Frequently asked questions about urban mobility products

Micro-mobility is a new trend, so it is with our expertise that we enlighten you on the key points of this urban revolution.

How does it work, is it easy to use?

Weebot products move forward thanks to an electric motor, a battery and a gyroscopic stabilization system . Move forward, backward, turn 360° and balance effortlessly. The system is programmed to keep you permanently safe, this is the key point of our products.

Getting started takes only ten minutes , and in 30 minutes you are a real pro.

On the internet, prices vary greatly depending on the site, why?

Like any electronic product, which is new, it is important to focus on the quality of the components .

It is necessary to be extremely careful with all tempting offers that one can find on the internet, they are often copies or disreputable manufacturers. This has a direct impact on the longevity of your product, but above all on your safety.

As part of the purchase of a Hoverboard, it is important to take all the elements into account.

- The battery : this is the main element. 90% of Hoverboards on the internet are equipped with Chinese brand batteries. Weebot has selected for you the most powerful Samsung, LG, or major brand batteries on all our hoverboards.

- After-sales service in France : A lot of sellers on the internet use the Fnac, Darty and Boulanger market places and usurp their image. Their companies are abroad, and, even if they provide you with a guarantee, you will have to count international shipping costs in the event of a malfunction. At Weebot, our after-sales service is located here, in Paris .
Our qualified technicians ensure the follow-up of your orders, and check the products on site, in our workshops.

- An optimal guarantee : We guarantee your hoverboard for 2 years, parts and labour.

- A certified hoverboard : In Europe, we are lucky to have excellent quality certification bodies.

All our hoverboards have CE certification, which is far from the case on the internet. Indeed, these have passed European tests, in order to offer you high quality products.

Charging time and autonomy?

The recharge time varies from 1h30 to 2h for a range of 20km (It's huge).

How does the Weebot warranty work?

If you have a problem with your Weebot, just bring it back to the store or send it to us. Within 48 hours, we will provide you with a report of the breakdown and a repair time. We will send it back to you repaired directly to your home.

What is the weight limit? top speed ?

Our Segways support up to 120 kg, the top speed is between 14 and 16 km/h.

In how long am I delivered?

All orders before noon are dispatched the same day for delivery the next day in mainland France , two days later for Europe and within 72 hours outside the EU, via our carriers UPS and TNT.

Can I pay in installments (3 installments free of charge)?

We offer all our customers the possibility of paying up to 4 times FREE OF CHARGE without conditions! For that nothing could be simpler, contact us by phone at 01 80 89 45 52

Do the price differences between our models imply a difference in quality?

All our Segways have exactly the same technical characteristics. Smart Samsung Lithium batteries are present on all of our bots. The electric motor is 700W (the most powerful on the market) on all our products. The price difference is mainly justified on the design, the options such as Bluetooth connectivity, wheel size, LED, Music, etc. As well as the size of the wheels (the bigger the wheels, the more off-road the machine will be ).

Technologies are changing rapidly, and our technical team ensures that our products are always at the cutting edge of technology. By buying a Weebot, you can be sure to have a state-of-the-art product.

Does a regulation exist?

Only one rule: courtesy.

Our products are not bulky and adapt very well to use in the city, they can be used perfectly on sidewalks, obviously paying attention to other pedestrians.

It's raining, can I use it?

All our Weebot models have the IP54 standard , so they are resistant to light rain and you can ride on a wet surface. It is nevertheless necessary to avoid puddles of water and pouring rain.

How does personalization work?

We suggest that you include your name, an image or any graphic element on your Weebot. In store, we will make you meet our graphic designer who will accompany you in your choice. For internet purchases, simply add the product "personalization" in the "accessories" section.

Can I ride everywhere with my hoverboard?

Each product has its own specificities, our products are mainly made for urban use on hard floors . Imperfections in the road or sidewalks are not a problem and have no impact on the pleasure of piloting our bots. You should know that on a hoverboard, the bigger the wheels, the easier it will be to roll over rough surfaces.

Do we play sports with Weebot?

It is a fully assisted gliding tool. It's very fun and relaxed. By rolling in Weebot, you slightly work the abdominal belt.

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