Whether you are a city dweller or a resident of a small village, green or in a hurry, you can always need a folding electric bike for your travels.

More than a gadget, it is clearly a simple, clean mode of transport that is part of a new trend that is not without its followers.

This type of bike combines the advantages of its two main functions: on the one hand the practicality of folding which makes it light, compact, easy to transport and store and on the other the motor which allows it to move forward on its own, very practical if you are loaded or if you have to face difficult situations.

In short, these bikes have something to seduce. In view of the growing number of this type of model, we have decided to present our test of the GoCycle GS folding electric bike, which seems to have many advantages.

GoCycle GS Folding Electric Bike Review

Quick overview of the GoCycle GS Folding Electric Bike

  • Unfolded size : L 159 cm, H 54 cm, W 57 cm
  • Size folded : L 83 cm, H 54 cm, W 29 cm
  • Weight : 16.5kg
  • Maximum speed : 25 km/h
  • Maximum load supported: 100 kg
  • Charging time : 7 hours (can be increased to 3.5 hours with the GoCycle fast charger)
  • Autonomy : 65 km

The GoCycle GS electric bike has two 20-inch wheels equipped with magnesium star spokes.

In addition, you can optionally choose to equip it with a headlight or a mudguard. It is equipped with a kickstand and the front and rear brakes are hydraulic.

This product is available in several colors so customizable, and has a sporty saddle.

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The design of the GoCycle GS eclectic bike

We can say that the GoCycle GS folding electric bike has a face thanks in particular to its simple and clean lines. Created to succeed the Gocycle G3, it displays a much more affordable price, however the quality remains clearly there for this model from a high-end label.

The GoCycle GS electric bike is a compact bike, but not a toy. It is made of injection molded Magnesium, which makes it particularly resistant and robust.

The strong point of this bike lies in its ease of folding it and therefore of transporting it, firstly thanks to its very light weight of 16.5 kg, and secondly thanks to its patented system of Pitstopwheel wheels, which makes it possible to remove the wheels very quickly.

The brand advertises the completion of this process in 30 seconds, note that you will need slightly more the first time.

Another positive point is the presence of a lock integrated directly into the bike, which is easy to use.

Although compact, the GoCycle GS electric bike, due to the design of its saddle, will be able to adapt to the greatest number of users.

It is also available in several colors so customizable!

GoCycle GS battery life

Of course, the autonomy factor differs according to certain parameters, mainly the weight of the user and the conditions of use. The higher the load on the bike, the faster it will discharge, even if it is designed more for city use than for covering miles of forest. The experience is even to be avoided because this model clearly prefers roads or tracks than trails.

That said, on average, and in optimal conditions, it announces 65 km of autonomy and we have been able to see that it basically keeps its commitments.

The charging time remains more consistent since it requires no more than 7 hours in normal mode. For those in a hurry, the GoCycle fast charger is available as an option , which will cut the charging time in half.

The GoCycle GS folding electric bike has a 22V 13.5 Ah Li-ion battery which is recharged using a 220 Volt charger.

Remember that the top speed of this bike is 25km/h, which is more than enough for urban traffic for work or leisure.

gocycle gs cleandrive

GoCycle GS Features

Being customizable in terms of colors, it is also by some of its equipment. That said, if we were only to talk about the initial pack, we cannot ignore the Cleandrive box which prevents the user of the GoCycle GS electric bike from seeing himself stained with oil stains, a small detail that is always practical if you have a problem on your way to work.

This bike also offers a free application that adapts to its user, so you can get personal data such as adjusting speeds, getting information on your journeys, getting an idea of ​​calories burned, getting personalized statics, in short, a little more than friendly concentrate of technology.

An integrated kickstand is also part of the basic pack, which is very practical so that you don't have to throw your bike away once you arrive.

Also note the mechanical gear change, because the GoCycle GS folding electric bike has three gears .

Other options are also possible according to your needs and desires.

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Conclusion of the GoCycle GS Bike review

On paper , the GoCycle GS electric bike has everything to seduce, and in practice it keeps its promises .

It is true that this model has a cost that is not negligible although it is one of the most affordable of the brand.

However, given its benefits and capabilities, it would be difficult to say that the price is exaggerated.

Quality is paid for, it is well known. It therefore remains an ingenious choice to make.

However, given the price and its benefits it is always good to remember that it is not a toy but rather a product that requires that we take care of it and that also requires use with some precautions.

Although it is classified in the category of bicycles, it is still a means of transport with a certain speed. Protection is therefore necessary as well as a certain respect for other road users.

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