves, you grip the handlebars well to be reactive in traffic.

Smartphone holder on the handlebar

In order to always have your route to watch, invest in a smartphone holder to be fixed on the handlebars of electric bikes. You can save time on your home-work journeys by adapting to traffic.

Drive safely

Weebot advises you to add one or more mirrors to watch your back while cycling. This allows you to keep an eye on traffic at all times without having to turn around. Very practical when you want to move away to avoid an obstacle.


board velotaf electric bike spring join work board

As soon as the good weather returns, it is much easier to reach work by bike every day. If we have one last tip for commuting, it's to have a bag on the luggage rack of your electric bike rather than a backpack .

It is much more pleasant to ride a bike serenely instead of carrying on your back the various equipment you need at work.

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