Having become one of the main obstacles to the daily practice of cycling , the theft of bicycles has prompted the government to react. Still in line with the objective set by the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) initiated last year by the Ministry, the engraving or marking of bicycles becomes compulsory with the purchase of a new bicycle .

If this system is not valid as an anti-theft device, it is a deterrent to thieves but above all makes it easier to find its owner.

The law has definitively come into force since January 1, 2021 certifying that any purchase of a new bicycle (electric or not) must be accompanied by an identification system with permanent marking. Let's take a closer look at the conditions.

Why have your bike engraved with a unique identification number?

Between the health crisis and the ecological will, the bicycle is currently on the rise both from the side of our leaders and from users discovering its many advantages. With developed cycle paths , significant subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle, things are gradually being put in place to promote the practice of cycling.

mandatory bike marking January 2021 fight theft concealment identification number

Bike theft, an obstacle to the development of this ecological transport

Unfortunately, with nearly 400,000 bicycles stolen each year in France according to statistics, the conversion to the world of two-wheelers is considerably slowed down. If the police manage, by going up very well organized networks, to recover a little less than half of the stolen bicycles (40%), it is much more complicated to find the owners for lack of identification of the bicycle .

Indeed, today there are approximately 2% of stolen bicycles returned to their owners . This mandatory bicycle marking with registration in the national file should however increase this figure to around 10% by counting only on the mandatory identification of new bicycles purchased from January 1, 2021.

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Decree of November 23, 2020 making the marking of bicycles compulsory

The obligatory bicycle marking allows the identification of the cycles very simply . Thus marked, in the event of theft or even loss of your bike, it is much easier to find the owner . This unique number will be entered in a database ( national file ) listing the identifiers to find the owners more easily.

If the sale of new bicycles by professionals is conditioned with mandatory labeling since January 1, 2021 , for second-hand bicycles it will be necessary to count on July 1, 2021.

Be careful however, this obligation to have the mark does not concern children's bikes (wheel less than 16 inches) as well as other two wheels such as electric scooters . At least for the moment ! If it is not strictly speaking a solution preventing theft, it remains a system to deter thieves .

mandatory bike marking January 2021 fight theft concealment Paris identification number

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Bike marking, a deterrent against theft?

The compulsory marking of the bicycle consists of the application on the frame of an identifier provided by an operator . It can be a unique number engraving on the frame protected by a sticker, or a secure and tamper-proof label to stick yourself on the frame of your cycle .

The identification of your bike is then recorded in the Single National File of Identified Cycles (FNUCI). This database can be consulted by the police forces, the customs services, the pound and also the authorized operators.

The objective of this mobility orientation law is therefore to limit the theft and concealment of bicycles as much as possible . Eventually, anyone wishing to buy a second-hand bike will be able to ensure that the code is present and thus ensure that the bike is not stolen.

If in turn you want to sell your marked bike, you will have to make sure to make the declaration to the operator responsible for the marking. It is also advisable to encourage the future buyer to also register his bike with the operator by providing his personal information.

A simple identification that does not act as a gray card

It is important to specify that this obligatory bike marking is not a gray card . You are therefore not required to have any certificate on you when you ride a bicycle, unlike speedbike type bicycles.

mandatory bike marking January 2021 fight theft concealment identification number

How and where to have your bike marked?

There are several solutions for marking bicycles. Several French companies have positioned themselves as approved operators to have bicycles marked. We are talking in particular about Auvray, Paravol, Bicycode marking or even Recobike as approved operators who are responsible for offering an identification solution for your bike.

At Weebot , after studying the different systems, we opted for the solution from Auvray , a French manufacturer specializing in anti-theft systems and its ICA BIKE secure label .

The marking offered at Weebot with the purchase of your electric bike

Since January 2021, for any purchase of an electric bike , we offer mandatory marking with the ICA Bike system . At Weebot, we did not want to pass on the price of the secure tag worth 34.90 euros to the purchase of your electric bike.

A commercial gesture that seems fair to us by not having the repercussions on our customers of the obligation to mark our electric bikes following the mobility orientation law of the Ministry of Ecology.

A way for you to feel even more secure when making the switch to electric with a hassle-free solution to stem theft and concealment of bicycles .

mandatory bike marking January 2021 identification number ica bike auvray anti-theft

The ICA Bike tamper-evident label from French lock manufacturer Auvray

This resistant and inviolable tag considerably increases the owner's chances of finding his bike in the event of theft or concealment.

Auvray marking is very easy to use. The label can be applied by your own means on the frame of the bike, without tools and is resistant to different weather conditions as well as tearing. It makes it possible to identify cycles from your smartphone .

You can thus, by flashing the QR Code of the secure label, link your bike to your smartphone application. To fight against the theft of a bicycle, it is enough for the users of the bicycle to modify the status as a stolen bicycle, in one click on the mobile application. A simple and effective method to secure your bike against thieves!

Declared stolen, your bike will then be available for consultation in the database of the single national cycle file . If found, you will then be very easily contacted using the information provided by the owner when tagging your bike.

mandatory bike marking January 2021 fight theft concealment identification number

Mandatory marking of used bicycles from July 2021

If new bicycles are already put into circulation with this identification, the marking of used bicycles will become mandatory from July 1, 2021 for the seller. Cyclist friends, don't wait any longer and order our solution provided by ICA Bike now .

If having your bike marked has an impact against theft, it should also be the same with insurance. Remember to contact your insurer about this. If this is still very recent, there is no doubt that insurers should take this opportunity to offer a more accessible rate on insurance against bicycle theft if your bicycle is marked with a unique code .

We are also thinking of our electric scooter users , especially for top-of-the-range models that are often heavy and bulky to store at home. They are more directly affected by the theft of their vehicle as they have to be parked outside more often.

If nothing says that EDPMs will also have to be equipped with an identification number in 2021, it's a safe bet that riders will also be interested in registering their scooters in the single national file to fight against theft and concealment of their gear.

Moreover, ICA Bike recently received certification to have its electric scooter engraved. Do not hesitate to go through the identification service to see your electric scooter added to the national file.

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