First unveiled in January 2019, the GX is a new electric bike produced by the Gocycle brand. Both elegant, efficient and comfortable, it promises to perpetuate the success story of previous models, notably the G3 and the GS. Without further ado, here is our Gocycle GX review.

Introducing the Gocycle GX Electric Bike

Let's start our Gocycle GX test with a short presentation. Gocycle is undoubtedly one of the best electric bike brands. It is part of the British group "Karbon Kinetics Limited" specializing in the design of new electric micro-mobility solutions. This group was founded in 2002 by Richard Thorpe , a former engineer at McLaren.

Gocycle produced its first e-bike (the G1) in 2009. It is the world's first e-bike to be constructed from injection molded magnesium alloy. In 2012, the English brand launched an evolved version of the G1 which it called Gocycle G2. It was also the first production bike in the world to be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. A third G3 version was released in 2016, becoming the first bike to feature daytime running lights.

In 2017, Gocycle launched the GS, a versatile model that quickly became one of the bestsellers in the e-bike segment. And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the G1, the English brand has developed an innovative model that promises to perpetuate the success story of previous models: the Gocycle GX !

This new foldable electric bike is distinguished by its new design, its new structure and its new folding system. In fact, the newcomer to the Gocycle electric bike family was voted the best electric bike in the world by T3 magazine in 2019 !

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Design and structure of the Gocycle GX

As with previous models, the styling design of the GX was done by Richard Thorpe himself! At first glance, the new bike displays a design, which is certainly minimalist like its predecessors, but also compact, robust, and very elegant.

Structurally, the bike ditches the magnesium frame for a new hydroformed 6061 T6 aluminum alloy frame. Thanks to this new design, the GX weighs only 17.8 kg , which is light for an electric bike of this range. For stylistic reasons, the drive chain cover (Cleandrive) is always made of magnesium. Very elegant, it is available in several colors: red, blue, pink, light blue and black.

Rather than using a fixed rear triangle, the GX's rear wheel is attached to the frame via a pivot mechanism on the drive side. This is held in place by a shock absorber attached to the rear of the frame. It is a patented "Lockshock" shock absorber that includes an elastomer compensator chamber to improve comfort on the bike.

gocycle gx electric bike review

Revolutionary folding system

Less than 10 seconds is the time it takes you to fold the Gocycle GX!

It must be recognized that this is one of the essential assets of this new model. Finally, you can imagine the advantage of this system when you are about to board a train or tram before it drives away!

In addition, the folding system is very easy to handle. Unlike the GS and G3, there is no need to remove the wheels to fold the GX. Just press a release button to fold the frame in half. At this time, the wheels are facing each other. As on a Dahon or Brompton bicycle, a small hook allows the handlebars to bend on the front wheel side.

You can then hold the saddle with your hand (like a grip) and roll the bike like a suitcase! This means that unless you are going up or down stairs, there is hardly any need to lift the full weight of the bike to move it!

You can also remove the seatpost entirely and slide it through a rubber loop that helps keep the frame folded. The kickstand is also very practical, as it helps to support the entire weight of the bike during the folding process. It also helps keep the bike stable and upright when folded.

Front hub motor

Aside from a few minor design differences, the GX carries over the same drive system from the GS. It is therefore equipped with a brushless motor delivering a maximum power of 250 W , that is to say the maximum power authorized in Europe for an electrically assisted bicycle. In the United States, where the maximum power is capped at 750 W, the GX is offered with a more powerful motor delivering 500 W.

Integrated into the hub of the front wheel, the motor of the GX has a traction control system that optimizes the handling of the bike. Top speed is electronically limited to 25 km/h. For more comfort, the new Gocycle bike offers 4 riding modes: City (default mode), Eco, On-demand, and Custom.

On the cycle part, the new bike has a three-speed Shimano Nexus transmission system connecting the crankset to the rear wheel. A classic trigger on the right side of the handlebar allows you to change gears manually.

review gocycle gx folding electric bike

GX Battery and Range

The GX's electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery built into the bike's frame. With a capacity of 300 Wh, it offers a maximum autonomy of 65 km , which is more than enough for urban use.

For a full charge, it takes 7-8 hours. An optional fast charger reduces charging time to 4 hours. Note that the battery is equipped with a BMS electronic management system which optimizes charge and discharge cycles. It is removable and can therefore be removed if necessary.

Wheels and braking system

Thanks to its wide 20-inch wheels fitted with all-weather tires, it's no surprise that the GX offers better grip on the ground compared to its competitors. The magnesium alloy rims also help add a more stylish touch to the bike.

The hydraulic disc brakes are very powerful . They provide a feeling of safety even at high speeds.


What is a little disappointing with the Gocycle GX is that it comes without headlights and mudguards. As these accessories are optional, they must be ordered separately. The range of accessories also includes a luggage rack and a front basket. Note that all the accessories offered for the G3 and GS models are compatible with the GX.

With the free “GocycleConnect” mobile app, you can customize the riding mode and speed and power settings. The app also gives you other useful information like battery charge status, calories burned, distance traveled, driving stats, and more.

Last Gocycle GX test: handling

On the road, the GX adopts a road behavior worthy of high-performance electric bikes. Although the power is limited to 250 W, the motor is very efficient and offers regular torque , whatever the driving mode selected thanks to the traction sensor.

The hydraulic braking system (front and rear) is also faultless and allows for powerful and efficient declarations.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Foldable, easy to carry.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Several driving modes.
  • Very practical for urban use.
  • Fast and efficient braking.

The lessers

  • Mudguards and headlights are not delivered with the bike.
  • Not practical for off-road use.

Verdict of the Gocycle GX electric bike test

To conclude this Gocycle GX review, it must be recognized that the English brand has left nothing to chance with its new GX model: comfort, robustness, and practicality, it's all there! The GX is also distinguished by its compact design which inspires robustness and durability.

Very light in weight for an electric bike in its range, it is also distinguished by its innovative folding system. Thanks to this system, it is very easy to store and transport.

With its wide wheels and innovative suspension system, the GX is also stable and very comfortable on the road. Obviously, riding a Gocycle GX is a very enjoyable experience!

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