Electric Scooter Battery 60V Dualtron Eagle - Minimotors (Battery Only)

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Battery: 60V 17.5Ah

3 à 4 fois sans frais ou jusqu'à 48 fois possible

3 à 4 fois sans frais ou jusqu'à 48 fois possible

Livraison 48/72h

Livraison 48/72h

Garantie 2 ans

Garantie 2 ans



Production time 8 weeks (package delivered within 24/48 hours).

Description Battery for Dualtron Eagle 60V Electric Scooter

The Dualtron Eagle electric scooter 60V18Ah is compatible with internal batteries 60V 17.5Ah / 60V21Ah for Dualtron Eagle 60V electric scooter.

These batteries are equipped with a BMS which have the function:

  • Load control
  • Discharge
  • Balancing cells
  • Thermal protection of the Dualtron Eagle battery

Thanks to these latest features, your battery will be immune to premature wear!

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    Why change your Dualtron Eagle 60V battery?

    Your electric scooter has powerful autonomy and good speed. However, like any device, your product has a lifetime...

    When your product reaches the end of its life, your Dualtron Eagle electric scooter will lose performance and will no longer be able to operate to its maximum potential.

    To remedy this, it will be necessary to establish a replacement of its Dualtron Eagle battery so that it can find its performances previous ones.

    Advice :

    • Choose an original original lithium battery specially designed to suit the power circuit of your electric scooter.

    Attention ! Counterfeit Lithium ion battery sellers have appeared on the internet with the aim of exploiting and scamming consumers with false information.

    Be careful and make your product purchases on sites you trust!

    Comment changer votre batterie trottinette électrique Dualtron Eagle 60V ?

    How to change your Dualtron Eagle 60V electric scooter battery?

    To replace the battery of your Dualtron Eagle electric scooter and increase its lifespan, it is first of all important to guarantee your safety by providing yourself with protective gloves in order to avoid any risk of electrocution and an experience of quality

    1. Turn off your machine.
    2. Fold your scooter and place it on a flat surface.
    3. Disassemble to open the area where the battery is located
    4. Take a photo of the controller connections to remember them.
    5. Check that there has been no water infiltration, if so, wait for it to dry.
    6. Disconnect the battery then the additional connections.
    7. Remove the battery from the scooter.
    8. Take the battery that corresponds to the original or compatible one.
    9. Connect the additional connections then the battery.
    10. Close, unfold the scooter then turn it on.
    11. Let your battery charge to 100% before riding for the first time.

    This is the procedure established by our professionals, designed especially for you!

    How to Charge your Dualtron Eagle 60V Electric Scooter Battery?

    For optimal use of the 60V battery for electric scooter, we give you our best advice!

    Our Battery Maintenance Tips for Dualtron Eagle 60V Electric Scooter:

    • Adapt your driving according to the battery level: 
      100%: You can fully use your electric scooter by riding with the highest speed mode.
      70%: it is recommended to switch to a moderate speed mode.
      Below 50%, choose a more moderate pace by switching to intermediate speed mode.
    • Always stay above 35% to 40% battery, in order to maintain optimal performance in terms of autonomy and speed.
    • Store the battery in a dry place at room temperature (20°).
    • Use the original charger. This is the one that will be best suited to your battery.
    • Wait at least 30 minutes after turning off your product before charging it. Time to allow your battery cells to cool down.
    • Recharge the product at least once a month even if you are not using it.
      This avoids damaging the battery and not losing autonomy.
    • Unplug your device from the mains as soon as it reaches 100% battery.

    How to increase the battery life of your Dualtron Eagle Electric Scooter?

    For that, there is nothing simpler! 
    It is possible to add a second battery that you will connect to the main battery of your Dualtron Eagle electric scooter. 60V and completely doubled its autonomy!

    Find here THE right external battery for your Dualtron Eagle electric scooter!

    Why Buy your Dualtron Eagle Electric Scooter Battery from Weebot?

    Acheter sa Batterie interne de qualité Trottinette Électrique Dualtron Eagle chez Weebot fabrication 100% française

    By purchasing a lithium battery LG M50LT ou Samsung 50E at Weebot, you are guaranteed to receive a spare part compatible with your electric scooter.

    The warranty period on a new lithium battery is 1 year at Weebot (see terms: Warranty and after-sales service).

    We have a solution for any type of problem and we strive every day to provide you with a better user experience. 

    When you buy from us, it's not just for the product, but also for the service. Our teams mobilize by email and telephone to satisfy our customers in our service centers.

    We guide you step by step by giving you all the information necessary in your decision-making in order to offer you “THE” compatible battery that matches your electric scooter!

    If you have any questions, the entire Weebot team is at your disposal by telephone and email: sav@wee-bot.com

    IMPORTANT: Faced with the plurality of different batteries possible and to offer you the most recent and efficient cells, we create each battery to order. This implies that it is a personalized product not eligible for return or right of withdrawal.

    Technical characteristics of Dualtron Eagle 60V electric scooter battery

    • Weight : 5,450 kg (60V 21Ah) / 4,617 Kg (60V 17,5Ah)
    • Type BMS : 60V 60Ah  (60V 21Ah et 60V 17,5Ah)
    • Tension : 60v
    • Amperage : 21Ah (60V 21Ah) / 17,5Ah (60V 17,5Ah)
    • Cell models: Samsung 35E 18650
    • Watt Hour : 1260Wh (60V 21Ah) / 1050Wh (60V 17,5Ah)
    • Temperature range for discharge : 0°C to 45°C
    • Max discharge current:  77Ah (60V 21Ah) / 65Ah (60V 17,5Ah)
    • Rated discharge current : 60Ah (60V 21Ah) / 50Ah (60V 17,5Ah)
    • Temperature range for storage: 10°C to 40°C
    • Continuous charging intensity : 2Ah
    • Material : Batteries Lithium ion
    Service Center weebot vente accessoire et piece detaché pour trottinette electrique Dualtron Eagle

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