An e-bike is a convenient and comfortable choice of riding freedom. The maintenance of the VAE (electrically assisted bicycle) is essential to keep it in good working order for as long as possible and to ensure its own safety.

Maintaining your electric bike properly means anticipating problems by regularly checking the good condition and functioning of all the elements that make it up. Here are some tips to apply to prolong the life of your two-wheeler.

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What parts wear out on an e-bike?

It is very important to maintain all the mechanical elements that make up the electric bicycle. Whether chain, sprockets or cassette. Without forgetting the pads or the braking system.


Just like for the classic bicycle, the chain is an essential element to the mechanics of an electrically assisted bicycle. This is why, it is necessary to take care to check its wear with each use and to maintain it to have a pleasant and safe driving.

Our advice :

  • Regularly check the condition of the chain.
  • Clean the chain in case of encrustation of dust and mud with a specific cleaning spray .
  • Lubricate the chain to prevent wear and derailment with a bicycle chain lubricant .

Sprockets, pads and derailleurs

Over time, bicycle sprockets and chainrings can become victims of the accumulation of impurities such as dust, sand, mud and other residues. Without regular maintenance, this can prematurely wear out these parts of your electric bike.

Our advice :

  • Regularly and thoroughly clean the sprockets, pads and derailleurs of your VAE with a high-performance cleaner .

  • Do not forget to degrease them before cleaning.

  • Lubricate the derailleurs, especially the rollers and the joints.

The brakes

The brakes are one of the fundamental safety elements of the electric bicycle. It is essential to check them frequently for wear and to keep them in perfect condition.

The brakes of the electrically assisted bicycle also help you in the handling and control of the bicycle, thus optimizing performance and improving the quality of your journeys.

Our advice :

  • Check the condition of the levers by visual inspection.

  • Check the reservoir cap if using hydraulic brakes to make sure there are no oil leaks.

  • Check the condition of the cables at the point of insertion with the lever or with the bracket, making sure that the sheath is not worn or bent.

  • Clean the brake calipers and check that there are no oil leaks inside.

  • Check the condition of the discs if they are disc brakes. If there is a blue, brown, or rainbow-colored line on their surface, it means they have overheated due to extreme use or the pads are worn out. If so, find our brake discs and pads for sale in our shop.

  • Bleed the brakes approximately every year to optimize their power.

The tires

A vehicle's tires are the only parts in direct contact with the road. Indeed, they are proof against the quality of the terrain on which the bike is driven. They accumulate shocks and wear. Although tires have a short lifespan, it is possible to offer them a better longevity through proper maintenance.

Our advice :

  • Inflate the tires to the correct pressure to optimize the range of the VAE using apump .

  • Check tire pressure regularly.

  • Check the external condition of the tires.

  • Make sure the tires are properly tightened.

Electric cables and connectors

Cables and connectors are usually surrounded by protective sheaths. If you notice that the insulating sheath is damaged, it must be repaired quickly with insulation.

  • Regularly check that they are not worn by friction.

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electric bike tire pump How to maximize the battery life of your electric bike?

Precautions for the maintenance of the electric bicycle battery

The battery is considered the heart of the electric bicycle, so it is important to maintain it with the utmost care.

In order to preserve the capacity and life of your battery , be sure to follow the recommendations given in the user manual. These few tips for use will make it easier for you to maintain the battery of your VAE.

The vast majority of two-wheelers today have Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries have the particularity of being lighter, more compact and with a longer lifespan. That said, keep in mind that they are also very sensitive to temperature and this can contribute to their wear. It is advisable to avoid recharging a battery that is too cold or too hot. The best way to do this is to always let the battery cool down before charging .

If you want to use your bike despite the rain, snow or low temperatures, consider protecting your device by using e-bike battery protection accessories . Also, store it in a dry place with a stable temperature (about 20°).

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Our advice for the maintenance of the battery of an e-bike

Use the bike regularly

It is important to boost the battery regularly to prevent it from going into “sleep” mode. Otherwise it will be difficult to revive it.

Recharge the battery even when not in use

To prevent the battery of the e-bike from being completely discharged and the performance of its cells being reduced. This could lead to total malfunction.

Connect the charger to the wall socket before connecting it to the battery

The battery of a VAE hardly supports the electric shock which can be created during a direct connection. This can seriously damage it.

Clean your electric bike

Sometimes you will find yourself riding through woods, muddy terrain or simply accumulating dust-related impurities with your electric bike. Maintaining your VAE well in terms of cleanliness is therefore also necessary.

The electrically assisted bicycle requires some maintenance and cleaning precautions due to its electronic components. Here are some simple tips that will help you clean your e-bike.

electric bike cleaning

Precautions to take before cleaning your electric bike

When the time comes to clean your electric bike, grabbing high-pressure jets is a no-no. The water pressure can damage certain parts and trap residues in small spaces. There is also a risk of water seeping into different areas of your bike.

Cleaning an e-bike can be fatal for its electrical system. This is why it is very important to pay attention to the display screen and the battery, removing them beforehand.

If the electrical components are not removable, they can be protected with a cloth or plastic bag.

Steps for safe e-bike cleaning

Protect electrical components

Before undertaking the complete cleaning of your e-bike, be sure to remove the display and the battery. It will be necessary to wash these elements separately with the greatest delicacy. As said before, if the display is not removable, you can protect it with a cloth or a plastic bag.

Clean the e-bike

Start by rinsing your bike with a garden hose. Stay at a good distance so that the water falls like rain, without attacking the parts of your VAE.

Once the heaviest dirt and mud have been rinsed off, clean your bike with a sponge generously soaked in soapy water. Go through every nook and cranny, and use a toothbrush to degrease the chainrings, cassette, derailleur and chain.

Then rinse again with the garden hose.

Dry the bike

Thoroughly dry the parts that are prone to water accumulation and retention, such as the transmission, screws, display and battery brackets. A clean bath towel or an old tea towel will do just fine.

Warning: Weebot advises against drying with a blower. Compressed air can direct water into normally protected areas.

Clean electronic components

To wash the battery and the dashboard, preferably use a damp cloth, which you will wipe over the part, being careful not to touch the socket. You will take the opportunity to check the integrity of the part.

Warning : make sure to dry the battery and the on-board console before putting them back on the bike.

Lubricate the electric bike

After cleaning the e-bike chain with chain cleaner , lubricate the chain to prevent it from rusting and to keep it rolling smoothly. To do this, position your bottle of oil above the chain, and drop even drops while pedaling backwards, until the entire chain is lubricated.

Weebot recommends the use of Juice Lubes bicycle chain lubricant . For fewer breakdowns on your transmission, smoother and quieter gear changes and protection against corrosion.

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Overhaul of your electric bike

Why have your VAE serviced?

As with any vehicle, it is important to have your e-bike serviced to make sure it is working properly. Proper maintenance and proper use necessarily require a regular overhaul of the VAE.

By checking the reliability of your electric bike, you ensure your own safety, but also that of other road users.

In order to guarantee the proper functioning and to avoid breakdowns or breakage of your electric bike, it is recommended to carry out a complete overhaul of your vehicle between 300 and 500 km.

The overhaul of your electric bike by our Weebot Service Center.

Having an electric bike overhauled in a Weebot workshop means being sure that it is carried out with rigor and expertise !

The revision package for a VAE is only €49. The service is complete in order to be able to offer you the best possible maintenance of your vehicle.

Our electric bike overhaul package includes a complete inspection of your vehicle as well as its cleaning. This offer includes labor and consumables. The waterless cleaning of your product is done using antistatic cloths and products that protect against corrosion, salt deposits and humidity.

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contact us

If in doubt about the frequency of revisions to be made, contact us directly by email at . We can together take charge of your vehicle during the day in Boulogne-Billancourt or Lyon.
We will also provide you with a maintenance booklet during the appointment indicating the checkpoints and the repairs carried out.

Maintain your electric bike

As you will have understood, properly maintaining a VAE does not differ enormously from the maintenance of a classic bicycle. Your bike needs regular inspection to keep it running smoothly and to increase its lifespan. Just like tire pressure and brake application, regular preventive cleaning is a guarantee of performance.

By following our various recommendations, you will prolong the life of your electric bike . If, despite everything, certain parts wear out, you can buy spare parts (battery, tires, brake pads, etc.) on our shop .

You now have all the keys in hand to take care of your electric bike, don't forget to think about your own protection by discovering our equipment !

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