For its tenth year as a producer of electrically assisted bicycle motors, Bosch has become the leader in its category. Bosch eBike System, or motors for Bosch electric bikes, more than a million motors sold in Germany and it's not about to stop.

Indeed, with quality and powerful motors, the new Bosch electric bikes are even more synonymous with performance thanks to top-of-the-range products.

Would you like to know the different Bosch e-bike motors?

We therefore speak to you in this first part of the Bosch motors by presenting them to you and explaining to you why they are the most famous on the market in all their aspects.

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Bosch e-bike motors: between balance and power

Here is a small comparative guide to the Bosch 2020 electric bike motors. These motors will allow you to have a natural driving sensation but also which will balance the weight of the system of your Bosch motor electric bike.

In addition, these high-end engines will offer you torque, acceleration and speed measurements, so you will have all the information you need for a pleasant and intuitive road experience to become one with your vehicle. electric.

Between innovation and control for even more driving pleasure, Bosch motors adapt to all your driving needs. Indeed, there are five types of motors for Bosch electric bicycles :

    Performance Line CX: Hyper-sporty

    Designed for the sportiest cyclists, this motor, one of the most powerful for electric mountain bikes, was updated in 2020 for even more powerful and efficient mountain bikes.

    With a torque of 75Nm, a kilo less (about 2.9kg) and 48% smaller than the previous ones, this engine is as impressive as it gives a feeling of sporty power.

    You will discover on models having it an ease of pedaling and an intuitive driving feeling thanks to an updated crank-motor interface and driven via a traditional chainring.

    You will also enjoy up to 340% pedal assistance! Incredible but true.

    motor bosch performance line cx bike

      Performance line: Sporty while enduring

      This engine (Performance Cruise and Performance Speed ​​engine) has a very good level of assistance and is very energetic.

      Indeed, a little less compact (about 3.2kg) than the Performance Line CX, it offers you a torque of 65Nm and is the perfect motor to last over long distances.

      Its little plus is that it incorporates one of the quietest discs you can find.

      bosch performance line cruise engine

        Active Line Plus: Agility and flexibility

        With a torque of 50Nm and a weight of approximately 3.2kg, the Active Line Plus is suitable for urban trips and walks by offering you demanding power.

        It will also make you benefit from agility in terms of driving, road silence and flexibility for your movements.

        Bosch Active Line Plus motor

          BOSCH Active Line Motor: Balanced

          This harmonious engine offers a maximum torque of 40Nm for a weight of approximately 2.9kg for daily use more leisure and relaxation.

          Indeed, thanks to a balanced engine assistance and a smooth acceleration framed, you will enjoy riding effortlessly.

            Cargo Line: Powerful and Robust

            One of the strongest of the Bosch electric bike motors, this one is designed for Cargo bikes in order to be able to support heavy loads without problem.

            Indeed, its maximum torque of 75Nm and its weight of approximately 2.9kg allow you to transport up to 250kg!

            A monster of solidity that will allow you to have the same driving sensation on a loaded or empty vehicle via ultra-precise engine management and a multi-sensor system.

            Why buy a Bosch e-bike?

              As you will have understood, Bosch motor electric bikes are innovative and adaptable for all types of cyclists.

              Indeed, whether you are an urban, interurban, touring, mountain or sports cyclist, a Bosch motor is made for you.

              Enjoy the comfort, fluidity, silence, resistance and reliability of Bosch motors and their electric assistance to broaden your driving horizons without any boundaries.

              vélo électrique weebike

              Bosch electric bike comparison: Our top 5

              In this second part, we offer a selection of five models of Bosch motor electric bikes .

              Here is the Weebot comparison of these models that will adapt to all your needs, with their strengths and weaknesses so that you find "the bike at your feet"!

              2020 MUSTACHE LUNDI 26.3 electric bike: Powerful and technical

              The Mustache Lundi 26.3 electric bike, one of the best in the range, is equipped with a Bosch Performance motor. It's the go-to e-bike for hilly urban commutes and for riders looking for power.

              Indeed, with a weight of 23.3 kg and a torque of 65 Nm , this electric bike with Bosch motor will bring you the power you are looking for for your outings and will allow you to travel long distances thanks to a high autonomy. Its Li-Ion Bosch PowerPack 400Wh battery (maximum charge in 3h30) will offer you optimal autonomy for a maximum speed of 25km/h.

              The Mustache Lundi 26.3 will increase your starting efficiency and your performance thanks to its powerful and reliable third-generation engine.

              In addition, built with quality Shimano components (Shimano Deore 10-speed rear derailleur, Shimano MT200 hydraulic discs and Shimano 32T Centerlock hubs), this Bosch-powered e-bike offers unfailing reliability and efficiency.

              Also enjoy a very high ride comfort and a soft and fluid contact on the road thanks to Schwalbe Fat Franck 26 x 2.35 tires as well as an ergonomic and shock-absorbing Royal Hertz Gel saddle.

              This VAE is built around an open frame in 26-inch format (one size fits all) and is available in six colors (Black, Gunmetal Grey, Chalk, Khaki, Gray Blue, Bordeaux).

              mustache electric bike monday 26-3 bosch motor

              Highlights of Mustache Monday 26.3

              • Endurance
              • Quality of Shimano components
              • Bosch Performance motor performance and power
              • Driving comfort

              Mustache Monday Weaknesses 26.3

              • High price

              Electric MTB CUBE STEREO HYBRID 120 RACE: Performance and design

              This 250Wh Bosch Performance CX mid-motor e-bike gives you 75Nm of torque and a frame-integrated 500Wh 14A Powertube battery for a maximum range of 120km in eco mode and excellent performance.

              Offering you 4 assistance modes (as well as a pedestrian mode) and its maximum speed of 25km / h, this VAE will adapt perfectly to your road needs and will give you a clear performance. Indeed, with a high ride quality and pioneering comfort equipment, it will also seduce you with its sleek and elegant design.

              Fitted with Schwalbe Smart Sam, Active 29-inch tires and Shimano MT420 4-piston hydraulic brakes (front and rear diameter of 203mm), this electric-assisted bike will provide efficient and powerful braking to control your riding whatever the road conditions. .

              In addition, the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 race VAE incorporates a Shimano XT RD-M8100-SGS, ShadowPlus, 12-speed rear derailleur to ensure efficiency on all surfaces, quality gear changes and a transmission that is more how silent.

              Integrating a Bosch Kiox on-board computer , offering all the information and functions you need for your journeys (speed, performance, battery charge, heart rate, pulsations, etc.), you will be able to have control and knowledge of all the data of your journeys for more effectiveness and efficiency.

              Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Electric Bike

              Highlights of the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Race

              • Powerful
              • Performance
              • Quality components
              • Design

              Weaknesses of the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Race

              • High price

              Bosch HERCULES ROBERT/A PRO F8 Electric Bike: urban and autonomous

              The Bosch Hercules Robert/A Pro F8 electric bike is the comfort + version of the Robert/A F8. Indeed, this VAE is equipped with the Bosch Active Plus 250Wh central Brushless motor with a motor torque of 50Nm.

              Thanks to its top-of-the-range technology, namely a removable Bosch Li-ION battery (400 Wh or 500 Wh) and a Bosch Intuvia controller, this electric bike offers you more than smooth shifting and five levels of assistance (Off , Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo).

              Despite weighing 25.9 kg, you can hit the road with a range of over 150 km with a maximum charge of 5 hours.

              Integrating SCHWALBE Marathon Plus wheels (26 or 28 inches), an 8-speed Shimano Nexus derailleur and Magura HS22 hydraulic disc brakes , the Hercules Robert/A Pro F8 electric bike will offer you perfect stability whatever the type of road. you want to borrow.

              Reliable and powerful, it will allow you to drive at a maximum speed of 25km/h. This city dweller has nothing to envy to rural bikes and will allow you to transform your journeys into real pleasure and comfort.

              Also enjoy a control screen on the Bosch Intuvia handlebars for easy and efficient access to your data.

              This VAE is available in a women's or men's open frame version and in two colors (matt black or matt turquoise).

              bosch hercules roberta pro f8 electric bike

              Highlights of the Hercules Robert/A Pro F8

              • Autonomy
              • High technology
              • Luggage rack
              • Removable battery

              Weaknesses of the Hercules Robert/A Pro F8

              • Weight

              Bosch GRANVILLE E-URBAN NEXUS Electric Bike: elegant and technological

              The Granville E-Urban Nexus is an electric bike with an elegant and refined design that incorporates high-end components for your comfort during your journeys. This model, perfect for urban travel, is equipped with a central 250W BOSCH Active Line PLUS motor ensuring efficiency on all journeys and with a motor torque of 50Nm.

              Integrating a removable 400Wh Lithium-Ion - BOSCH Powerpack battery directly integrated into the frame, you can go up to 25km/h with a maximum range of 100km (depending on your driving mode).

              Thanks to a top-of-the-range battery and a high-performance motor, this VAE offers you progressive, natural, comfortable and reliable electric assistance as well as a Bosch Purion controller display on the handlebars to master and control each stage of your journey with precision (speed , type of assistance, etc.).

              Featuring a 7-speed Shimano Nexus derailleur, 28-inch tires (Schwable Century 50-622 or Schwable Energizer 47-559), Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension, the Granville E-Urban Nexus will make your experience user a moment of pleasure.

              Indeed, you benefit from fluid and intuitive gear changes, safety and reliability in your braking as well as stability and a smooth and natural ride. Its quality components make it the urban asset of tomorrow!

              This compact Bosch motor electric bike weighs 23 kg, and promises a sleek design with an open frame.

              It is available in 3 sizes: S, M and L and in 5 colours: Bronze, Bordeaux, Ivory, Petrol Blue and Light Blue.

              So at your handlebars to make your journeys as comfortable as they are elegant.

              electric bike motor bosch granville e-urban

              Highlights of the Granville E-Urban Nexus

              • Luggage rack
              • efficient
              • Reliable
              • Comfortable

              Weaknesses of the Granville E-Urban Nexus

              • Small display

              KALKHOFF ENDEAVOR 1.B MOVE Electric Bike: efficient and versatile

              The Bosch Kalkhoff Endeavor 1.B Move electric bike is a versatile road companion that will accompany you on all your outings (urban, rural, walks, adventures, tourist, sports, etc.). It is an "all in one".

              Equipped with a new generation Bosch 250W Performance Line Cruise motor , it offers a maximum torque of 65Nm

              Thanks to its Bosch battery (400 Wh or 500 Wh – 36V), it gives you a range of up to 160 km (depending on your assistance mode) and offers you a maximum speed of 25 km/h. In addition, with a maximum load of 130kg, you can transport what you want. Be free to move over long distances with 4 highly reliable assistance modes (+ a pedestrian mode).

              Its Bosch Purion screen offers you all the features of an efficient on-board computer with your route information.

              The Boch Kalkhoff motorized VAE is also an ally of great reliability and solidity.

              Indeed, thanks to an 8-speed Shimano Altus derailleur that offers precision and intuitiveness, an SR Suntour Nex E25-LO Lockout fork for shock absorption, Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes for silent and efficient braking. as well as Schwalbe Energizer 526 or 28-inch wheels) for perfect road holding, this electric bike will suit the most picky and versatile among you.

              Take full advantage of your journeys with this little gem of versatility!

              Kalkhoff Endeavor 1.B Move electric bike

              Highlights of the Kalkhoff Endeavor 1.B Move

              • Autonomous
              • Battery Management System + Electronic Cell Protection
              • Comfortable
              • Solid

              Weaknesses of the Kalkhoff Endeavor 1.B Move

              • Price

              Conclusion on Bosch e-bikes

              As you will understand from this article, many Bosch-powered electric bikes are available.

              In addition to being accessible for different types of platforms, they are versatile and reliable.

              Indeed, real top-of-the-range motors, Bosch motors provide their pedelecs with significant advantages for optimal power.

              So why deprive yourself of it?

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