Building on the success of its first electric bike model, the fat bike brand Garret Miller has developed a new version of its X model and offers us the Garret Miller Z.

A vintage electric bike with different features, different colors, but always faithful to the neo-retro look that makes it so original. Let's discover this authentic electric bike that charms bikers.


Fat bikes first appeared in the 1970s and re-entered the mainstream bike market a few years ago. Very fashionable, these vehicles have been brought up to date with, for the Garrett, an electric version of these mythical bikes.

The Garret Miller , true to any fat bike, is an all-terrain bike with oversized wheels. Its wide, low-pressure tires provide extra traction while driving. This allows this two-wheeler to face all types of obstacles.

Fear no tree roots, strut your stuff on the warm sands of the beach. This two-wheeler performs perfectly on all kinds of roads.

While fat bikes are usually much heavier than mountain bikes, the rather light Garret Miller Z stands out among bikes of its kind with a weight of 32 kg.

Its aluminum frame , much lighter than the materials traditionally used, facilitates driving and the effort required when pedaling.

Save €200
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A Vintage Motorcycle Look


Do not expect to go unnoticed while driving with the Garrett Z. The retro look of this machine makes it a real UFO on the road.

This electric two-wheeler adopts a vintage motorcycle look . An aesthetic that surfs on a neo-retro or café racer trend that takes you right back to the 60s.

Its round headlights with double light signature are a real homage to the old headlights of mopeds or motorcycles. Making this LED light adds a more modern touch to the Garret Miller Z.

The frame also finds its inspiration in motorcycle cradle frames and gives this two-wheeler a more airy look . The same goes for the handlebars, which are similar to those found on motorcycles like the Harley .

8 color and tire combinations

A panel of colors

electric fat bike garrett miller z sand gray nardo military green black

The Garrett Miller Z is available in 4 colors:

Plenty to satisfy everyone's tastes.

City or off-road tires

You also have the possibility of customizing the tires of the Garrett MIiller Z according to your desires and your driving.

city ​​tire off road kenda 20 inch garrett miller z nardo gray

  • Slick tire

Ideal for city driving . The tread is completely smooth and offers very good grip on dry ground.

  • Off Road Tire

These all-terrain tires allow you to ride on all kinds of roads. They are resistant to gravel, rough roads and pass easily over stones.

To each his own Garrett! Garrett Miller Z Black with off-road tires or Garrett miller Z military with slick tires . You choose !

Vintage with premium features

electric fat bike garrett miller z sand tire kenda 20 inch all terrain 800x

Vintage in style, modern in quality. The Garrett Z is equipped with technical equipment of choice , worthy of its level of range.

  • A large LCD color screen placed on the handlebars to check your speed, among other things.
  • A removable 48V 13Ah Samsung Li-ion battery provides a range of 50 to 70 km .
  • The brushless motor of this electric bike allows you to reach a top speed of 30 km/h . You will be able to ride with 5 assistance modes to facilitate pedalling .
  • The large front and rear headlights designed in the same spirit, accompany your night trips in complete safety.

Smooth and pleasant handling

On the comfort side, the inflatable tires of the Garrett Z are 20 inches in size . The double front and rear suspensions reinforce driving flexibility .

The adjustable handlebar adapts perfectly to all users and the wide saddle for 2 people provides excellent seating comfort .

An electric bike for two people.

The Garrett Miller Z is equipped with a two- seater saddle , designed to accommodate two people. Everything has been thought out for this second passenger. This two-wheeler is equipped with a rear footrest to better accommodate your traveling companion, especially on long journeys.

Garrett Miller Z vs. Garrett Miller X. What is the difference ?

The Garrett Z and X are relatively similar. Let's take a look at the few points that make the difference between these two electrically assisted fatbikes .

The GARRET Z: optimal comfort, phenomenal style

The big comeback of fat bikes is all about modernity. The performance of this e-bike puts the Garrett Miller Z in complete harmony with the times.

“Green” spirit, ease of driving, the Garrett Miller is unanimous in town and in the countryside. It stands out with its vintage style and revives the nostalgia of the Roaring Twenties.

Take full advantage of this electric experience and ride in style.

So rather nardo gray or military green? Share your crush!

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