An electric bike in 2022? There's nothing like riding while being respectful of the environment, to cover great distances without getting too physically exhausted, but also to circulate freely and protect your health and that of others. An investment that has never been such a good idea for you and for your environment.

Take advantage of a subsidy for the purchase of an electric bike

Have you reviewed all the electric bikes you liked and are you finally ready to take the plunge? Do you want to benefit from electricity subsidies in France ?

Weebot accompanies you in order to enlighten you on the regulations in force . Indeed, read this article carefully and then it's up to you to determine if you can benefit and thus save on the purchase of your future electric two-wheeler companion.

In order to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and allow users to acquire one despite the high cost, the State and local authorities have set up financial aid of up to €500 , known as the assisted bicycle bonus. electric.

Note that these aids are different depending on the region so be very attentive and distinguish between the national subsidy (from the state) and the municipal subsidy (from your city).

Update of the Ile de France (IDF) electric bike subsidy as of January 1, 2022

In view of the state of health due to Covid-19 and following the deconfinement of the population, Ile-de-France Mobilités has decided to grant an exceptional bonus of €500 for the acquisition of a simple and can go up to 600€ for the purchase of an electric cargo bike!

In addition, many cycle paths will be temporarily put in place to facilitate your travels. Now is the time to take advantage of this boost without breaking the bank.

Note that this aid concerns electric bikes purchased since December 1, 2019 . In order to claim this aid, simply go to the online portal and the IDF Mobilités region and register by presenting the requested supporting documents (invoice, copy of your CNI, certificate of approval or conformity of the vehicle and proof of residence).

In addition, this bonus can only be requested once every 5 years and once this aid has been received, you will not be able to resell your electric bike for 3 years following the request and/or purchase of the latter. .

More information about electric bikes on the Ile de France Mobilités website.

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2022 State Bonus Update

Article D251-2 of the energy code amended by decree no. 2017-1851 of December 29, 2017 has set new conditions for granting aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle since February 1, 2018. .

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Who is eligible for the electric bike bonus?

To be eligible, you must in particular be domiciled in France, be exempt from income tax for year n-1 and be the beneficiary of local assistance dedicated to the purchase of an electric bicycle.

What will be the amount of the ecological premium for VAE?

The amount of aid will be capped according to the following criteria:

- the amount of State aid cannot exceed the amount of aid granted by the local authority;

- the amount of the 2 grants combined cannot exceed 20% of the acquisition cost or 200 euros.

Bonuses are also granted at the local level. Check with your town hall to find out the conditions for the electric-assisted bicycle bonus.

Electric bike regulations

Definition of an Electrically Assisted Bike

The characteristics allowing the name Electrically Assisted Bike (VAE) are strictly regulated by law.
A number of criteria must be met for a bike to fit into this category.

The electric bike must be:

  • sold, mounted, adjusted and accompanied by instructions
  • fitted with a lighting and visual and audible signaling device
  • equipped with two independent braking systems
  • equipped with a release of the electric assistance only in the event of pedaling
  • able to cut the assistance at a speed of 25km/h
  • with a motor power not to exceed 250 Watts
  • equipped with recyclable batteries

If your electrically assisted bicycle does not meet one of these conditions, it will then be classified as a moped and will require special approval.

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Gray card, insurance, compulsory wearing of a helmet?

Electric Bike Insurance

None of this is necessary, although wearing a helmet is still strongly advised by most bicycle dealers and strongly recommended by the vast majority of authorities in various European countries.

In terms of insurance , the civil liability of your multi-risk home insurance will generally be sufficient. On the other hand, there are special VAE insurance policies which are often combined with bicycle identification (tracking) systems such as Bicycode .

Manufacture of Electric Bikes

95% of electric bikes , big brands and small brands combined, are made in China. The origin of the bicycles is therefore not a criterion of differentiation in this matter.
However, the product being relatively recent, the best rubs shoulders with the worst.

Weebot has been committed since its creation to working with the best suppliers and demanding brands on the quality of the materials used, the coatings, the adjustments...

All cheap electric bikes sold on our site , under our Weebike brand, have obtained NF EN 15194 certification guaranteeing compliance with European standards.

In addition, a 2-year warranty is offered to you with the purchase of a Weebike electric bike!

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The different subsidies for the purchase of an electric bike

There are two types of possible subsidies for the purchase of a new electric bicycle .

  • The state electric bike subsidy introduced on February 19, 2017 and still valid throughout France in 2020
  • Aid and subsidies from local authorities and municipalities

It is important to specify that you cannot cumulate the two types of subsidies . You must compare the different aids and choose the one that will be the most advantageous for you.

The 2022 state electric bike subsidy

The framework of the electric bike subsidy

The amount of State aid is set at 20% of the acquisition cost , excluding options, all taxes included, without exceeding €200 .

It has been valid for the purchase of electrically assisted bicycles since February 19, 2017 and is still valid in 2022 . Bicycles equipped with a lead-acid battery are excluded from the framework of the subsidy for the purchase of a VAE.

The aid can only be paid once per person (physical and of legal age) even if you buy several electric bikes. Moreover, it is only possible if the bicycle has not been transferred by the purchaser within one year of its acquisition.

Here is the exact list of criteria to benefit from the state electric bike subsidy:

  • Buy a new VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) that is not equipped with a lead-acid battery
  • Be non-taxable in year n-1
  • Be an adult natural person and be domiciled in France
  • Never have benefited from state aid for an identical purchase before
  • Make sure that the engine of your VAE meets the criteria of the highway code
  • In force since February 2018: Have previously received assistance from the local community of which you are a part

Aid repayment terms

Your request for reimbursement must be made via a form put online by the Services and Payment Agency (ASP). A dedicated “Bonus Vélo” teleservice has been set up for the occasion (it will be online on March 1, 2017).

Once your request has been completed on the online service, you must print the form, sign it and send your request to the ASP regional office.

You will be asked for a certain number of supporting documents :

  • Proof of address (in France) less than three months old
  • A copy of proof of identity
  • A copy of the invoice for the electrically assisted bicycle

For more information you can go directly to the ASP website .

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The list of electric bike subsidies for cities and regions 2022

In order to claim aid from your municipality, all you have to do is check with your town hall before buying your electric bike.

Our French municipalities can be generous, granting aid up to €500 in normal times or even €600 for Ile-De-France at the end of this confinement for the purchase of a cargo bike.

Here is the list of cities that subsidize the purchase of electric bicycles.

Cities - Agglomerations Amount Maximum Premium Link
Aix en Provence 25% 250 € See VAE Purchase Bonus Aix en Provence
Aix les Bains 30 % 250 € See VAE Aix les Bains Purchase Bonus
Angers 25% 200 € VAE
400 € Cargo Bike
See VAE Angers Purchase Bonus
Arcachon 137 € 300 € See VAE Arcachon Purchase Bonus
Argonay 25% 250 € Not renewed
Arras 30 % 300 € See Arras VAE Purchase Bonus
Blois 25% 400 € See VAE Blois Purchase Bonus
Bordeaux 100 € See Bordeaux Electric Bike Subsidy
Bougival 250 € See Bonus VAE Bougival
walking sticks 100 to 400 € Not renewed
Caen 25% 150 to 350 € See Help Purchase VAE Caen
Cergy-Pontoise 25% 250€ Not renewed
Chateau-du-Loire 25% 150 € See Help Purchase VAE Château-du-Loire
Clermont-de-l'Oise 25% 150 - 250 € See Bonus VAE Clermont de l'Oise
Colmar 200 € See Help Purchase VAE Colmar
Corsica 25% 500 € See Corsica Electric Bike Bonus
Daix (Country of Aix) 25% 250€ See VAE Daix subsidy
Dardilly 25% 250€ See Bonus VAE Dardilly
Decazeville-Aubin 25% 250 € See Grant VAE Decazeville Aubin
Epinal 50% 150 € See VAE Epinal grant
Epernay 20% 200 € See VAE Epernay grant
Big Lake 200€ See Bonus VAE Grand Lac
Greater Nancy 30 % 250 € Not renewed
Greater Toulouse 25% 200 € See Toulouse Electric Bike Subsidy
Ile-de-France 50% 500 € VAE
600€ Cargo Bike
See VAE Ile de France grant
Island of Oleron 10% 100 € See Premium VAE Ile d'Oleron
Isère (22 municipalities) 25% 250 € Not renewed
La Rochelle 100 to 400 € See La Rochelle Electric Bike Subsidy
The rock on yon 15% 150 € See Help Purchase VAE La Roche sur Yon
Lyon - Villerbanne 500€ See VAE Lyon subsidy
Mende 40% 400 € Not renewed
Chin 150 € See Prime Electric Bike Menton
mornant 150 - 250 € See Mornant VAE bonus
monaco 25% 250 € See VAE Monaco grant
Nantes Metropolis 25% 300 € Cargo Bike See Nantes Electric Bike Grant
(mouth of the Rhone)
25% 400 € See Premium VAE Marseille
Nevers 20% 300 € See Electric Bike Bonus Nevers
Nice 25% 250 € See Nice Electric Bike Subsidy
Occitania (Region) 100€ See Bonus VAE Occitanie
Orleans 300€ Electric bike bonus in Orléans
Paris 33% 400 € VAE
600 € Cargo bike
See Paris Electric Bike Subsidy
Land of Herbaria 20% 150 € Not renewed
Ain Plain 15% 300 € See VAE Plaine de l'Ain premium
Poitiers 25% 250 € See Poitiers Electric Bike Bonus
Rodez 200 € Not renewed
Romagna 100 € See Romagnat Electric Bike Bonus
Rouen 30 % 300 € See Bonus VAE Rouen
Rueil-Malmaison 500€ See Bonus VAE Ruil-Malmaison
Saint Etienne 500€ See Bonus VAE Saint-Etienne
Seals 20% 300 € Not renewed
South of the Seine 200 € Not renewed
West Seine
(Greater Paris Seine West)
200 € See Grand Paris Seine Ouest VAE award
Toulon 250 € See Prime Electric Bike Toulon
Toulouse 200 € See Toulouse Electric Bike Bonus
Valves 25% 300 € See VAE Vannes grant
Villecresnes 25% 300 € Not renewed
Alley 100 € See Metropolis Aix Marseille Provence
Villeneuve-les-Avignons 100 € See VAE Villeneuve les Avignons subsidy

Information for Parisians : who can benefit from the Paris electric bike subsidy?

  1. Individuals, within the limit of one vehicle per person.
  2. Companies established in Paris up to 10 electric two-wheelers per establishment.

Lists of cities offering an electric bike kit subsidy

If the new electric bike benefits from aid for the purchase, this is also the case for an electric bike kit. In terms of assistance, the town hall of Paris is the most generous in France to offer an electric bike kit subsidy of up to 400 euros. The calculation is made at 33% of the purchase price of the electrification kit for your bike, installation included!

This bonus has been valid since January 1, 2018 and is aimed at Parisians wishing to convert bicycles to electric. It should be noted that this electric bike kit subsidy is a reimbursement on presentation of the invoice only for homologated conversion kits respecting the VAE standard. That is to say with a 250W motor with assistance up to 25 km/h only.

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Lists of cities offering assistance with the purchase of an electric bike kit

City of Paris: 33% of the purchase price, capped at 400 euros.

Toulon Provence Méditerranée urban area: 25% of the purchase price, capped at 250 euros.

City of Vaucresson (92): 150 euros in purchasing aid.

City of Courbevoie (92): 25% of the purchase price, capped at 300 euros.

Bordeaux Métropole: 100 euros in aid for the purchase of a bicycle kit

Up to 500 euros per year with a sustainable mobility package

For users choosing this ecological mode of travel to get to work, it is possible to benefit from a bonus of 500 euros per year with the sustainable mobility package . Previously 400 euros per year and per employee, the company can pay this amount tax exempt for the employee is also exempt from social security contributions for the employer . This new bonus also including the electric scooter (and other EDPMs such as the electric skateboard, monowheel and gyropod) encourages the French to make their home-to-work journey by clean post-containment transport.

Note that employees choosing the deduction of professional expenses for their actual amount must add the amount of the sustainable mobility package to their taxable income or not deduct the expenses corresponding to their travel between their home and their place of work.

Conclusion Electric Bike Subsidy

As you will have understood, many aids and subsidies exist due to the government's desire to develop ecomobility for the sake of quality of life and ease of movement.

Let's become responsible and autonomous in our travels while saving money.

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