Granville, one of the pioneers of the classic bicycle, has been offering a wide range of electrically assisted bicycles for a few years. These latest generation VAEs are distinguished not only by their elegant design and their ingenious conception but also by their quality of manufacture and their very neat finish.

Moreover, the stylistic touch that distinguishes Granville electric bikes has become a trademark of this Belgian company. The new VAE Granville are recognizable among all and each bike displays a strong identity.

Without further ado, here is our comparison of the best Granville electric bikes !

The main features of Granville electric bikes

Since its creation in 1929, Granville has used all its know-how to produce state-of-the-art bicycles. Several parameters guide the technical choices in terms of design: reliability, comfort, ease of use, performance, etc.

From the fork to the derailleur, including the frame and the engine, the components of Granville bikes are carefully selected to produce bikes that are elegant, reliable and high-performance.

Note that the electric systems of Granville electric bikes meet all the European standards in force, in particular the 92/61/EEC directive and the FR EN 15194 standards.

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Frame structure

Like all premium electric bike manufacturers, Granville is constantly working to improve the design, geometry, and kinematics of its frames.

On most models, it offers two frame versions : a standard version (straight frame) and an “Open” or “Easy Entry” version (open frame). The latter has no upper tube and facilitates stepping over. It is very practical when you have to get on or off the bike, carry a child in the back, wear a fitted suit or dress or simply when you lack flexibility!

The materials are chosen according to the design and the behavior that the Belgian manufacturer wishes to give to its VAE. The frames of the models evaluated in this Granville electric bike comparison are made of 6061 aluminum alloy . It is a material offering several advantages in terms of robustness, lightness, responsiveness and comfort.

For the engineers and designers of the Belgian brand, the challenge was not only to optimize the shapes and volumes, but also to integrate the elements of the drive system. Thus, it was necessary to find the best design to integrate the electric motor, the battery, and the transmission system so as not to affect either the robustness of the structure or the stylistic code which has always distinguished the bicycles signed Granville.

The use of adapted manufacturing processes (hydroforming, heat treatments, extruding, etc.) made it possible to stiffen the structure while softening certain parts of the frame.

For models equipped with a removable Bosch PowerTube battery, special work has been done to integrate the battery in the most optimal way in the downtube. A meticulous design with in particular an optimized cutout has made it possible to bring great solidity and rigidity to the diagonal tube.

electric motors

For the design of the drive system of its electric bikes, Granville called on two major renowned manufacturers: Bosch and Promovec .

The German equipment manufacturer Bosch, which needs no introduction, has great expertise in the field of mobility in general and that of electric micro-mobility in particular. Moreover, it is positioned as a leader in electric motorization systems and electronic management solutions for electric bikes.

On the models that are the subject of our Granville electric bike review, there are three ranges of original Bosch brushless motors :

  • The Bosch Active Line motor (250 W; 40 Nm), mounted on the Granville E-Premium 40.
  • The Bosch Active Line Plus motor (250 W; 50 Nm), mounted on the Granville E-Urban Nexus.
  • The Bosch Performance Line motor (250 W; 65 to 70 Nm), fitted to the Granville E-Terra and the Granville E-Integrated 20.

Each of the drive units is integrated into the crankset , which provides very pleasant handling. The three Bosch e-bike motors are very quiet and stand out for their low pedaling resistance. They also feature a compact design and proportions perfectly suited to the original style of Granville bikes.

Moreover, this design, which we highlight in our comparison of Granville electric bikes, has earned them several international awards, including the prestigious “Red Dot Award”.

The range of engines offered for Granville electric bikes also includes a brushless motor supplied by the Danish manufacturer Promovec .

Mounted on the Granville E-Smooth 50 model, this latest generation engine has a compact design. It delivers 250W of power and 70Nm of torque, similar performance to the Bosch Performance Line motor . Like the other motors fitted to Granville electric bikes, the original Promovec motor is integrated into the crankset.

granville electric assist bike comparison specifications

Granville electric bike batteries

The models tested in this Granville electric bike review benefit from some of the most modern Lithium-ion batteries on the market . These are developed exclusively to match the characteristics of the drive systems supplied by Bosch and Promovec.

On models equipped with Bosch motors, there are two battery variants: Bosch PowerPacks batteries and Bosch PowerTubes batteries.

PowerPacks batteries are available in 2 versions: PowerPack 400 and PowerPack 500. They are designed to be mounted on the frame or on the luggage rack of the bicycle.

The PowerPack 400 version is installed on the Granville E-Urban Nexus and E-Premium 40 models. Integrated into the frame, it delivers an amount of energy of approximately 400 Wh and offers a capacity of 11.6 Ah.

As for the Granville E-Integrated 20, it receives a Bosch PowerPack 500 battery delivering an amount of energy of around 500 Wh and offering a capacity of 13.4 Ah.

PowerTubes batteries display similar performance to PowerPacks while being fully removable and slightly longer. These batteries can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position depending on the architecture of the bike.

The Granville E-Terra electric bike model benefits from an intelligent combination of two PowerTubes 500 (13.4 Ah) batteries, one of which is mounted on the frame and the other on the luggage rack. This dual battery system provides an amount of energy of 1000 Wh and can boost autonomy. Charge and discharge cycles are managed by an intelligent electronic module (GOB). This provides better protection against overheating, undervoltage, overloading, and short circuiting.

For the battery of the E-Smooth 50 model, Granville turned once again to the Danish Promovec. It is a high performance Li-ion battery with a capacity of 11.6 Ah developed in partnership with Panasonic.

The mechanical elements of Granville electric bikes

The products evaluated in this Granville electric bike comparison stand out not only for their authentic design but also for the exceptional quality of their mechanical parts. For the transmission system of Granville electric bikes, there are 7 to 9-speed derailleurs provided by Shimano .

The range offered by the Japanese equipment manufacturer includes two 7-speed and 8-speed Altus derailleurs, a 9-speed Alivio derailleur, a 7-speed Nexus integrated derailleur, and a 9-speed XT derailleur.

Altus derailleurs are entry-level models that are particularly suitable for occasional use. With a better finish, the Alivio derailleur is equipped with a bidirectional trigger, which makes it more pleasant to use. The Nexus 7 integrated derailleur stands out with its well-stepped gear range, making it easy to find the right cadence.

More sophisticated, the XT derailleur (Deore) is the most complete transmission system offered on Granville bikes. Due to its well-studied design and its robustness, it is suitable for several types of practice: hiking, trail, cross-country, etc. Moreover, it is used on many competition mountain bike models.

Granville e-bikes are also equipped with some of the most efficient Shimano hydraulic braking systems on the market. The wheels are made of ultra-resistant light alloy. They have undergone heat treatment and bead blasting to increase their resistance and stability.

The well-designed design of the rims helps to balance the tension between the two sets of spokes. The hub being very stressed, received a very particular attention in order to obtain a better engagement and a better distribution of the efforts. It features well-fitting annular bearings for smooth operation and longevity.

Comparison of the 5 best Granville electric bikes

Best known for its classic bikes, Granville offers a diverse range of urban and all-road electric bikes (VTC). The Belgian brand wishes to strengthen its position as a pioneer in the e-bike market by covering several sales segments.

In this comparison of the best Granville electric bikes , we will present 5 models that combine refined style, comfort and functionality: the E-Terra, the E-Urban Nex, the E-Smooth 50, the E-Integrated 20, and the E-Premium 40.

Granville E-Terra Electric Bike (Double Batteries)

Let's start our Granville electric bike comparison with the most efficient model in terms of torque and autonomy: the E-Terra!

Equipped with two removable batteries from the Bosch PowerTube range, this bike benefits from an amount of energy of approximately 1000 Wh. An electronic management system optimizes the operation of the two batteries and helps boost the range to reach 120 km.

With a torque of 70 Nm and 4 levels of assistance, the Bosch Performance Line mid-motor provides enough driving force to make the bike come alive in the city, in the countryside, and even in the mountains. Although it is not an off-road mountain bike, the Granville E-Terra is versatile and guarantees a comfortable ride both on cycle paths and in demanding off-road terrain.

On the design side, the Granville E-Terra has a look that is both robust and refined. Its open frame (Easy Entry) is made of high-strength aluminum. It facilitates the use of the bike while giving it an original appearance.

The 28-inch wheels with Schwalbe Energizer 47 tires offer a good compromise between grip, handling and sportiness. For added comfort and stability, Granville has fitted its e-bike with a Royal Superfabric saddle designed exclusively for this range of e-bikes.

All driving data (speed, range, journey time, etc.) is displayed on a Bosch Intuvia screen placed on the handlebars. The E-Terra pedelec is also equipped with a 9-speed Shimano XT derailleur, a Lezyne E70 front lighting system, a kickstand, mudguards, an AXA integrated lock, and a luggage rack that can support up to 50 kg.

That said, with a weight of 28.2 kg, it is relatively heavy.

electric bike comparison granville e terra

Highlights of the Granville E-Terra Electric Bike

  • Dual battery system.
  • Good autonomy.
  • Neat look.
  • Fairly torquey and quiet motor.

Weaknesses of the Granville E-Terra electric bike

  • A bit heavy.

Granville E-Urban NEX Electric Bike

The Granville E-Urban Nex is the city bike par excellence. And for good reason !

This VAE adopts a modern Dutch style that combines elegance and functionality. The classic frame is made of aluminum. It is open and lowered to facilitate access to the bike and stepping over. The wheels (28 inches on sizes L and M and 26 on size S) give the bike presence and help improve ride comfort.

Mechanically, the Granville E-Urban Nex features a Bosch Active Line Plus central drive unit. This unit is distinguished by its low noise level and its well-measured accelerations. Harmoniously integrated into the crankset, it weighs only 2.9 kg and improves the natural feeling of pedaling. With a maximum torque of 50 Nm, it offers a relaxed and comfortable ride.

The drive unit is powered by a Bosch PowerPack 400 W battery placed on the down tube. Thanks to this high-performance battery, the range is extended to nearly 100 km.

The Granville E-Urban Nex electric bike weighs 23 kg. It benefits from a Shimano Nexus 7-speed transmission system and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes providing progressive and powerful braking.

The standard equipment also includes a Marwi lighting system at the front and at the rear, a luggage rack, metal mudguards, and a suspension system at the front. ABosch Purion control screen allows all driving information to be displayed ergonomically.

Being designed specifically for getting around town, the Granville E-Urban Nex bike is particularly suitable for riding on bike lanes with moderate gradients.

granville e urban nex electric bike review

Highlights of the Granville E-Urban Nex Electric Bike

  • Elegant design.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Ideal for getting around town.

Weak points Granville E-Urban Nex electric bike

  • Less versatile.

Granville E-Smooth 50 Electric Bike

The third product presented in this Granville electric bike review is the E-Smooth 50 model. It is actually a boosted version of the Granville E-VOLVE Smart 2, from which it takes up the main stylistic features. It is also the most affordable model on the list.

At first glance, the E-Smooth 50 looks like a classic bike. It impresses with its sober and minimalist style. Although this is an entry-level model from Granville, the finish is very neat. Like the other models of the Belgian brand, this VAE adopts an open frame which facilitates the use of the bike and offers an excellent pedaling position.

The frame sits on 28-inch wheels with Deli Tires tires. This design ensures good grip on the ground and gives good stability both on asphalt roads and on tracks or country lanes.

Unlike the other models presented in this comparison, the Granville E-Smooth 50 electric bike adopts a central motor unit supplied by Promovec. Compact and discreet, this unit fits into the crankset without altering the original design of the frame. With a torque of around 70 Nm, it guarantees relaxed driving whatever the route!

The battery, also original Promovec, is placed in the rear luggage rack. With a capacity of 11.6 Ah, it offers a range of up to 100 km. The drive system also includes an 8-speed Shimano Altus derailleur that combines responsiveness, smoothness, and quiet operation.

This e-Bike is also equipped with a suspension system, front and rear mudguards, a hydraulic braking system provided by Shimano, and a luggage rack.

granville e-smooth 50 electric bike test

Highlights of the Granville E-Smooth 50 Electric Bike

  • Classic design.
  • Torque motor.

Weaknesses of the Granville E-Smooth 50 Electric Bike

  • Standard equipment less rich than the other models.

Granville E-Integrated 20 Electric Bike

The E-Integrated 20 is one of the great successes of the Granville brand. It is an electric bike that is distinguished by its original vintage look, like the E-Terra, from which it takes up most of the stylistic characteristics, in particular the design of the open frame.

This e-bike seems really sturdy. This impression is reinforced by the build quality and the metal mudguards covering the wide wheels with 28 inch SCHWALBE Road Cruiser Active tyres. With the Suntour NEX suspension system and telescopic fork, these wheels help improve ride comfort and cushioning quality.

In terms of motorization, the Granville E-Integrated 20 adopts a central motor unit from the Bosch Performance Line range delivering a maximum torque of 65 Nm. This is powered by a Bosch PowerTube 500 battery integrated into the frame and offering a maximum autonomy of 120 km.

A Bosch Intuvia screen placed on the handlebars is responsible for displaying all the driving information, including the level of charge, the autonomy, the driving mode, the duration of the route, etc. It can be operated easily with the thumb using an associated joystick, which makes handling very simple and intuitive.

The other equipment is not left out, the Granville E-Integrated 20 electric bike benefiting from a Shimano Alivio 9-speed derailleur, Shimano MT201 160 mm hydraulic discs, front and rear lighting , a G-Access Comfort saddle, an Axa lock, and a luggage rack.

One small regret, however: the Granville E-Integrated 20 bike weighs around 27.5 kg, which places it among the heaviest e-bikes in its category.

granville E-INTEGRATED 20 electric bike

Highlights of the Granville E-Integrated 20 Electric Bike

  • Built-in PowerTube battery.
  • Neat look.
  • Torque motor.
  • Natural electric assistance.
  • Pleasant to use display screen.

Weaknesses of the Granville E-Integrated 20 electric bike

  • Less comfortable on rough roads.
  • A bit heavy.

Granville Electric Bike - E-Premium 40

Faithful to the typical style of bicycles signed Granville, the E-Premium 40 adopts a Dutch design. It is available in two versions: a version with an open frame and another with a straight frame.

The riding position is adapted to the proportions of the bike. It makes getting on the saddle and getting off the bike easier. It also helps to limit muscle fatigue while providing an aerodynamic position for the pilot.

For the electric part, the Granville E-Premium 40 electric bike is powered by a central motor from the Bosch Active Line range claiming a torque of 40 Nm. Admittedly, we are far from the 70 Nm of the Bosch Performance Line and Promovec motors, but the The assistance is constant and the accelerations are well measured, which gives great pleasure when using the bike.

The engine is powered by a removable battery with a capacity of 11.6 Ah placed in the luggage rack. Thanks to the Shimano Altus 7-speed transmission system, shifting from one gear to another is done smoothly and safely.

At any time, it is possible to choose between 5 levels of assistance. A Bosch Purion screen allows you to control the operation of the motor, in particular the level of assistance and the speed.

And like all high-end electric bikes, this model is equipped with a hydraulic braking system with front and rear discs and a suspension system. With its optimized geometry and 28-inch wheels, it is really agile and comfortable.

vae granville e premium 40

Highlights of the Granville E-Premium 40 electric bike

  • Manufacturing quality.
  • Luggage rack welded to the frame.
  • Pleasant, and easy to use.

Weaknesses of the Granville E-Premium 40 electric bike

  • Less powerful engine compared to other models.
  • Less versatile, more reserved for city trips or short excursions.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Granville electric bikes

How to display the route traveled on the Granville bike computer?

On Bosch Purion on-board computers, the speedometer displays the current speed by default. Repeated pressing of the (-) button for 2 to 3 seconds, which reduces the level of assistance, successively displays the distance traveled (Trip), the total distance traveled with the bike (Total), and the level of autonomy (Range).

On Bosch Intuvia on-board computers, press the “i” display function key to display the values ​​relating to the journey (distance travelled, journey time, average speed, etc.).

How to put your Granville electric bike at 6 km per hour?

To put the bike in ”walking” mode, you must activate the push assist. This function allows you to push your bike at a speed of up to 6 km/h. The wheels must be in constant contact with the ground to avoid the risk of injury.

To activate this function, briefly press the “Walk” button on the on-board computer (Purion or Intuvia). Then press the (+) button which increases the level of assistance and hold it down until the motor unit turns on.

Note that the push assist cannot work when the assist level is in “Off” mode. It deactivates automatically if the wheels of the bike lock up or if the speed exceeds 6 km/h.

In which country are Granville bikes made?

Granville bikes are built at the company's premises located in the Guldendelle industrial area in Kortenberg, Belgium. The construction area includes factories for painting, assembling, and mounting bicycles.

Not far from the factories, a showroom dedicated to resellers presents the latest novelties of the Belgian brand.

All electrical and mechanical parts come from renowned OEMs such as Bosch, Promovec, Shimano, Suntour, Marwi, etc.


We have come to the end of our Granville electric bike comparison and the first conclusion which is self-evident is that the Belgian brand is undoubtedly one of the references of the VAE!

Remarkably comfortable and well equipped, the E-Terra is a versatile model that seduces with the power of its engine and the precision of its derailleur. With its progressive assistance and elegant design, the E-Urban Nex is the urban electric assistance bike par excellence!

The E-Smooth 50 boasts comparable performance to the E-Terra while being the most affordable eBike on the list. The E-Integrated 20 can count on a neat finish and a torquey engine to appeal to cyclists looking for an urban or all-road VAE.

Finally, the E-Premium 40 is very pleasant to drive. As the assistance provided by the engine is not sufficient enough uphill, it is intended mainly for urban use.

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