More and more people have chosen the bicycle as a means of transport. Between the 2019 end-of-year strikes and the current pandemic, bicycle use has jumped by more than 50% in France over the past year.

But to ride an electric or mechanical bike, you must respect the highway code . Traffic, parking and equipment rules are established for the safety of everyone on the road.

Unfortunately often unknown to cyclists, we have listed the various possible offenses for cycling as well as the amount of the associated fine.

Reduced fixed fine

The fines to be paid are generally fixed. You should know that if you receive a bike fine, it can be reduced if you pay within 3 days .

On the other hand, the fine can be increased in the event of non-payment within 45 days . And it can add up quickly! Count up to 375 euros in increased fines in the event of forgetting or refusing to pay within the allotted time a violation of 135 euros.

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Mandatory equipment for an electric bike

As a road user, using a bicycle requires some mandatory equipment. But do you really know them all? Failure to do so may result in a fixed fine if checked by law enforcement.

mandatory equipment bike accessories helmet bell brake lights

Mandatory bicycle helmet for children

If the bicycle helmet is not compulsory for adults, it is on the other hand for children up to 12 years old. So remember to equip your child if he or she rides a bike.

As an adult, the helmet is not yet mandatory but only strongly recommended. The majority of bicycle accidents can result in head injuries. So it's never too late to equip yourself.

Pay attention to the bike lights

You may not know it, but you are required, on a bicycle, to have functional lighting to circulate on the road. Your bike must therefore have a white front headlight, at least one red reflector at the rear and a reflector on the sides of the vehicle. Without this lighting on your bike, you expose yourself to a fine of 11 euros .

bicycle light cycle path

This lighting is valid even for daytime driving. If you ride at night or in rainy weather, then you should wear areflective vest to increase your visibility to other road users.

The bike bell

In case of danger and to be heard on the road, a bicycle must be equipped with a bell . Be careful, because if still this equipment is normally supplied with the purchase, some manufacturers install an electric buzzer . This is the case with some electric bikes on the market, so be careful.

To be legal, the horn must not be electric but a mechanical "bell" or bell. Much less technological but nevertheless essential because it better meets safety standards. The sound of this horn should therefore be heard up to 50 meters away .

Check your bike brakes

In the event of a police check, they can check the condition of your brakes. Each bicycle must have brakes in good condition. If your bike is particularly old, consider this detail. Not just to avoid a potential fine, but more importantly for your own safety .

A simple adjustment may sometimes be necessary, such as maintenance or cleaning of the braking system, whether drum brake or disc brake. The brakes on your bike must be effective and it must be equipped with 2 braking systems in good condition.

It is imperative to have a brake at the front and another at the rear. The back-pedalling found on the “ fixie bike ” must necessarily be supplemented by another safer braking system.

If your bike does not have all the equipment mentioned above, you can easily repair this lack by going through our collection of bicycle accessories .

Traffic offenses

Even if you already have knowledge of the highway code, certain specificities of the bike are generally not mentioned. That's why we've listed every possible bicycle violation here to avoid any fines.

2nd class fixed fine: 35 euros

bicycle offense fixed fine 2nd class 35 euros

The most well-known case of offense for cyclists is being fined by the police for inconvenient parking of their bicycle.

But did you know that you are in breach of the bike when you are riding 2 on the same bike ? Even in the case of a two-seater saddle on his bike. There is still a tolerance on the part of the police.

This is also the case if you do not indicate with the arm in the right direction when you turn the bike. The same applies if you have your bicycle towed by another vehicle on public roads. This is far too dangerous and could result in a fine of 35 euros.

The last point of verbalization is even more surprising. It is possible, according to the law in force, to be sanctioned by riding more than 2 bicycles side by side . With family, or with friends, it is therefore not possible to ride abreast on the entire roadway. You must take and stay on the bike path in single file.

4th class fixed fine: 135 euros

bicycle offense fixed fine class 4 135 euros

This last class of offense is the highest excluding recidivism or circulation on an unapproved or unbridled electric bike . Riding a bicycle is an activity that requires constant attention. Especially since on a bike you are poorly protected.

This requires being vigilant and having an attentive ear to the external environment. This is why it is forbidden to ride a bicycle with headphones or a helmet . This will cost you 135 euros fine.

violation bicycle earphones traffic prohibited

In addition, holding your smartphone in your hand while driving is also grounds for an offence. As if you use it. If you want to use the GPS mode of your phone, then you must have a smartphone holder to install on the handlebars.

By bicycle, you are required to ride on the cycle path if it is available. By cycling on the sidewalk, you are in violation and liable, again, to a fine of 135 euros . You also cannot take the streets in the wrong direction, except in the event of a possible indication by a sign.

When there are no cycle paths, to overtake a car, you have to overtake on the left. Going up a line of cars on the right is far too dangerous for your safety.

Many cyclists go through a red light in defiance of safety. It is possible to pass a stop sign or a red light only if the yellow and red triangular panel indicates it. But only according to the direction of the arrow indicated on the sign.

The last instance of a class 4 fine is if you are stopped by the police while intoxicated on your bike.

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Here are the 2 questions most frequently asked by bike users.

Can a bicycle fine be disputed?

It is indeed possible, like any road user, to contest a fine received on a bicycle. The modalities vary according to the type of verbalization.

For more information, visit the government website ANTAI (National Agency for the Automated Processing of Infractions).

Can you get points deducted from your driver's license?

To answer as directly as possible, NO it is not possible to lose points on your driving license after a bicycle violation. However, in the event of serious offenses committed on a bicycle (hit and run, endangering others or drunken driving), the courts may decide to apply an additional penalty such as the suspension or cancellation of your driver's license . If you have one of course.

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