A French company that was founded in Oise in 2009, O2Feel now offers quality electric bikes assembled in France. Attacking the top of the range, these VAE with premium equipment should delight lovers of two-wheelers. Let's discover today their range of electrically assisted bicycles sold on our online store.

O2Feel, a French electric bike brand

The two French engineers Jean and Grégoire created the O2Feel brand in 2009. 12 years later, we can now say that O2Feel is emerging as a major player in the electric bicycle industry in France . The desire of the founders is to breathe new life into the lives of those around them and of the townspeople.

The electric bike appears to be the best way to change habits and bring people closer with this ecological means of transport. O2Feel is more than 10 years of expertise in the field in order to design the best VAE of the present but also of the future!

A revolution is underway with more and more citizens converting to electric bicycles instead of their cars. With the need to move freely and simply, e-bikes meet everyone's needs; especially post-Covid.

French high-end o2feel electric bike

Electric bikes assembled near Lille

Today the O2feel offices and the O2Feel electric bike assembly plant are located in Wambrechies , near Lille. The health crisis and confinement having quadrupled the company's sales in recent months, prompted O2Feel to relocate to the North , to the same place as its headquarters, its production plant . Despite the shortage and the difficult supply of parts, the dynamic VAE brand has revised its ambitions upwards .

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What are the advantages of the O2Feel electric bike?

O2feel offers models of electric bikes that are always more reliable and more efficient. With 12 years of experience in design, the brand has partnered with the famous Japanese manufacturer Shimano .

Very useful in particular for urban travel, beneficial for health, economical, the electric bike is also a virtuous player for the environment. From a practical point of view, the O2Feel electric bike is the ideal companion for commuting (with the City range) but also for having fun on long journeys (with the Explorer range)

French electric bikes in partnership with Shimano

Long-term commitment with the world leader in bicycle equipment , O2feel is Shimano 's historic partner. Their pedelecs all have equipment from the Japanese brand, whether in terms of pedal motors, batteries, displays and of course derailleurs .

shimano battery electric bike o2feel iswan open frame blue

Quality Shimano 21700 battery

Manufactured by Shimano, the batteries are imagined up to the design by the O2Feel design office. With the new format of 21700 lithium-ion cells, their batteries can store more energy and therefore autonomy .

These batteries are equipped with a smart BMS (Battery Management System) which controls the temperature, regulates the charge, the discharge, as well as the balancing of the cells. This preserves performance and lifespan.

With a new honeycomb assembly scheme, O2Feel batteries have a level of reliability never before achieved. Thanks to its unique cellular and electronic characteristics, this system offers a remarkable lifespan because it is subjected to a greater number of load cycles.

E-bikes with Shimano bottom bracket motor

Shimano Steps motors offer a top-of-the-line e-bike system . They are among the lightest and most compact motors on the market today, featuring strong yet intelligent pedal assistance.

The Shimano Steps E5000 motor is particularly economical. It is designed for the city with a quiet operation delivering 40 Nm of torque for a weight of only 2.5 kg.

mid-engine shimano crankset powerful premium brand

Shimano's E6100 motor optimizes power transfer from every pedal stroke so you can focus on the ride. It gives you an extra boost when you need it most. And you can count on it if you take the side roads thanks to its torque of 60 Nm .

Thanks to a Di2 electronic transmission system, the bike frees itself from traditional cables and shift levers and replaces them with electric cables and buttons that allow gear changes with a simple click. Gear changes are therefore incredibly fast, smooth and quiet.

Schwalbe tires for comfort and resistance

Because the first security on an electric bike is undoubtedly road holding, O2feel has chosen the German brand Schwalbe , leader in the market for bicycle tires. Schwalbe, with its tire profiles adapted for each use, offers resistance and safety for perfect road holding.

You will thus more easily avoid punctures from wear and tear with this quality of tire which also provides flexibility and comfort in your driving.

MIK Luggage Rack

Easy to install, stable and secure, the MIK luggage rack system is compatible with different types of luggage. Quickly attach and remove your accessories thanks to the innovative MIK system which makes the cyclist's daily life easier.

luggage rack mik electric bike o2feel schwalbe tire

The MIK luggage rack system is universal and allows the mounting of non "MIK Ready" accessories. It has an easy and secure attachment for all types of luggage, panniers, baskets with installation in just 1 second.

Note that a 1st level anti-theft system is integrated into the solution to secure your electric bike.

A large collection of high-end electric bikes

At Weebot, we have selected the COMFORT range of O2Feel offering models adapted to your desires, easy to use. Prices range from 1899.00 euros for the mid-range as well as from the very high end up to 2999.00 euros, but offering more power and equipped with the latest innovations as well as a first-class finish.

Open frames and trendy colors

Put some color in your life with the Boreal Blues and Cobalt Blues of O2Feel bikes. The bikes in the comfort range have an open frame shape, to facilitate stepping over the bike, stability when stationary and the transport of children in complete safety.

electric bike o2feel vog city up 3.1 boreal blue city

The iSwan VAE models are very elegant and take their name from the open-type frame, commonly known as the gooseneck (Swan = swan in English). A dynamic electric bike by its design but also thanks to its behavior. The iSwan models have the battery directly integrated into the frame of the bike for even more elegance.

With an easy step-over, high driving position, this bike equipped with top-of-the-range components will be perfect for everyday use. But this one can accompany you comfortably on the roads at the weekend.

City for the city

The City Up 3.1 and City Up 4.1 models are perfect electric bikes for city dwellers wishing to afford a reliable cycle that meets everyday needs. They allow you to enjoy a range of 100 km with the Powerpack 400 battery and up to 200 km with the Powerpack 600.

electric bike o2feel city up blue french lifestyle woman

Accompanied by the Steps E5000 motor on these two cycles, you will find the pleasure of moving freely and easily, with little effort, but always with maximum comfort. In order to take advantage of the integration of the battery in the frame, and not on the luggage rack, you have to turn to the iSwan City Up 5.1 bike.

If you want extra power in town, you can opt for the City Boost 6.1 to benefit from Shimano's E6100 motor.

Explore for city and countryside

For all your journeys between town and country, let yourself be tempted by one of the models from the EXPLORER range .

They combine the stability and comfort of a city bike with the features of a trekking bike . Their wide and notched tires as well as the powerful Shimano STEPS E6100 engine or the widened non-deforming mudguards which allow you to ride on all terrains.

For this you can go for the Explorer Boost 4.1 model from 2,499.00 euros or the iSwan Explorer Boost 6.1 offering the necessary power in all circumstances for 2,999.00 euros.

electric bike o2feel iswan 5.1 city up city woman


To find out which O2Feel electric bike is made for you, we advise you to carry out the brand personality test which will best guide you towards the right model. We remind you that when purchasing from Weebot you benefit from the possibility of payment in 3x or 4x free of charge and up to 12 times by credit card . So don't hesitate to go on an adventure with a quality O2Feel two-wheeler to accompany you in your daily life.

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