Whatever the electric vehicle, autonomy is one of the most important and decisive elements for most drivers when buying.

Indeed, when investing in an electric scooter or any other vehicle such as a hoverboard, scooter or motorcycle, it is essential to inquire about the number of kilometers you will be able to travel.

It is just as important to realize that many factors can have an influence on the range and speed of your machine, including the outside temperature. We therefore took advantage of the winter period to look into the question of autonomy , for the time of an article.

Whatever the time of year, your electric scooter , your electric bike or your electric scooter offers you a multitude of advantages on a daily basis. When the winter cold arrives, there is no question of parting with it. All you have to do is adopt the right gestures for your scooter to fulfill its role without any problem.


The autonomy of an NVEI in winter

Factors that influence the range of your electric vehicle


  • The power of your battery: depending on the type of battery (lead, lithium, nickel-cadmium, etc.), the autonomy differs and can be more or less influenced by the weather, like a thermal vehicle, the full tank of which will not cover the same distance depending on whether we are in winter or summer.
  • The battery charge level: a battery charged to the maximum before being used will perform better. Indeed it will benefit from the surplus added to its nominal value. This is determined by the output voltage of the charger.
  • The brand and quality of your battery: there are several models of batteries with different performances. Sheet batteries will not perform as well as cells and vice versa depending on the uses and the way they are arranged.
  • Battery age and type: Batteries lose power over time. Their life cycle is expected to go up to more than 1000 refills and more, but this container loses its carrying capacity and it can go quite quickly if you do not take a few precautions in use.

The charger

    It is essential to use the charger supplied with the purchase of your vehicle. The latter has been specially designed for your product and will be the one that will help maintain the good condition of your battery. Fast chargers , although more convenient, send higher currents and contribute to battery wear. However, the impact remains less over its lifespan. It is worth noting that not all products are necessarily compatible with fast charging.

    The driving

      The style and manner of driving have a direct impact on the range of your vehicle. Frequent stops and sudden braking put a strain on your battery.

      In addition, a higher speed decreases the range of the electric scooter. Note that its autonomy also depends on the use you make of it. Indeed, driving in town, unlike driving in the countryside, requires more braking and acceleration and therefore more energy from your battery.

      The weight carried

      Overcharging is absolutely to be avoided because the more weight the vehicle carries, the more the battery will be used and the vehicle's range will therefore be impacted.

      The quality of the road

        The better the road, the better the autonomy of your electric vehicle. Sloping roads or even with unevenness put a lot of strain on the battery.

        tire pressure

        You have to make sure that the tire pressure is good enough before starting a journey. Tires with the wrong pressure reduce your vehicle's range in winter.

        Weather conditions

        Weather conditions: batteries do not like extreme temperatures, especially cold.


        How to maximize battery life?

        The battery is the first element to suffer the cold of winter, like any other type of vehicle. In order not to damage it, here are some essential tips:

        • Make sure your battery is not cold before charging it.
        • After using your electric vehicle, it is recommended to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before recharging the battery. Hot refills affect its autonomy.
        • Avoid waiting for the complete exhaustion of your battery before recharging it, which damages it and therefore considerably reduces its lifespan.
        • Always keep your product in a dry place at room temperature (20°). Because due to low temperatures, you can lose up to 50% autonomy during use.
        • Be sure to charge your battery to the maximum, and only when the battery level is very low. Because indeed, the autonomy of your battery tends to be exhausted more quickly in winter. Be careful, however, avoid overloading.
        • When riding, remember to adapt your speed mode according to the percentage of battery remaining. Below 30%, choose a low speed or go directly to eco mode so as not to drain your battery.

        So don't worry if you notice that your electric scooter is performing less well than usual. If you take care of it by following these few tips, your scooter will ensure the best journeys throughout the winter and will regain its autonomy next season.
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        Our advice for optimizing the range of your electric scooter or other NVEI and driving in cold weather

        Preparing your vehicle for winter

        It is important to check the condition of your electric vehicle throughout the year and especially before winter. So in order to prepare it well for this season, consider doing a review.

        Drive safely

        In order to ensure safety on journeys, for oneself as well as for other road users, it is recommended to adopt a flexible driving style, without sudden movements or aggressive manoeuvres. Redouble your vigilance and anticipate events in your environment as a driver is also recommended.

        Wear the right accessories

        To enhance your safety, opt for reflective clothing that will increase your visibility on those darker and shorter winter days.

        Also ensure that your vehicle has adequate powerful lighting: red headlights for the rear, white for the front and orange on the sides.

        Warmer clothing will also be required to protect you from the cold and drive comfortably.

        Clean your vehicle

        Whatever the level of watertightness of your machine, it is preferable to clean your vehicle as often as possible in order to avoid the risk of water intrusion which leads to rust. There are waterless cleaning products specially designed to enhance your electric scooter, without the risk of oxidation.

        A battery is impacted from less than 15 C°. You will therefore have understood, whether for a Tesla or an electric bike, winter makes us lose autonomy.

        Of course, you also have the possibility of extending the autonomy of your scooter by using an external battery to reinforce the main battery of your scooter.

        It is therefore very important to take care of yourself and your electric vehicle by following all these tips, to continue to enjoy driving whatever the weather and with complete peace of mind.

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