This is not necessarily the first question that comes to mind after buying an electric bike . And yet the inflation of VAE tires is very important. The correct pressure injected into your tires has many advantages that we will detail in this guide. Then we will share with you the best advice from Weebot below on inflating an electric bike tire.

Why inflate e-bike tires properly?

If the motor or the battery have a decisive role on an electric bike, only the tire is in contact with the road. The correct tire pressure on an electric bike allows you to ensure your safety but also to enjoy the best way of your city bike , electric mountain bike or electric fat bike .

The pressure of an e-bike tire is even more important than for a classic city bike. The electric assistance tends to erase the sensations of the bike. You may not notice the incorrect inflation at first sight thanks to the motor compensation .

You should know that a VAE tire is different from a classic bicycle tire. These e-bike tires are reinforced to support the traction (or propulsion) of the electric motor.

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Electric bike users also find that they brake more often than on an unassisted bike. They also tend to travel longer journeys due to the ease of travel offered on this means of transport.

That's why an e-bike tire is more wear-resistant. However, this is not a reason to further degrade the driving experience with poor inflation. Discover the benefits of proper e-bike tire pressure.

Better grip

An underinflated tire will not have maximum grip on the road. When crashing, a slight band on the middle of the tire will no longer be in contact with the road. It will therefore tend to wear more quickly on a wider band of tires.

To gain in driving comfort, it is therefore necessary to find the ideal tire pressure for your VAE.

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The ideal pressure for excellent performance

With the right amount of air in e-bike tires, you will have less effort to put into your pedaling. Even if the help of the assistance erases this concern on a daily basis, it is still binding when starting the electric bike to have to press harder on its pedals.

Because yes, as its name suggests, assistance only comes in addition to your legs. This phenomenon is a little less present on electric bikes that have a pedal motor. But on an e-bike with a motor in the rear wheel, you will have to put in more effort starting from scratch.

Driving comfort therefore depends on optimizing your efforts. You will be able to enjoy more to pedal in complete relaxation.

Gain autonomy

As we have seen previously, an under-inflated tire does not have the best possible performance. The compensation provided by the electric motor therefore affects the battery. By having to use more electrical energy, your VAE will see its autonomy decrease.

If you know what pressure for your e-bike tires is ideal, then you will gain in range .

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Avoid the puncture

Also in the case of under-inflated tires , they will be more likely to puncture on the road. In the event of an impact, when climbing a curb for example, the inner tube of the tire can be pinched. In this case, the tire pressure will burst the part of the chamber subjected to the impact.

This is the major cause of punctures on both electric bikes and electric scooters . This is why it is important to properly inflate your tire to drive with complete peace of mind .

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Find the right e-bike tire pressure

But how do you know the ideal pressure for your tire? There are several criteria and information to take into account. The first of these is to obtain the indications noted on the tire or on the manual of your bicycle.

The information noted on the tire

This information, such as tire size or pressure needed, is usually listed on the sidewall of the tire . Most of the time, the tire pressure is indicated in BARS or in PSI (Pound per Square Inch) with two values.

The first number corresponds to the minimum pressure (or low pressure) while the second represents the high pressure (or maximum pressure).

electric bike tire pressure bar psi wheel sidewall

This information is given as an indication by the tire manufacturer. But this is not necessarily the ideal pressure for your bike.

It should be noted that the closer you get to the high pressure value, the harder your bike's tire will be. This therefore dampens the vibrations and shocks of the road less and you lose grip slightly compared to a lower pressure.

This is why e-MTBs usually have lower tire pressure in order to grip the road or trail better.

This range allows the manufacturer to provide information on the optimization of the use of its tyre. It is now up to you to find the ideal pressure for the inner tube of your bicycle tires in this difference.

Adapt the pressure to your weight

The weight of the cyclist, as well as the weight carried, plays an essential role in the quest for the right pressure. If you weigh less than 75 kg and without transporting luggage on your bike, we advise you to get closer to the lower range given by the manufacturer.

On the contrary, if the weight of the cyclist is greater or you have to carry heavy loads, a higher pressure will be more adequate.

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Take your position on the bike into account

Cyclists do not all have the same posture on a bike. If on an all-terrain bike, the masses are ideally distributed over the 2 bike tires, this will not be the case on an electric city bike.

A city bike tire typically supports 2/3 of the weight of the rider and their battery on the rear wheel. Therefore, it makes sense to slightly increase the pressure in the rear tire compared to the front tire.

Tube over inflation problem

Beyond a certain pressure threshold, the risk of a puncture is increased. Over-inflation also leads to more frequent punctures. The sidewalls of the over-inflated tire do not have the maximum grip and are dangerous for the stability of the two wheels.

Tire pressure is therefore a safety issue that requires maximum attention.

Weebot's advice


To best preserve the tires of your electric bike, here is the advice of our technical department.

Check e-bike tire pressure regularly

It is very important to check your tire pressure regularly. E-bike tire pressure naturally decreases over time. Like all tube tires, these are permeable.

The ideal is to check the tire pressure at each outing , but this is not always possible. A check every 2 weeks in sustained use seems to us the minimum to know if the tires need additional pressure.

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Buy an inflation pump

In order to do your checks, it is recommended to use a pump with an integrated pressure gauge to inflate the tires with precision. You will then avoid any over-inflation or under-inflation to drive serenely on the road. There are many models of electric inflation pump that allow you to obtain the optimal pressure very quickly and effortlessly.

A mini hand pump is always useful for transporting on your e-bike, but you'll have to rely on your instincts without exact pressure.

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