Choosing your electric mountain bike kit is the best way to get the mountain bike of your dreams: we choose the parts according to our use and we only pay for what we need.

This very smart solution requires a bit of assembly (between 1h and 2h depending on the kits) and provides superior performance to most electric mountain bikes already assembled. Discover our comparative buying guide for the best electric mountain bike kits on the market.

Why transform your mountain bike with an electric bike kit?

Using a conversion kit on your mountain bike has many advantages. If you are new to the field and want to learn more, you have come to the right place.

Although it is easier to buy an electric mountain bike directly, if you are passionate about sporty driving in the great outdoors, we can only advise you to choose the mountain bike you like and add an electric transformation kit to it.

The advantages of an electric mountain bike motor kit

Installing a bicycle electrification kit is much less complex than one might imagine. If you're a bit of a handyman, it won't take you more than 2 hours to get an electrified mountain bike.

There are many electric mountain bike kits on the market and we give you the leads to choose the one you need. Mountain bike enthusiasts like to choose the right geometry and components for their use. You can therefore mount your custom-made electric mountain bike !

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Cheaper than a commercial VTTAE

The first reason that makes users want to go through an electrical transformation kit is above all financial. Indeed, the price is much more accessible for an electric bike kit than a commercial electric mountain bike.

For enthusiasts looking for performance and comfortable models, the purchase of an electric motor kit and a classic mountain bike allows for enormous savings. At equivalent power, this amounts to dividing the cost by 3. In the trade, it is necessary to count between 3500 and 8000 euros for an electrically assisted mountain bike .

With the electric motor kits, this will cost you just over 1000 euros in addition to the classic mountain bike purchased off the shelf. And if you already own a mountain bike, it is even more advantageous.

Recycle your old mountain bike

With the ecological question that arises, it is much more favorable to be able to recycle your old mountain bike by electrifying. This avoids both overconsumption, but also allows you to keep a bike with which you have had a good time.

An ATV is an easily repairable vehicle so you might as well take advantage of it to give it a second life. This is the other strong point of this assembly. It is much simpler to maintain and easier to repair since the components are accessible.

Choose a more efficient crankset motor kit

By preferring the installation of an electric motor kit for mountain bikes, you have the possibility of choosing the motor that best suits your practice. You can select the motor power that will best meet your demand. There are several crank motors that develop a much higher power than the built-in motor on the market.

bike lift mtb light pedal motor

A lighter mountain bike

Adding a kit to his bike offers the advantage of lighter weight. Here you select only what interests you. The kit goes to the essentials by offering you only what you need. You save weight on the motor, the battery and the rest of the components. By being lighter, your sporting sensations will be stronger on a mountain bike converted to electric.

A mountain bike that adapts to your desires

An electric pedal kit is effective in all terrain and on slopes and provides excellent performance. Which then makes it a low battery consumer. In terms of the behavior of the bike, the dynamics remain the same as without the engine, which is a very important point for the rider.

A note on the law

If it is possible to install an electric conversion kit yourself on your mountain bike, it is necessary to know the regulations in force. To travel on public roads, an electric mountain bike with a motor power greater than 250W must have a license plate and insurance.

The transformation with an electric mountain bike kit exceeds this power and is declared in the eyes of the law as a Speedbike .

On the other hand, for purely off-road use, you can do without this regulation. But it's always useful to know what you're getting into.

Save €200
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What are the different electric motor kit systems?

electric bike kit front wheel teebike

To electrify your bike, there are 3 main types of devices. For ease of fitment, a front wheel motor kit is the simplest. But this one is not very suitable for off-road driving, like the electric hub in the rear wheel . In addition, these 2 conversion systems are more problematic in the event of a tire puncture. This is more common in sport driving so we do not recommend their use on an ATV.

The MTB electric pedal motor (as offered on the Weebike electric bike kits ) is the most widely used and most reliable system on the electric transformation market. It is also the one that provides balance and performance, ideal for all-terrain athletes!

It requires relatively little maintenance other than replacing the chain and sprockets with (titanium) models that are more resistant to engine power.

Installation compatibility

However, pay attention to the compatibility of a crankset motor kit. Choosing to install an electric kit rather than buying a complete VTTAE is clearly choosing a DIY method rather than the turnkey method.

It is important to check if your mountain bike is compatible with such a system. The main disadvantage is to select a kit that is compatible with the braking system of your mountain bike. If your mountain bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, the electric kit should be too. Same when using hydraulic braking.

For a question of safety on your mountain bike, we do not recommend a bike with drum brakes. In front of the power of the electric motor, it is necessary that your two wheels can brake effectively.

How does a mountain bike electrification kit work?

Understanding how electrifying your bike works is relatively simple. When choosing a crank motor suitable for mountain biking, here is what the main kits consist of:

  • an electric motor to be installed at the level of the pedals
  • The sensor(s)
  • a controller that electronically manages the exchange between the battery and the motor
  • a lithium battery
  • a display on the handlebars (control screen)

The crankset motor is therefore installed in place of the original mountain bike crankset. It is directly connected to the transmission of your bike. The Bafang brand of electric motors is the most famous on the market. With this type of installation you can easily reach 50 km/h and climb the mountains like a pro.

For a sporty practice of your mountain bike, Weebot recommends buying a motor greater than 250W. These are designed for riding on the flat in an urban environment. It is therefore preferable to transform your mountain bike to opt for a 500W, 750W or even 1000W model.

Comparison Electric MTB Motor Kit: TOP 5

1 - Weebike RokKit Trail (Bafang BBS02 750W)

electric bike kit weebike rokkit trail 750w bafang 750c color screen

It is the best value for money, with a very light weight of 4kg and assembly in less than 2 hours. The Weebike RokKit Trail consists of a powerful Bafang BBS02 750W bottom bracket motor , a Samsung 17.5Ah lithium battery with USB port and a color display and Bluetooth on the handlebars (Bafang 750C).

You should know that Bafang is the specialist in the bottom bracket motor and equips 40% of electric bicycles in Europe behind Bosch. This electric motor has the same performance as models considered very high-end.

With its pretty and easy-to-set user interface, the Bafang 750C color LCD screen gives the speed, distance traveled, duration and battery charge level. In addition, it can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone to display your GPS directions directly on the screen so you never lose your way.

weebike rokkit electric bike kit bafang 750w crankset motor

This electric bike kit from Weebike combines very good power thanks to 9 levels of assistance ( 50 km/h at maximum speed of electric assistance), a torque of 120 Nm and balance with its weight of only 4 kg positioned at the bike center.

The kit is one of the lightest on the market unlike the BBSHD 1000W from Bafang. Which is a real advantage for the comfort of use of the mountain bike.

For this price range (1490€), the RokKit Trail from Weebike is compatible with the vast majority of mountain bikes on the market in mainland France.

2 - Theebikemotor (1500W rear wheel motor)

theebikemotor 1500w electric mountain bike totu suspended

For cyclists looking for thrills, Theebikemotor 1500W system offers exceptional power. With the 1500W of its 48V motor in the rear wheel, the latter propels you to the maximum speed of 65 km/h . It is amazingly efficient for anyone looking for impressive driving speed.

3 - Weebike RokKit Off Road (Bafang 500W bottom bracket motor)

electric motor conversion kit mountain bike weebike rokkit off road battery samsung france

For a hundred euros less, you have almost the same power as the previously mentioned electric mountain bike kit from Weebike RokKit Trail. The electric assist is progressive, with a torque sensor that detects your pedaling power and assists you smoothly. Perfect for driving on the flat as well as for hilly courses and off-road for maximum thrills

You will find the same accessories on the Weebike RokKit Off Road , namely the Samsung 48V 17.5Ah battery offering excellent autonomy as well as the Bafang 750C LCD display on the handlebars.

Note that the Weebike electric bike kit has an IP65 waterproofing standard . It is therefore water resistant and can therefore be used in rainy weather.

4 - Lift MTB

word crankset mid drive lift mtb mountain bike electric kit

The Lift MTB mountain bike electric kit is a system made in France. It has the advantage of being able to be mounted on 80% of bicycles, to keep its chain, and its development reports. Easy to assemble and disassemble (25 minutes), this system has the advantage of being able to do without the electric motor.

This system is not restricted and makes it possible to reach a speed between 35 km/h and 40 km/h on the flat. Its supplied 1.1 kg battery should be placed in a backpack instead of attaching to the mountain bike.

electric mountain bike kit full suspension engine lift mtb bottom bracket

This kit is suitable for the following practices: hiking, enduro, downhill, freeride, or even cross country. The advantage of this hybrid crank motor kit system is that it produces no resistance when you do not activate the electric assistance. This is controlled only from the handlebars using an acceleration trigger. No torque sensor here! To be reserved only for the most athletic.

5 - Tongsheng TSDZ2 (500W bottom bracket motor)

tongsheng tsdz2 electric bike kit motor crankset torque sensor

Although not a complete kit, it was important to mention the Tongsheng TSDZ2 electric motor in our ranking. It offers the advantage over Bafang electric motors, a much more natural and intuitive electric assistance. This allows the rider to feel much more in control of their mountain bike thanks to the progressive torque sensor. This better accompanies the force of pedaling force with a less "on/off" effect.

The Tongsheng TSDZ2 is also physically smaller than the Bafang. It therefore offers a higher ground clearance and reduces the risk of damage caused by obstacles on the paths in sports practice. This electric motor in the bottom bracket is also half a kilo lighter than the Bafang.

If you want an electric motor that will complement your own abilities, while still giving you a good workout, then the TSDZ2 is excellent.

electric kit atv tongsheng tsdz2 500w 48v drill

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