Lovers of "ride" sensations but also of hiking and walking, opt for the All-Terrain Electric Bike. The electric mountain bike is as suitable for urban use as it is for outdoor use and will provide you with the comfort of an electric bike while keeping the sporty aspect of mountain biking. Getting around town, riding in the countryside and climbing/descending in the mountains has never been so easy and enjoyable with an all-terrain electric bike!

However, thanks to great success, the electric mountain bike offer is now very extensive and it is often difficult for you, consumers, to choose. Do not panic, we have prepared a guide to the best electric mountain bikes to enlighten you.

Discover our electric mountain bike comparison on a selection of 5 models and set off on an adventure in complete comfort without delay!

Electric Mountain Bike Comparison: Advice and Buying Guide

In this section, you will discover our expert advice to help you choose the best electric mountain bike.

The advantages of electric mountain biking

The All-Terrain Electric Bike offers unique advantages and is suitable for all types of driving and all paths:

The Electric MTB is Comfortable

The electric mountain bike is a comfortable bike, which allows you to adapt your driving to your desires, your sporting level and the routes taken. Indeed, the electric assistance allows you to move effortlessly and adapt your product to the desired sensations. So ride as you see fit!

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The All-Terrain Electric Bike is Autonomous

The electric mountain bike is one of the most popular bicycles in Europe because of its great autonomy (on average 50 kilometers). You are thus free to travel long distances without having to worry about the range of your electric mountain bike. It is, however, important to find out via electric mountain bike comparisons on the autonomy of the one you are interested in because, depending on the manufacturers, the autonomy may vary.

The Electric MTB is Economical

Despite a higher purchase price for an electric mountain bike than a normal bike, the investment will be quickly amortized with regular use. In fact, you do not incur expenses and can make your trips infinitely and quickly without having to invest in subscriptions or in the essence of a means of transport.

The All-Terrain Electric Bike is Eco-Friendly

Rather than a two-wheeler with a combustion engine or a car, the electric mountain bike is your ecological asset in terms of transport . No pollution and environmental protection while having the speed and autonomy of your travels.

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How to choose your Electric Mountain Bike?

Here are the criteria you should take into account to choose the best electric mountain bike according to your expectations:

electric motor power

Having a powerful engine means having a high-performance electric mountain bike. But don't get me wrong, the power will remain more or less the same depending on the model because it is regulated by law.

The battery (in watts) for a better autonomy

There are two types of batteries: lithium batteries and lead acid batteries. We advise you to choose a battery approved in Europe in order to guarantee the safety of our European standards, and preferably lithium ion. Indeed, lithium batteries are certainly more expensive than lead acid ones, but they are more efficient, allow more autonomy, have a longer lifespan and are much lighter. The consumer experience will therefore be much more pleasant on a lithium battery.

The weight of the all-terrain electric bike

An electric mountain bike can weigh up to 40kg. We advise you to turn to a model that adapts to your aptitudes and your physical capacity. Indeed, you must have a ride that is comfortable for you and that you can handle and transport it with ease.

The place of the electric motor. Rear wheel or crankset?

It is important to find out about the location of the motor because it allows the balance of the electric mountain bike and driving comfort. Three locations are possible: at the front, in the wheel or at the rear. In order to find the location that suits you best, we strongly advise you to experiment to find the model with which you will feel most comfortable.

Electric mountain bike wheel size

Electric mountain bikes with small wheels are lighter, but those with larger wheels perform better on the road and hold better. It is therefore your expectations of the product as to its use that will take precedence in this criterion.

Electric assistance on a mountain bike

Having good electric assistance is essential when choosing an electric mountain bike. The latter allows, in fact, to have an ease of ascent and crossing on any terrain. This will increase performance and ensure a pleasant and smooth ride.

The price of an electric mountain bike

The prices depend on the fluctuation of the market, namely the balance between supply and demand. So don't rely on the price at first glance and focus instead on your expectations and the technical characteristics of the product. Indeed, it is not necessarily mandatory to pay a high price to have a quality product. Find out more and opt for the best value for money according to your needs of use, expectations and budget.

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Electric mountain bike comparison: Our selection of the best electric mountain bikes

In this section, you will find our selection of the 5 electric mountain bikes that we believe are efficient and with the best value for money.

Canyon Spectral - ON 6.0: the most versatile

With 150mm of suspension and a mixed wheel concept (29-inch front wheel and 27.5-inch rear wheel), the Canyon Spectral ON 6.0 stands out as the model combining performance and fun driving.

With a Shimano Steps E8000 motor, 504Wh battery and modern geometry, the Canyon Spectral ON 6.0 allows you to ride longer and longer in any terrain, technical or less.

The Spectral:ON 6.0 is equipped with powerful components: SRAM four-piston brakes, a FOX 36 Rhythm suspension fork that maintains weight and stiffness, a comfortable-seated saddle and grippy tires (at the front, a 29-inch Maxxis SHF tire and rear a 2.8-inch-wide Maxxis DHR II tire on a 27.5-inch wheel) for maximum traction.

Indeed, the wheels are configured for optimal performance on the trails.

  • Price: 3799€
  • Motor torque: 70 Nm
  • Motor power: 250W

comparison electric mountain bike canyon spectral on al 6 c1298 ​​full suspension

Spectral Canyon Highlights – ON 6.0

  • Versatility
  • Precise handling: Climbing ability, downhill stability and good grip
  • Price

Spectral Canyon Weaknesses – ON 6.0

  • Frame finishes
  • General finishes
  • Saddle stem

Rock Machine Torrent e30-29 electric mountain bike: the best autonomy

The Rock Machine Torrent e30-29 is a high-performance and efficient all-terrain electric mountain bike on all technical and difficult paths. Indeed, this electric mountain bike with optimal comfort will give you good driving sensations.

With this sturdy electric mountain bike, thanks to its 6061.T6 aluminum frame, you can venture off-road without fear. This type of rigid chassis forms a solid protection for the battery in order to practice any type of terrain.

The Rock Machine Torrent e30-29 is equipped with a front suspension fork, ZOOM 595S AMS HLO. The latter allows a high performance: load support of 120kg and significant stability.

With 29-inch wheels, a removable 36V 500Wh battery (removable) and a Shimano STEPS E5000 250W Brushless motor, this electric mountain bike will allow you to travel around 100km with assistance, after a single 5-hour charge.

Its central engine, coupled with a management system, guarantees performance and power for driving on any type of road. In addition, its Shimano Altus RD-M2000 derailleur is 9-speed.

  • Price: 2299€
  • Motor torque: 40 Nm
  • Motor power: 250W

best electric mountain bike rock machine torrent e30 29

Highlights of the Rock Machine Torrent e30-29 mountain bike

  • Robustness
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Autonomy

Weaknesses of the Rock Machine Torrent e30-29 mountain bike

  • Small display screen
  • Heavy

BESV TRB1 XC Tiger mountain bike electric bike: the sportiest

The BESV TRB1 XC stands out with its designer look and powerful equipment. It will guarantee you maximum comfort on the most extreme terrains.

This mountain bike has a double aluminum tube frame giving it great strength. With a bumper, the central frame gives you protection against mud and stone impacts.

The BESV TRB1 XC electric bike supports a load of 120 kg and has a powerful 36V 21Ah removable battery, allowing you to travel about 80km (after charging for 6 hours).

The TRB1 XC electric mountain bike is very stable due to its high performance 130mm front suspension fork, RockShox Sektor Silver RL. In addition, it is equipped with a Brose S 250W Brushless motor guaranteeing high performance and power, as well as reliability for off-road riding.

This electric mountain bike offers 3 modes of assistance, adjustable via a button according to your desires. Mounted on 27.5 inch wheels (Schwalbe Nobby Nic), and with Magura MT4 203mm brakes.

  • Price: 3999€
  • Motor torque: 90 Nm
  • Integrated torque sensor (pedelec assistance)
  • Motor power: 250W

besv trb1 xc tiger electric mountain bike test

Highlights of the BESV TRB1 XC Tiger MTB

  • Reliability
  • Connected dashboard
  • Power
  • Autonomy

Weaknesses of the BESV TRB1 XC Tiger MTB

  • Heavy

Gitane Titan 27.1 mountain bike electric bike: the best value for money

The Gitane Titan 27.1 is a semi-rigid electric mountain bike that offers high-performance equipment and an elegant design: comfort and adventure on the line.

This aluminum electric mountain bike has a hydroformed frame to guarantee strength and efficiency. It is also equipped with a 100mm hydraulic Suntour XCM HLO front suspension fork, giving it great stability. Mounted with an LCD control screen (accessible on the handlebars), it is an electric assistance mountain bike made in France.

The Gitane Titan 27.1 has a removable 36V 11.6Ah battery allowing it to travel around 60km (after a 5h charge). It also has an E-Going 250W Brushless motor, designed by the Gitane brand itself, attesting to its reliability. This electric mountain bike offers you a 9-speed Shimano Alivio derailleur as well as several assistance modes. The Titanium is mounted on 27.5-inch wheels.

  • Price: 1690€
  • Motor torque: 48 Nm
  • Motor power: 250W

electric mountain bike gypsy titan 27 1 semi integrated

Strengths of the Gitane Titan 27.1 MTB

  • Price
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Performance

Weak points of the Gitane Titan 27.1 MTB

  • Heavy
  • Small LCD screen

Haibike xDuro Downhill 8.0: the most stylish

And to end our electric mountain bike comparison, here is the Haibike xDuro Downhill 8.0.

This 24kg electric mountain bike is equipped with powerful components giving it all-terrain solidity. Indeed, with its 11-speed SRAM GS transmission, powerful Magura MT7 disc brakes and Yamaha PW-X System 250W motor, the Haibike xDuro Downhill 8.0 is a guarantee of performance.

Thanks to a quality fork and a RockShox Super Deluxe RCT shock absorber, it is a dynamic electric mountain bike with good steering sensations. Indeed, with a wheel size of 27.5 inches, the latter is a bike providing a very pleasant and fun ride, especially in the mountains.

With a load capacity of 120kg, this full-suspension electric mountain bike has a solid aluminum frame that can overcome all obstacles with its 200mm front and rear suspensions.

Its handlebars will make you experience your outings differently thanks to downhill performance. The Haibike xDuro Dowhill 8.0 will push your limits on technical and steep slopes.

  • Price: 4999€
  • Motor torque: 80 Nm
  • Motor power: 250W

electric mountain bike Haibike xDuro DownHill 8.0

Highlights of the Haibike xDuro Downhill 8.0

  • Design
  • Technical performance
  • Very well equipped

Weaknesses of the Haibike xDuro Downhill 8.0

  • Price

Conclusion of the Comparative Guide on the best Electric Mountain Bikes

If you want to invest in an electric mountain bike to make your daily trips to save time and convenience, we advise you to define your needs and expectations (time and distance of travel, type of terrain, budget, need for battery life, weight, etc.) to make the best choice for you!

The Gitane Titan 27.1 electric bike, however, seems to us to be the best value for money allowing performance, design, comfort and solidity. But, do not forget that each product has its advantages and disadvantages and must be adapted to each consumer's needs.

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