What better time than summer to switch to an electric bike? This ecological and economical means of transport has more and more followers. Easy to handle, the electric bike is particularly trendy when the weather is good. Discover the top 10 reasons to buy an electric bike .

1 - The electric bike is good for your health

This is not necessarily the argument that comes to mind first when talking about the electric bike. And yet, the regular practice of the latter is excellent for health . Not everyone has the desire or the energy to ride a classic bike.

Assistance is then present to accompany your movements by reducing excessive physical effort. The electric bike is a fun way to do sports without worrying. You get into the game very quickly and it's nice to progress. But it goes way beyond that!

The e-bike reduces heart problems

Studies conducted by cardiologists clearly show that riding an e-bike improves heart health . The various studies carried out confirm that the regular practice of the VAE greatly reduces the risk of premature death.

Apart from the heart, you will reduce the risk of obesity by practicing regular activity, as will fighting against smoking and back pain. The electric bike is a complete exercise that will strengthen your thighs and calves but also your abs. Think about it if you suffer from these ailments.

Running 30 km per week significantly reduces the risk of developing heart disease. If the 30 kilometer figure scares you, know that this represents a 3 km round trip over a 5-day week. Nothing insurmountable if you want to reach your work by electric city bike.

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2 - Long distances thanks to electric assistance

If there is one point on which the electric bike has a huge advantage over the classic bike, it is that of the travel distance. Indeed, the electric bike allows you to travel long distances . Much more than with a mechanical bicycle.

This allows you to take your electric city bike to get to work even if it is more than 10 km away. You can thus serenely abandon the car as well as public transport to promote social distancing in this new post-lockdown era.

3 - Divide your travel time by 2

In addition to being able to make long journeys on an electrically assisted bicycle, you will be able to divide your journey time by 2. Do not think that this figure is too optimistic! Each user realizes the time wasted in the car when he takes his electric bike.

An average speed doubled compared to the car

You should know that the average speed of car traffic in urban areas is 15 km/h. This figure even drops to 13.8 km/h on average in the city of Paris . Due to its congestion and the ever denser traffic, car journeys are getting longer and longer in the city.

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By bike, it is not so! The average speed observed by electric bike users is 22 km/h . What largely exceed motorists stuck at red lights and in traffic jams. By taking your electric bike every morning to get to work, you will save time that you cannot even imagine.

The “ coronapists ” having seen their appearance in 2020 are becoming more and more permanent. They allow you to ride very quickly without any problems and connect distances in a minimum of time. To illustrate our point, let's take a concrete example:

To complete a 10 km car trip at a speed of 15 km/h, you need about 40 minutes . By electric bike, this journey time drops to just 25 minutes . That's almost half, not counting the time wasted looking for a place to park your car.

4 - The Electric Bike is an economical means of transport

Speaking of parking, you are aware that Paris has already reviewed its pricing policy. Indeed, from August 2021, the price of visitor parking will increase. Increases ranging from 50 to 67% depending on the boroughs. In the event of default, the amount of the fine (FPS) also increases from 50 to 75 euros.

In 2022, it is even thermal motorcycles and scooters that are targeted by this new amendment. The parking space will no longer be free for these vehicles within the walls of the city of Paris.

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Escape these price increases by taking an electric bike to get around the capital. This will represent a huge saving at the end of the year, enough to make the purchase of your electric bike profitable.

In addition to the electrically assisted bicycle subsidy, you and your company can benefit from the Sustainable Mobility Package . It allows you to receive up to 500 euros per year if you use a bicycle or an electric scooter to get to work. Enough to save money again, not to mention the price of electric charging, which is very much lower per liter of gasoline.

5 - Reduce stress on an e-bike

Since the beginning of this article, you have certainly realized that the car is a source of stress. Between the price of fuel, parking spaces, time lost in traffic, the car brings a lot of frustration.

A feeling that is very different on an electric bike. Even if everything is not rosy on two wheels, life is much easier to get around, especially when the weather is fine. Preserve your mental health by arriving relaxed at work in the morning or at home in the evening. The appeasement provided by the VAE is priceless, on your morale but also on your health.

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6 - Better sleep among cyclists

Cycling, even with electric assistance, is sport. Activity generates endorphins which make your body feel better after physical activity. More relaxed, in better shape , your sleep will only be better and therefore more restorative!

According to a study from Stanford University, people with sleep disorders saw their insomnia cut in half by practicing between 20 and 30 minutes of electric bicycle every other day.

7 - Return to sport gently

The electric bike is the perfect tool for resuming sport after long years without physical activity. The VAE makes it easy to lose calories, take care of your body and your health while having fun.

Less fatigue for your joints than running

Unlike running, whether in town or on treadmills, the electric bike puts much less strain on your joints. Riding an electric city bike boosts your circulation and tackles thigh cellulite without straining your knees. It is recommended for those who regularly suffer from joint problems.

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8 - Participate in the improvement of the planet

By taking an electric bike instead of the car, you fully participate in the common effort to reduce air pollution. Not everyone is able to make the effort on a classic bike. But with the help of electric assistance, you will be able to exceed your limits without effort.

Cities are changing to make cycling easier. Buying an electrically assisted bicycle contributes to daily well-being and helps preserve the planet every day . Don't wait any longer to take the leap.

9 - Don't be afraid of elevation changes

Depending on your city or your daily route, you may have to cross more or less steep slopes. Electric bicycles are not affected by this problem, whereas a conventional bicycle will have much more difficulty in climbing.

The power of the 250W motor of the electric bikes makes it very easy to overcome these obstacles. If your region or your city is particularly hilly, the electrically assisted bicycle is an ideal means of transport .

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10 - Being able to carry loads on an electric bike

E-bikes with racks make it easy to carry heavy loads . More and more delivery people are choosing the electric bike for transporting goods in the city.

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