Although the vast majority of electric bikes sold in France are VAEs limited to 25 km/h, it is still possible to buy a fast electric bike, called a Speed ​​Bike. The latter cannot legally ride on public roads without a certain number of constraints such as the obligation to have an electric bicycle registration. Find out how it works.

No registration required up to 25 km/h

In France, the motor power of an electric bicycle is legislated at 250W . With assistance of up to 25 km/h, it can circulate without problems on public roads and use cycle paths. In this case, you do n't need to register a bike to use it legally .

However, some users find themselves frustrated with this speed limitation. Because on a mechanical bike, you are not limited, except the power of your legs, to ride at the pace you want.

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Speedbike with assistance up to 45 km/h

If you have decided to use your e-bike to ride faster, then it will fall into the box of mopeds in the eyes of the law .

Like an e-scooter , you won't be able to ride the bike paths with your fast e-bike anymore.

Riding a VAE speed bike 45 km/h provides an extraordinary feeling of driving and offers increased possibilities of movement! But this requires some trade-offs.

In order to be able to enjoy it safely but above all legally, it is important to know the important points to comply with.

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Compulsory insurance

So if your e-bike rides faster than the norm using the power assist, or even if it has a throttle grip or trigger, you will need to register the bike .

The use of a speed bike also entails the subscription of specific 45 km/h motorized two-wheeler insurance . For information, it is necessary to count between 100 and 150€ per year according to the insurance companies to subscribe to this type of protection. At a minimum, you will need to be covered by liability insurance for mopeds.

With this certificate of insurance, you will be covered in the eyes of the law. This insurance also covers you when you are responsible for damage caused to third parties with your speed bike electric bike.

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Mandatory helmet on fast e-bikes

In addition to all this, the bicycle helmet will also be mandatory to ride your fast electric bike. Just like the gloves which must be approved. Not just for your body protection, but to comply with the law.

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How do I register an electric bike?

In order to start the procedure for an electric bike registration , you will have to contact the services authorized to take care of it. The application for a registration certificate takes place in exactly the same way as for a car.

To do this, you have two choices, either through the ANTS government site or through an online registration professional.

You will then be asked for the following supporting documents to register an electric bike:

  • the electric bike purchase invoice
  • proof of residence (an internet, telephone, electricity bill, housing tax, etc.)
  • a valid identity document (identity card, passport, etc.)
  • a European certificate of conformity with the identification number of the bike written on it
  • the registration certificate application form (cerfa n° 13750*03) duly completed
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You will thus obtain a Provisional Registration Certificate (CPI) allowing you to drive legally on public roads, until you receive your final registration certificate by post. The registration number of the electric bicycle is indicated on the CPI.

Be careful because the license plate is not provided by the manufacturer of the electric bike. It will be by your own means that you will have to get one, as well as for its installation.


Traveling by electric bike is very economical financially. Despite the extra cost of the speed bike, as well as the impossibility of riding on cycle paths, you have to see if this is still interesting for you.

If you're a big rider and a fast e-bike becomes your number 1 mode of transportation, then this can be a great deal. Consider investing in a lock to better secure your two-wheeler.

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