Do you own an electrically assisted bicycle and its speed does not satisfy you as much as you thought? So you have the idea and the desire to unleash your bike to prevent the electric assistance from stopping at 25km/h and thus enjoy a more powerful bike without any effort?

Attention ! Weebot informs you about the different aspects of jailbreaking .

Indeed, you will have to take into account several things before you decide: the technical aspects , the legislative aspect , the aspects related to the product guarantee as well as the risks related to the durability of your battery and the use of your bike. .

Each aspect will be the subject of a paragraph in this article so that you are best informed before making your final decision.

First of all, let's look at the technical aspect of unlocking an electric bike.

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Unleashing your electric bike: the technical aspect

Technically, unlocking an e- bike is a dangerous practice. So, of course, you can have a higher speed, sometimes approaching 45km/h, but riding faster means damaging your bike prematurely.

Indeed, the VAE are built in such a way that their maximum speed is 25km/h. They are not ordinary bicycles and therefore do not support the modification of their programming and manufacturer parameters.

Going against this design standard can therefore cause the following problems: premature wear of all the components of the bike in question, namely the chain, the frame, the fork, the brakes, the wheels, the crankset, the chainring , etc., but also a significant or even total deterioration of the motor and battery of your electric vehicle.

The cost of the various repairs can therefore prove to be a financial pitfall due to additional invoices.

To follow up on the various technical aspects related to the unlocking of an EAB, we will explain the legislative aspect.

Unleashing an electrically assisted bicycle: the legislative aspect

As you should know, this practice is prohibited in France under penalty of one year in prison and a fine of €30,000 if you unleash it & two years in prison for unleashing kit manufacturers.

Indeed, very framed by the Mobility Orientation Law, the unclamping of an electrically assisted bicycle is a crime and is a risky practice & strongly sanctioned since 2019.

These vehicles, called soft mobility vehicles, are certainly limited in terms of speed (authorization of a maximum speed of 25 km/h normally) but they are for your safety and if you derogate from this rule you will be a driver in the illegality. It is a tangent to be taken into account before deciding whether or not to unleash your electric bike.

After having seen the legislative framework for unlocking an electric bike, we are going to talk to you about the aspects related to the product warranty.

Unclamping an e-bike: aspects related to the product warranty

Generally, the acquisition of an electrically assisted bicycle allows you to benefit from a 2-year warranty . Indeed, this guarantee is established under the condition of non-modification of the basic design elements.

Indeed, being able to jeopardize your safety and that of others, if you unclamp your VAE, your guarantee (manufacturer as store) will be automatically null and void and in the event of problems on the road you will no longer be insured.

In addition, it is useless to tell you that you will have more difficulty reselling your electric vehicle because it is no longer up to standard.

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Risks to battery longevity and use of the bike

In addition to the risk associated with the manufacturer's and store's warranty, unclamping an electric bike can affect the life of its battery and impact its use in the short or medium term. This is what we will see in this paragraph.

Indeed, there are many risks for your battery if you decide to unleash your VAE. Indeed, its wear will be rapid because its programming has not been calculated for this. Of course, the engine will also get old fairly quickly.

In other words, the overconsumption due to a speed higher than 25km/h, initially planned, will degrade its components. Abnormal use of your electric vehicle will therefore follow with a loss of battery life.

A battery that is overused is a battery that will have a shorter lifespan. This is why if you still decide to unclamp your e-bike, we advise you to choose the method and the place to do it carefully.

In addition, if you decide to install an unlocking kit on your electric bike, it will no longer be approved and European roads and tracks will no longer be legally accessible to you. You can, however, ride on private roads and paths.

Find out about the clamping system in advance

If you still decide to try unclamping your electric bike to save time on your journeys, we advise you first of all to find out as much as possible about the clamping system of your electric bike.

Indeed, having the maximum knowledge on this subject will allow you to minimize the effects that can be harmful to it. Each VAE being different, all unlocking information will be written in its motherboard. You can therefore consider this practice either via an unlocking kit (find out about serious and qualitative brands), or on your own if you know a little about it.

Then, it is important to maintain a positive and responsible attitude during your journeys by adopting safe driving for you and respectful for that of others.

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Focus - How to unlock a Bosch motor electric bike?

In order to conclude this article on the different elements to take into account before unlocking your electric bike, we wanted to focus on how to unlock a Bosch motor electric bike .

Bosch motorized pedelecs are powerful and high-performance bicycles. However, sometimes it turns out that the power does not satisfy everyone, especially during long use.

To compensate for this lack of power, some users therefore wish to unleash their VAE. We strongly advise you to choose your unclamping kit carefully, and make sure that it is compatible with your Bosch engine.

Indeed, what is a debriding kit? It is a process allowing you to increase the speed of your bicycle (above the authorized speed of 25km/h) without the controller of the latter realizing it (system of magnets to move with precision ).

Be careful and meticulous in informing yourself via the technical data sheet of your Bosch motor electric bike to avoid any disappointment.

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